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Where to buy gold (OSRS)

There are many ways to get gold in Old School RuneScape, and many players choose to spend real life dollars for gold. There is a legitimate and sanctioned way to acquire gold in OSRS: through bonds.

Bonds can be purchased directly from the official game website and then traded in-game for gold. This method ensures that you're supporting the game developers while also adhering to the rules and maintaining the integrity of your account.

Buying gold from a 3rd party website may seem like a tempting shortcut to acquire wealth and items, but it's crucial to understand the risks and consequences. Not only is buying gold from third-party websites or individuals against the game's rules, but it also puts your account at risk of being banned or compromised by scammers.

By obtaining gold through bonds, you not only avoid the risks associated with illegal gold buying but also contribute to the game's economy and community. Additionally, bonds offer a range of in-game benefits, such as membership access and purchasing cosmetic items, making them a worthwhile and lawful investment for both your gameplay experience and the overall health of the OSRS community.



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