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OSRS Sorceress Garden Mass Guide (Summer Squirk Juice Method)

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and in this guide I'll cover everything you need to know about the new Summer Garden mass method.

Key Points

Requires 65 Thieving

Requires Prince Ali Rescue

Up to 180K Thieving XP/HR

25 second AFK intervals

Guide Outline


Inventory & Gear


- Beer Glasses

- Pestle And Mortar


- Stamina Potions

- Graceful Set

- Amulet Of Glory (charged)


How To Enter The Garden

The entrance to the Sorceress' Garden is located at the south-eastern corner of Al-Kharid.

If it's your first time going to the garden, you will need to speak to speak to either Osman or Selim who are located north of Al-Kharid palace. The NPC will be Selim if you have completed Beneath Cursed Sands, otherwise the NPC will be Osman.

  1. Talk to Osman/Selim and select (1, 1, 2) chat options in the chat window

  2. Talk to the "apprentice" located in the house with the red square in the image above and select (2, 2, 2, 3, 1) chat options

Then you can right click the apprentice and select "teleport" to enter the garden.


Garden Mass Worlds

There are currently 2 worlds that you can join to do the mass method.

World 523 - Main Mass World
World 524 - Secondary World (if main is full)


How To Thieve

This is step-by-step how to thieve in the garden.

1. From the entry point, open the gate to enter the Summer Garden.

2. Select "pick-fruit" on the Squirk Tree in the centre of the garden. You will then be teleported out of the garden, back to the entrance.

3. If you have 2 or more fruits in your inventory, use the pestle and mortar on a fruit to create Squirk Juice.

From here, you repeat the 3 steps until you have a full inventory of Squirk Juice. You can bank at Al-Kharid bank by teleporting with an amulet of glory.


Handing In Squirk Juice

This is how you hand in the Squirk Juice for Thieving XP:

1. Head over to Osman/Selim who are north of Al-Kharid palace.

2. Select the first chat option and continue through the chat until they take your Squirk Juice.

Each Summer Squirk Juice Gives

3000 Thieving XP



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