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OSRS Iron Dragons - OldSchool RuneScape Guides

Iron Dragons are a slayer monster assigned as a task by Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve and Duradel at 80 combat with the completion of Dragon Slayer I. Page Contents

Slayer Information

Key Points

‣ Weak to dragonbane weapons, stab and magic. If you have no dragonbane weapons, it is recommended to use magic against Iron Dragons. ‣ In order to be protected from dragonfire, players need a dragonfire shield paired with an antifire potion, or a super antifire potion on its own.

‣ Most commonly killed in The Catacombs of Kourend, and Brimhaven Dungeon. ‣ Slow slayer xp compared to other monsters so it is recommended to skip these if you have the slayer points to do so.

Slayer Information

‣ Recommended to skip these if you have the points ‣ If not skipping, the best DPS is with the dragonhunter lance as this is a dragonhunter weapon with stab, both of which Iron dragons are weak to ‣ Recommended to bring a super antifire and pair your melee weapon with a defender

- Fastest Slayer XP

‣ You should cannon your task for the fastest slayer xp ‣ Using melee with a dragonhunter lance and defender, paired with a super antifire is the best dps

‣ Recommended locations: Brimhaven Dungeon and the Isle of Souls Dungeon

- AFK Slayer XP

‣ Players can kill Iron Dragons in the Catacombs of Kourend with Magic or Ranged for passive totem pieces, ancient shards with some AFK time

- Profitable Slayer XP

‣ Iron Dragons have the chance of dropping some rune items, dragon platelegs/dragon plateskirt as well as the lucrative Draconic Visage dropped at a rate of 1/10000



Brimhaven Dungeon - Cannonable - Singlecombat

Brimhaven Dungeon (Task only) - Cannonable - Singlecombat - Task only

Catacombs of Kourend - Multicombat - Chance of totem pieces and ancient shards

Isle of Souls Dungeon - Cannonable - Singlecombat

Notable Drops

Item Name

Drop Rate

Dragon Bones


5x Iron Bars


Clue Scroll (Hard)


Dragon Plateskirt


Dragon Platelegs


Draconic Visage




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