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OSRS Black Demon - OldSchool RuneScape Guides

Black demons are a slayer monster assigned as a task by Krystilia, Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve and Duradel at 80 combat level. Page Contents

Slayer Information

Key Points

‣ Weak to all attack styles

‣ Most commonly killed in The Chasm of Fire, Taverley Dungeon and The Catacombs of Kourend

‣ Alternative monsters include Skotizo and Demonic Gorillas

Slayer Information

‣ Can unlock "It's dark in here" at any slayer master for 100 points to extend the task to 200-250 kills

‣ Bring an ash sanctifier for passive prayer xp

‣ Bring high alchs for multiple alchable drops

- Fastest Slayer XP

‣ You should cannon your task for the fastest slayer xp

‣ Recommended locations: Wilderness Slayer Cave, Chasm of Fire (Bottom level), and Taverley Dungeon

- AFK Slayer XP

‣ Cannoning provides AFK slayer xp with Black Demons ‣ Players can opt to kill Black Demons in the Catacombs of Kourend for passive Ancient Shards and Totem pieces

- Profitable Slayer XP

‣ Can kill Demonic Gorillas after completion of Monkey Madness 2 in the Crash Site Cavern. These drop a lot of high value alchables and resources and also have a chance of dropping the Zenyte shard at a rate of 1/300

‣ Can kill Skotizo on task with any saved up totems you have




Brimhaven Dungeon - 875 coins and axe required to enter - Safespottable - Cannonable

Catacombs of Kourend - Safespottable - Multicombat - Drops totem pieces and ancient shards

Chasm of Fire (Bottom Floor) - Safespottable - Cannonable - Task only area

Taverley Dungeon - Safespottable - Cannonable - Requires Dusty Key or 70 Agility

Wilderness Slayer Cave - Safespottable - Cannonable - Multicombat - Wilderness Slayer Cave drop table

Notable Drops

Item Name

Drop Rate

Malicious Ashes


Ensouled Demon Head


Rune Med Helm


Rune Chainbody


Clue Scroll (Hard)


Alternative Monsters

Monster Name

Monster Image

Demonic Gorilla




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