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Most AFKable 99s in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be talking about the most AFKable 99s that you can get in Old School Runescape.

In this article, I’m not going to be talking about XP rates specifically, but I’m rather going to be talking about how long you can AFK for per method that I’m showing. There are quite a lot of AFK methods in this game, but a lot of them are very, very impractical, meaning that the XP rates are absolutely horrendous. So, in this article, I have put together some methods that are actually pretty decent for XP, and they also are quite AFK.

AFK Combat

Starting off, I’m going to go through the AFKable Combat methods that you can AFK for a pretty long time doing, and really get decent XP per hour. Before I get into the methods, you need to note here that the log out timer is no longer 6 hours in Old School Runescape as of last year sometime. It’s now 20 minutes. So, after 20 minutes of AFK and no clicking or interaction with the game, your character will actually stop attacking the other monster, and then you will log out.

Nightmare Zone

The first AFK method here is the Nightmare Zone, and this one is pretty well known to be AFK. You can AFK for approximately 5 minutes at a time. You can AFK for 20 minutes, but with 5 minutes each time, you are allowed to re-overload every 5 minutes. As long as you are using Absorption and Rock cakes, you can pretty much stay there for quite a few hours in the same Nightmare Zone room, and never have to go out and back in again. So, it is very AFK. If you use Guthan’s, you can AFK for about 20 minutes, or, if you don’t use overloads, and you simply just Rock Cake down to 1, you can AFK for about 20 minutes, but you will need to re-rock cake down to 1 health just to make sure that you stay there for the longest possible time.


The next methods is Bandits, and these ones are 20 minutes AFK as well, and you never stop attacking Bandits as long as you have a Zamorak, or a Saradomin item on. You could AFK here for 20 minutes with full Guthan’s, but you are probably going to be taking a little bit of damage, so maybe about 5 minutes is more reasonable fore players that are not using Guthan’s.

Sand Crabs

The sand crabs are another very AFK place that a lot of people go to, mostly the lower levels though. People with low Defence levels go to Sand Crabs because they barely hit anything, so it’s usually filled with Pure’s. Sand Crabs stop being aggressive on you after 10 minutes. So, you can AFK there for 10 minutes. Once they stop being aggressive, you have to run about one full map length in your mini map, and then come back, and they will be aggressive again.

AFK Slayer

The next AFK skill I’m going to talk about is Slayer. This kind of ties in with Combat as well, but, with Slayer, if you are using a cannon, you can fill it up with 30 cannon balls, and you can actually AFK for about 2 – 5 minutes, depending on where you are standing, how big the monster is, how many times the cannon attacks, how much health it has, etc. You can also AFK Slayer with Prayer, provided that you have really good Prayer armour. You can click a lot of monsters at places like the Catacombs of Kourend. You would attack them all, and you can AFK with your Prayer on. That usually lasts about 2 minutes, but still, it’s AFK.

AFK Fishing

The next method is Fishing, and the higher the tier of fish that you are fishing, the more AFK that it is because it takes longer to get a full inventory. You can AFK from anywhere between 30 seconds – 5 minutes doing these because the fishing spots do move very randomly. There is no set timer to them. If the fishing spot stays there for a long time, you will be fishing for quite a while.

AFK Cooking

The next AFK skill is Cooking, and cooking a full inventory of food at the Rogue Stand or at any fire anywhere, it takes a little bit over 1 minute to complete a full inventory, and that is the same with all fish. There aren’t really any other AFK Cooking methods. This one is probably the most AFK.

AFK Fletching

Fletching is another AFK 99 that you can get. Cutting logs into bows is the most AFKable Fletching method. Stringing bows is not quite as AFK because you can only do 14 per invent. But, with bows you can do 27 per invent, and you can AFK for about 50 seconds by doing this. The XP rates are pretty decent as well, which is awesome.

AFK Herblore

Another AFK method to get to 99 is Herblore, and that is making tars. Doing potions themselves is not really that AFK, since you do per invent in about 15 seconds. But, making Tars, you can AFK for 45 seconds, but keep note that the XP rates are a lot worse than potions.

AFK Woodcutting

The next one is Woodcutting, and when you are woodcutting, there is a 1 in 8 chance of a Tree that you are chopping to get fully cut down. So, in order to make it more AFK, the higher the tier of tree that you are cutting, it’s more AFK because you cut them slower, you get less logs, but you get more XP per log. But, since you are getting less logs, there is less of a chance of the tree falling down. With Woodcutting, you can AFK anywhere between 30 seconds to about 5 minutes.

AFK Smithing

Now, Smithing has quite a few AFK methods. The main thing that pops into people’s heads when I say Smithing is probably going to be cannon balls. Cannon balls are really slow when it comes to XP, so I’m not going to include them. But, a pretty viable method is Smithing Dart Tips or Knives, and Dart tips and Knives are actually usually pretty profitable, and you don’t really lose much if you do lose money on them. With a full inventory of bars, you can AFK for 1 minute and 22 seconds, which is a very long AFK for a money maker, and a pretty decent XP rate. Now, Smelting Gold Bars is also quite AFK. It’s about the same time, maybe 1 minute and 25 seconds, since you have one extra inventory slot. This is actually really good XP as well, but it can cost about 50 000 000 to get to level 99 Smithing, or maybe a bit more.

AFK Prayer

The next AFK-ish method is Prayer at a Gilded Altar, and you can AFK for about 1 minute when you do a full inventory of bones at a Gilded Altar, which is really good. But, if you want to get more XP per hour, you will have to 2 tick or 1 click, where you click the bones on the Altar, but that’s not AFK at all. You still get pretty good XP at the Gilded Altar with the AFK methods. So, this is a pretty AFK 99 that you can get.

AFK Magic

Now, the last ones I’m going to talk about are Magic AFK methods. There are quite a few Magic AFK methods, and Splashing is an obvious one. But, Splashing is about 9000 XP an hour, so it’s not worth doing at all. So, I’m not really going to talk about that. But, Splashing on Kraken is actually decently AFK. You can AFK there for 20 minutes without clicking on anything and the reason why Kraken is so good is because you can actually hit on him while he is underwater and nothing will attack you. So, you deal damage, meaning you get more XP, but you are not taking any damage whatsoever.

Another AFK method is making Magic Tablets or the Teleport Tablets in people’s houses. It’s approximately 1 minute per inventory, which is actually really good, and you make a lot of money per hour doing these as well. The last Magic method is String Jewellery, and Stringing Jewellery you can AFK for about 1 minute as well, and the XP rates are about 140 000 Magic XP per hour, which is insanely good. But, you do lose quite a bit of money doing this. But, since it’s so AFK with such good XP, it’s actually a very viable option.

Anyways guys those are all of the AFK methods that I could think of. If you think of any other methods, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll pin them and reply to them to let you know what I think. As always, thank you so much for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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