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GOTR Guide - OSRS Guardians Of The Rift

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my GOTR Guide for OSRS.


GOTR Basics

These are the official Guardians of the Rift worlds:

Once you complete the Temple of the Eye quest, you unlock the minigame teleport to guardians. So whenever you want to train Runecrafting, you can go into the minigame grouping tab and teleport straight there.

I strongly recommend using the Guardians of the Rift helper plugin, available on the Runelite plugin hub. This highlights important objects, and keeps you informed as you go.

While you’re at it, you should install the Runecrafting Utilities plugin, which has some useful features like swapping the fill and empty option on your essence pouches.

Recommended Items

You’ll need a chisel, and a pickaxe, which you could wear. You’ll need rune pouches and runes for NPC Contact. In terms of armour, you should bring Varrock Armour if you have it, even Varrock Armour 1. It gives a 10% chance to give double the guardian fragments when mining. You should also bring Graceful in the other slots, to regenerate your run energy more quickly. If you have the Raiments of the Eye set, you should wear that over Graceful and Varrock rmour.

GOTR Gameplay Guide

Now I’m going to give a rundown of how to efficiently play the Guardians of the Rift minigame.

Starting off, when you enter a game, you firstly grab a weak cell and 10 uncharged cells from the table, then you create a guardian or repair a barrier when the game starts.

To create a guardian, you click on the stone piles near the entry. To repair barriers, you click on the floor tiles near each barrier to the north.

Then, if you have 56 Agility, run to the East, and climb down the rocks to the large guardian remains. This is where you'll mine guardian fragments at the start of the round.

If you don't have 56 Agility, then you'll mine fragments to the south, around the edge of the arena. Continue mining until you have at least 160 guardian fragments. Once you've finished mining, head over to the entry area.

Now, to get started Runecrafting, you firstly need to chisel your fragments into essence at the workbench. Once your inventory is full, be sure to fill your pouches then refill your inventory.

Once full, head to the centre of the arena.

This is where you access the altars, and at any given time, there will be only 2 altars active. You can see which ones are active by the aura resonating from it.

Note that you need the Runecrafting level requirement to craft each type of rune.

So, once you pick an altar, enter it, then run to the centre and craft your essence into runes. Then, empty your essence pouches and craft those too.

Then exit the altar area, and go back to the centre and deposit your stones at the guardian by clicking on him.

Then, repair any barriers with the cell that you received. You receive charged cells when you craft runes.

At this point, you will have some runes in your inventory. You can deposit them straight to your bank by clicking on the blue deposit pool, or if they are worthless runes, I would suggest dropping them.

Now that you have done your first load of essence, you should now wait for a portal to appear. Portals appear every 160 seconds, and they teleport you to a guardian essence mine, saving your fragments. So once the yellow portal appears, you run to it and click on it to enter.

Then you mine a full inventory of essence, fill up your pouches, remine another inventory, then exit the area.

Then you once again enter an altar, craft runes, exit, then deposit guardian stones, repair barriers, deposit your runes, then you return to chiseling fragments into essence.

Then, after you go and craft the essence into runes, if you have done this fast enough, you will have time to chisel another inventory into essence and craft those runes too. After that inventory is done, you should wait for the next portal to appear.

Then you repeat the process, doing 1 inventory of portal essence, then 1 or 2 inventories of chiseled essence, then wait for portals.

At the end of the round, you'll receive a Runecrafting XP bonus, along with elemental and catalytic reward points.

To use your points, click on the Rewards Guardian outside of the guardian’s entry. You need 1 elemental and 1 catalytic reward point per roll.



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