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Corrupt Jagex Moderator steals BILLIONS of GP (Explanation of Events)

In September 2018, an announcement was posted on the official Old School Runescape homepage regarding an ongoing incident with a Jagex Moderator.

The exact name of the moderator was not revealed.

But, multiple sources and evidence shows the ban of Mod Jed on all of his accounts and his Jagex Twitter account.

Before his employment at Jagex, Mod Jed was heavily involved in the Clan RoT, known as Reign of Terror.

Nine months before this incident, multiple incidents occurred between RoT and Frontline, where over 20 Frontline clan players were permanently banned for no apparent reason, with many videos proving that Jed was present, and aware of them happening.

Frontline also showed some leaked images from the RoT forums involving Mod Jed and showed evidence of account recovery hacking.

Two months before this incident, this post was made on the 2007 Runescape Reddit. No one wants to hear it, but there is a serious data breach around some well trusted source of data in Runescape, be it OSBuddy, RuneLite or Jagex, with possible links to IP leaks on Deadman as well. Basically, the whole post is about him being hacked for 45 billion. Saying that, since his pin was bypassed, there had to be some link to something deeper within the higher ups at Jagex. At the time, everyone flamed Tim and said he was a liar, and people claimed her was really world trading his 45 billion. He was one of the people that was refunded all of his money that was hacked.

Finally, this guy can rest in peace knowing that it was not his fault that he got hacked.

So, fast forward 9 months later from the Frontline incident, and 2 months later from this 45 billion incident, this was posted by Jagex.

“During our rigorous routine system checks, irregular activity was identified on a small number of accounts, including the movement of wealth and items back into the live game. Whilst we generally do not return items or gold, we feel that given the situation, we wanted to ensure no players lost out to the rogue actions of a member of staff. We are actively working with the police regarding the incident, but given this ongoing legal matter, we are unable to provide further details.”

So, it seems like Mod Jed was in fact abusing his power to recover hack steal accounts, as well as steal billions of GP. If that is not already bad enough, it does not end there. A year ago, around the same time as the Frontline allegations were made, there were a few posts on the Runescape 3 Reddit, questioning why a lot of rare names that Runescape 3 players originally had were being taken and sent to high level Old School Runescape players. One post claimed that in only one month, almost every one character name was moved to different Old School Runescape accounts, suggesting that this was most likely someone real world trading all of these player names. There is no solid evidence. But, these hacks of the 20 Frontline accounts and the theft of all these names happened around the same time, and to be able to so easily access these accounts, it is almost guaranteed that the culprit was a Jagex moderator.

Another very, very interesting point is that this recent Deadman tournament did not suffer from any disconnects like all of the other ones have. A lot of players believe that Mod Jed was the main culprit, helping the Reign of Terror Clan win the Dead Man tournaments by leaking IP addresses of enemy clan members.

“Pretty much, whenever he was losing, his opponent would disconnect. There is proof I will show on the screen right now.

There could be more, but, these are just ones that I know of, people that are in my clan or friends of people in my clan, they ended up getting be beat whenever they would fight this guy.”

It seems like this $20 000 prize of winning the tournament was most likely split in between the RoT members. So, that made me think. Is RoT the next one to be banned? Will we see the higher RoT members losing their accounts? Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, what do you think Jed will face for something like this? Should this be a very punishable offence, or is being fired enough?

Anyways guys, thank you for reading this different kind of article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

Frontline Video:

RoT DDos Video:



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