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Complete Tree Farming Guide for OSRS - Tree Run Guide

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my complete Tree Farming Guide.

I'm going to start off with the basics and important unlocks, then I'll show your pathways to 99, and lastly I'll show 3 full tree runs that you can follow.


I'll be showing a low level tree run for those first timers. Then I'll show a tree-only run, and lastly a complete tree run with regular, fruit and special trees.

Tree Farming Basics

Tree Running is the most efficient farming method in the game. If you spend 10 minutes doing a tree run and get 100 thousand experience, you're effectively getting 600k xp per hour. So tree farming is very quick for the amount of time you put in.

As you level up, you unlock different types of trees to plant. At 27 you can start planting fruit trees, then at 35 farming, you can start planting hardwood trees. At levels above 72, you unlock a range of other trees.

There are 24 tree patches across Runescape. 6 are Regular trees, 6 are Fruit, 5 are Spirit which you wont use with farming training… 3 are Hardwood, and theres 1 Calquat, Celastrus, Crystal, and Redwood patch.

Regular tree patches take up to 8 hours to grow meaning you could do at least 2 tree runs per day.

Oak trees take around 3 hours to grow, which means you could do a lot more runs per day.

All Fruit trees take 16 hours to grow, so you could do a fruit tree run once per day.

The other tree patches have varying growth times, some can be done daily, and Redwood trees take 4 and a half days to grow.

An example tree run plan would be to do a complete tree run every morning, with every type of tree available, then a regular tree run at night.

With some of the tree patches, there are requirements to use them.

Low levelled players should aim to complete Bone Voyage to let you plant hardwood trees.

The Farming Guild has a range of tree patches, and you should get 60% Hosidius House Favour to go there, but do keep in mind that there are farming level requirements for each Tier of the Farming Guild.

Useful Unlocks

Scrolls of redirection will speed up your tree runs, and these can be purchased from the Nightmare Zone. They let you teleport to house portals that your house is not located at, and some are close to tree patches.

Completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest allows you to use the Tai Bwo Wannai teleport scroll.

If you aren't paying the gardeners for protection, you should invest in a Bottomless Compost Bucket. You can store 10 thousand of any compost, and when you add compost to it, it automatically doubles the amount added.

Pathways to 99

Now I'm going to show you 2 pathways to 99 doing tree runs.

The first pathway is the fastest, taking around 70 days for 99.

And I'll show a low cost pathway, taking 200 days but only costing 10 mil.

Fastest Pathway

On the fastest pathway, you'll be farming the highest level trees you can, doing 2 runs per day. So you'll work your way up to Magic trees for regular trees, Dragon fruit trees for fruit trees, Mahoganies for hardwood trees, while doing Calquat, Crystal, Celastrus, and Redwood as they become available.

If you want the fastest 99, you'll need to pay the gardeners for protection, even if it's expensive. So, doing 2 runs per day of the highest level trees possible will get you to 99 farming in only 70 days but at a cost of around 120 mil.

Cheap Pathway

On the Cheap Pathway, you'll plant trees up until Willows, and fruit trees up to Papaya. You'll also plant Hardwoods, Calquat and Redwoods as you unlock them. To save money, you can compost your patches instead of paying for protection. Composting reduces the chance of disease, and you should always use Ultra Compost if you aren't paying for protection.

Doing 1 tree run per day gets you 99 in 200 days. You can also add a second or third tree run of Willows each day to speed up your training.

Tree Runs

Now lets get into the farm runs. I'll start with some key details, then I'll show 3 full tree runs that you can follow.

This will be your inventory setup - you'll need a spade, and a rake if its your first time. You'll need coins as well as teleports to all of the patches. You'll also need saplings which you can buy straight off the Grand Exchange. For longer tree runs, you might need to bank to grab more saplings.

You'll also need items to pay the gardener for protection, which can be noted.

To see what items are needed for protection, you can go to the farming skill menu and find the tree you're planting.

This is what you should do at every tree patch:

You firstly check your previous tree's health for the big xp drop, then if it’s a Fruit or Special tree, you can pick the produce off it for some extra xp.

Once you're done, you can go to the nearby gardener, and right click to select Pay, and the gardener will chop down your tree and clear the patch for you.

Then, you use your sapling on the patch.

And then pay the gardener the protection fee, or, if you aren't paying for protection, you should use Ultra Compost on the patch. I suggest paying for protection for every tree that you plant since it guarantees that you get experience. But if you want to save money, Ultra Compost is a good option.

Now I'm going to show you 3 complete tree runs.

I'll start with a low level tree run, then a regular tree run, then a complete tree run.

Your First Tree Run

So the first run is the low level tree run, and this is for first timers doing oak trees.

This is all of the tree patches for low level accounts and easy teleports to get to each of them.

Your inventory should include the items I mentioned earlier. But for this run you'll need 4 oak saplings plus 4 baskets of five tomatoes to pay for protection. Also for your run, you'll need a Lumbridge, Varrock and Falador teleport.

So now I'll take you with me on a full low level run..

Starting out, I teleport to Lumbridge using a Lumbridge teleport tablet and then I run west, out the back of the castle. Then the tree patch is slightly north.

So I start out raking the patch to clear the weeds. And then once clear, I use the oak sapling on the empty patch to plant it.

Then, right click the nearby gardener and select pay and confirm the payment for protection of the patch.

Then I use the Varrock teleport tablet, and run north, then north east to the tree patch. Here, you do the same routine as before.

Then I teleport to Falador, and run to the Falador Park tree patch. Here, I rake, plant the seed and pay the gardener.

And then I head towards Taverley. So run north west from Falador Park and follow the wall until you reach the gate. Once you enter Taverley, head south towards the tree patch. Then you rake, plant, pay the gardener.

That’s the full low level run, but on your next runs, instead of raking the patch, you'll check the trees health and pay the gardener to chop it down, like I mentioned a bit earlier.

Regular Tree Run

The next run I'm going to go through is the regular trees run. This run should be done once a day at the opposite time of day that you do the complete tree run, which I'll show next.

This is all of the regular tree patches and the order that I'm going to harvest them. Next to it are the best teleports to get to each patch. The teleports go from fastest on the left, to slower on the right.

Now I'll take you on the full regular tree run.

Starting out, I teleport to Lumbridge using a Lumbridge Teleport Tablet. Then I run west out of the castle, and then north to the tree patch. At the patch, I click the tree to check its health, I pay the nearby gardener to chop it down, then I plant a new sapling and pay the gardener for protection.

Next, I teleport to Falador and run east to the park tree patch. Here I check the health, pay the gardener, plant a new sapling, then pay for protection.

Then I teleport to Taverley using a Scroll of Redirection and run south east to the tree patch. I follow the same routine here.

Next I teleport to Varrock with a Varrock tablet. I run north east into the castle to the tree patch

and once I'm done with everything, I run west, then north to the Grand Exchange Spirit tree.

I take the Spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold and run south west to the tree patch. I check the health and follow the routine.

To get to the final tree patch I use a Skills Necklace teleport to the Farming Guild. I run into the western wing of the guild to the tree patch, where I follow the routine again.

And that’s the end of the tree run, but optionally you can kill Hespori while you're at the Farming Guild.

Complete Tree Run

The final run I'm going to show you is a complete tree run, with regular trees, fruit trees and special trees:

This is the run overview, with the patch locations and the best teleports to each patch. The teleports are in order from the fastest on the left to the slowest on the right.

Now I'll take you on the full run.

Starting off, I use a teleport to Lumbridge and run west out of the castle to the tree patch. Here I follow the patch routine I mentioned earlier..

I teleport to Falador Park with a Ring of Wealth, which takes me right next to the patch.

I follow the routine, then use a Taverley redirected house tablet and follow the path to the east.

Then I teleport to Catherby with a Catherby teleport and run east all the way to the first fruit tree patch of the run. I choose to pick the Dragonfruit off the tree since they're worth a decent amount.

When I've finished the routine I teleport to the Brimhaven House Portal with a redirected tablet and tend to the fruit tree there

Then I use a Varrock teleport and run north then north east to the regular tree patch and follow the routine.

Then I run to the Grand Exchange Spirit tree to the north west and travel with it to Gnome Stronghold.

I run south west to the tree patch and follow the routine

then run north east to the fruit tree patch north of the agility course

Then I run back to the Spirit tree and travel with it to Tree Gnome Village.

I run west and squeeze through the gate, then follow Elkoy out of the maze to the fruit tree patch.

Here I tend to the patch, then teleport to Fossil Island using a Digsite Pendant, and use the magic mushtree to Mushroom Meadow.

I then run south east to the Hardwood trees and tend to all 3 patches, paying each of the squirrels for protection.

Once I'm done, I teleport to Lletya using a teleport crystal and run south east to the fruit tree patch.

Once I'm done here, I run to the nearby bank to get more saplings and protection payments to continue my run.

Then I teleport to Tai Bwo Wannai with a teleport scroll and run north to the Calquat patch.

Next, I teleport to Prifdinnas with a teleport crystal and run north east to the Crystal tree patch.

And the final teleport for the run is with a Skills Necklace to the Farming Guild. In the Farming Guild, I firstly run west to the regular tree patch.

Then once I'm done, I run to the northern section and harvest the fruit tree patch,

then I go to the Celastrus patch,

then the Redwood patch nearby.

That’s all of the trees to harvest, but you can go to the bank and gear up, then head into Tier 2 of the Farming Guild to defeat Hespori.

So, that’s the complete tree run… If you'd like to learn more about tree runs, you should check out my Complete Tree Farming Guide for OSRS video.



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