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Combat XP on OSRS Mobile (Training Methods)

These are some AFK combat methods for OSRS Mobile. First is the nightmare zone, which is very, very easy to set up on mobile, and can be done AFK for hours with a full inventory of absorption potions.

The XP rates here are very high, since you have access to power ups and overloads. Some of the bosses also give a little bit more XP. These are all the bosses that give more XP per damage hit you do, and I’m not entirely sure why that happens. But in terms of XP per hour, it’s worth fighting these bosses first over other bosses where you get regular XP rates. Some of these guys have higher defence, but, the extra XP adds up.

Another place you can train is at Bandits. These are really easy to set up as well with a Saradomin or Zamorak item, and you can get prayer potions or food at the tent nearby.

Splashing is another one that can be done on mobile with very low effort. If you only have time to tap once every 20 min or so, you can very easily just log into your account, click on something to splash, and then just leave your phone. You’ll splash for 20 min until you stop attacking, and then you’ll log out some minutes after that. So, if you come back every 20 minutes and move your camera around a bit, you can train magic very slowly, but with very low effort.

I calculated the cost of getting 99 magic slowly through splashing with each of the fire spells, and getting to 99 with fire strike is quite cheap. But as you can tell, the XP rates are horrendous.

I also worked out the time that it would take to get to level 99 with things like fire wave, and fire surge. It’s not so bad. But, fire strike and fire bolt still will take a while. Splashing is most useful for low level accounts, or for people that spend a lot of time AFK.



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