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OSRS Children Of The Sun (Quest Guide)

Updated: Jan 11

With the OSRS game update on the 10th of January 2024, we received a new quest called Children Of The Sun which acts as an introduction to Varlamore.


  • Members-Only Quest

Items Required

  • None


  • 1 Quest Point

  • Access to Varlamore

Starting Location

  • Speak to Alina in Varrock Square

Quest Walkthrough

1. Speak to Alina on the eastern side of Varrock Square (1-1-1-2)

2. Follow the guard with the bag, hiding inside buildings and behind walls when he turns around

3. You will end up at this house, continue through the cutscene to go on with the quest

4. Speak to the Sergeant Tobyn in Varrock Square

5. Mark the 4 guards described below (mark guards by clicking on them)

The first guard is not wearing a helmet, located in Varrock Square (east side)

The second guard is wearing a mace, located east of Varrock Square

The third guard has his arms crossed, outside Varrock Ranged Shop

The final guard is relaxing, located in south-west Varrock Square

6. Complete the final cutscene to finish the quest



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