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Best F2P Money-Makers in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my complete Free to Play Money Making Guide.

In this guide, I will show pretty much every single money maker worth doing in Free to Play.

So, you can work towards upgrading your armour or weapons, put towards skills or towards getting a bond.

Starting off

After completing Tutorial Island and landing yourself in Lumbridge, this is how I recommend you go about getting your first cash stack. Make your way to the Lumbridge Graveyard,

and ensure you still have the Bread and Shrimp that you got off Tutorial Island.

Speak to Count Check, and ask him where you can learn more.

He will teleport you one time straight to the entry of the Stronghold of Security,

where you can claim 10 000 coins, along with some Boots.

To claim your rewards, you will need to have activated 2 Factor Authentication on your Runescape account.

To quickly set that up, you can go into the Account Management Tab and click View Inbox.

This takes you to your account settings,

where you can then scan and set up your Google Authenticator in a couple of minutes.

So, these diagrams I made show you the safest way to go through each level of the Stronghold. The first level is completely safe. No monsters will attack you. But, the second and third levels do have some higher level monsters. As a new player, with 10 Hitpoints and low food, I suggest leaving the Stronghold after you loot the Chest on floor 3.

With the cash you get, you can go buy some good gear and weapons, and get into training.

At a low level, cows are a great way to train and make money at the same time. The 3 drops from cows combined make a total loot of about 250 coins per cow.

Imps are also a decent money maker due to their Bead drops and Mind Talismans. A few Imps roam around the Karamja Volcano, and I recommend using Magic or Ranged, since they teleport around quite a bit.

From here, you are pretty much set to start questing, to unlock more content, and level up towards Dragon Slayer.

Low Requirements

So, now, moving into the Low Requirement money makers

Shop Selling

First up is Shop Selling, which you could potentially fit into the medium and high requirements, depending on the scale that you are doing it. But, it is still easily doable with under 10 000.

The goal with Free to Play Shop Selling is to buy items in bulk, and then take it to its specialised store, and since specialised stores buy items for usually more than their High Alch Value, you can make a big profit. Across Free to Play, there are a lot of stores with a high potential profit margin, and the key to finding good items is ones that are worth less than their High Alch Value, and are under 200 coins each.

Tanning Cowhide

The next Low Requirement Money Maker is Tanning Cowhide that you either buy off the Grand Exchange, or harvest yourself from killing cows. As a Free to Play player, you can turn Cowhide into Leather and Hard Leather. Cowhides have a stable price of around 120 coins each, and by taking them to the Hide Tanner in Al Kharid, you can pay 1 coin to turn them into Soft Leather, or 3 coins to turn them into Hard Leather.

Both Soft and Hard Leather have very similar prices, and the profit is about 40 coins per Tanned Cowhide. A full hour can net you a minimum profit of 60 000 per hour.

Making Iron Bars

Upon reaching level 15 Smithing, which you can easily get from doing The Knight’s Sword Quest, you unlock smelting Iron Ore. By using Rings of Forging, you are guaranteed an Iron Bar outcome, and you actually profit about 80 000 per hour. The closest Furnace to a Bank in Free to Play is now the Edgeville Furnace, which also has no requirements.

Making Silver Bars

You can also make Silver Bars at level 20, and by turning them into Bars, you profit about 30 coins per bar. In a full hour, you will profit about 40 000.

Sapphire Rings

Crafting is another low requirements skill that makes quite a lot of money in Free to Play. At level 20, you unlock Sapphire Rings, which are actually the most profitable Jewellery to make in Free to Play. Currently, it gives 110 per Ring that you make. This equates to 120 000 – 150 000 coins per hour, depending on how focused you are.

Emerald Rings

Emerald Rings are also decent money, giving 80 coins per ring, and they are unlocked at level 27 with a slightly better XP rate. Their hourly profit is about 100 000, though. So, it is a little bit less.

Medium Requirements

Moving into the Medium Requirement Methods

Tele-Grab Nature Runes

The first one requires level 33 Magic for Telekinetic Grab. By taking a Staff of Air and Law Runes to this location in the Wilderness, you can tele-grab Nature Runes for a pretty big profit.

Be mindful though – this is a popular PK area, simply die to this money making method. But, with the huge increase in the number of Free to Play Worlds, this method is not so bad. Each tele-grab gets 3 or 4 Nature Runes, as well as 43 Magic XP. In an hour, consistently tele-grabbing and hopping, you can get 200 000 – 250 000 coins per hour.

Ogress Warriors

Next up is Ogress Warriors, and these can be found down the hole in the Corsair Cove Forest. To access Corsair Cove, you need to only start the Corsair Cursed Quest.

I recommend using Magic or Ranged to kill the Ogress Warriors, and there are many, many safe spots around the room. On the screen, I am showing all of the safe spots that I know of, and there are a lot in there if you go further into the cave.

There are also Ogress Shamans around here that you need to watch out for. They use Magic. But, they only have a Max Hit of 8. So, you can make it through as a low level. Ogress Warriors drop a lot of Runes and Rune items, equating to 100 000 – 200 000 coins per hour. This is completely depending on your weapon and Combat Level. These warriors are also great for Ironmen, since they drop a lot of Law Runes, Nature Runes and Alchables.

Anti-Dragon Shields

The next Medium Method is stock piling Anti-Dragon Shields in Edgeville after completing the Dragon Slayer Quest. He stocks 35 Shields for 26 coins at starting value, and they sell pretty much instantly for 75 coins on the Grand Exchange. The worlds are surprisingly empty as well – most likely due to the large number of Free to Play worlds. A full hour can net you a profit off about 80 000 after selling them back. But, keep in mind here, that you will need about 75 000 coins to start with to buy all the shields.

Mid-Level Mining

Mining Coal or Gold Ore is another decent way to profit as a Free to Play player. You can mine Coal near the Edgeville bank, at Barbarian Village, and the best place to mine Gold is in the Al Kharid Mine. A full hour of Coal can net you 30 000 – 40 000 per hour, while Gold can bring in up to and over 70 000 an hour.

Making Pizzas

The next method is cooking, and cooking overall is quite a profitable skill. But, the best way to profit is by making Pizzas. The process of making pizzas is a little longer than standard cooking. Lots of people will tell you that making Meat or Anchovy Pizzas is the best money. But, the most money actually comes out of making Pizzas from scratch.

By using a Pizza Base, which you can make with a Bucket of Water and a Pot of Flour, you can add a Tomato and Cheese to make it an Uncooked Pizza.

Cooking it turns a profit of 180 coins per pizza. You can then add Meat or Anchovies to it. But, that will only boost the profit by about 20 coins. One important thing to know though, is that you will have a chance of burning the Pizzas until 68 Cooking, where after that you will never burn an Uncooked Pizza. Cooking in itself is fairly break-even and profitable. So, getting to 68 should not take too long or cost much at all.

Tele-Grab Wines

Next is a very well-known money maker in Free to Play, and that is Wines of Zamorak. With Telekinetic Grab Runes, you can make your way to the Chaos Temple, located north of Falador.

There is now a ladder within the Temple that requires you to be wearing a Zamorak Monk Top and Bottom.

As well as that, you need to have 500 total levels. The upstairs wine is far less crowded, and grabbing wine for the full hour here – if you do not get disturbed and you use a Falador Teleport to bank and go back – then, you can easily achieve over 200 000 – 300 000 per hour here.

High Requirements

Smithing Rune

Now, let’s get into the High Level Requirement Money Makers for Free to Play.

First, arguably the best money maker in Free to Play, as well the highest requirement method in this article, and that is Smithing Rune Plateskirts, Platelegs or 2h Swords at 99 Smithing. In an hour, you can make 700 000 – 900 000, depending on how focused you are. That easily pulls in at least 400 000 per hour. It is worth checking the prices for these, though, and working it out yourself. This is because Rune Bars can fluctuate quite a lot. Something that is also worth noting is that you will need a big cash stack to start.

Cutting Yews

The next High Requirement method is a pretty average one in terms of making money, and that is cutting Yew Trees, which need 60 Woodcutting. At level 60, you can only expect a maximum of about 40 000 coins per hour. At higher levels above 90 Woodcutting, you can get up to 80 000 profit an hour.

There are 2 location in free to Play that are good. The first is behind Varrock Castle, where the Grand Exchange is the nearest bank.

Secondly, there is the location in Edgeville behind the ruined building area.

Mining Rune

With a high Mining level, you can make stack of money in Free to Play. At 85 Mining, you unlock Runite Ore, and you can mine and hop north of the Lava Maze for a maximum profit of 450 000 per hour. There are often PKers around here.

Mining Adamant

So, a safer option is mining Adamant, which is unlocked at level 70. There are actually a lot of Adamant Rocks in Free to Play Runescape. The closest ones to the bank are at the Lumbridge Swamp south-west to mine, banking at Draynor,

and the Al Kharid Mine, banking at the Al Kharid bank.

Mining Adamant consistently for an hour can net you 130 000 – 180 000 coins per hour.

Melee Ogress Warriors

The final High Requirement Methods in this article are Combat Methods, where I recommend having at least full Rune and a Rune Scimitar. First, using Melee on Ogress Warriors can be considerably faster than using Magic or Range, and you will get a slight boost in your profit per hour.

Melee Ankous

Ankous are another great option, located on the final level of the Stronghold of Security. In an hour of doing this, you can expect 80 000 – 100 000 coins per hour.


There are also 2 Free to Play Bosses now available. Bryophyta, the Moss Giant Boss, sadly, does not give a big amount of profit.

But, fighting Obor gives the Hill Giant Club, which is currently over 500 000 in value.

To fight Obor, you need to get a Giant’s Key from killing regular Hill Giants. The Boss Fight itself can be quite tough. So, a Strength Potion and Food is needed. Obor attacks with both Melee and Ranged, and he also knows what Prayer you are using at what time. Along with the Hill Giant Club, he drops a lot of high value Runes, as well as large amounts of Alchable drops.

So, there you have it, guys. That is my complete Free to Play Money Making Guide. I hope you learned a method and found something useful in this article. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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