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100% Lovakengj Favour Guide (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my 100% Lovakengj House Favour Guide.

This article gives a brief overview of why you should get 100% favour, the requirements, and the fastest ways to get to 100%. Lovakengj Favour is one of the slowest houses to do in the Great Kourend. But, it can be sped up if you have a decent Smithing level.

Why Get Favour?

Some of the rewards for getting to 100% are vital for training your account.

At 65% favour, you gain access to the Lovakengj Mine cart Network,

providing fast transportation to 6 locations.

With 100% Lovakengj Favour, you are allowed to use the Blast Mine. The Blast Mine allows you to mine 10 levels higher than your current level, giving a great share between profit and experience.

There is also an Elite Clue that requires you to make Shayzien 2 armour, which requires 40% Favour to complete.

I would quickly like to note that as of an update last year in 2018, you no longer need to lock in your favour in any house. They no longer decrease when you gain favour in any of the other houses.

Also, the Client of Kourend Quest no longer rewards double the favour.

Ways to Get Favour

So, in total, there are 5 ways to gain Lovakengj Favour.

Firstly, is mining Volcanic Sulphur, and each one you mine has a 1 in 3 chance of giving you 0.1% favour. So, approximately each one is equal to 0.033% favour.

With the sulphur and a wide range of other ingredients, you can make Dynamite,

and the entire process finishing off the dynamite gives 0.1% favour.

At 30%, you can begin making Shayzien Armour sets, and creating the higher level armour sets is the fastest way possible to get Lovakengj Favour.

Once you reach 65%, you can hand out Minecart Scrolls to each Minecart location, with each one giving 5% favour, totaling 25% in total. It is recommended to do this as soon as you unlock it, or before reaching 75% favour to get you through to 100%.

You can also get yourself a 10% Lovakengj Favour Certificate by completing the Forsaken Tower Quest, which requires 20% Lovakengj Favour, and completing the Client of Kourend Quest.

Time Comparison

In terms of how long each one takes, the times vary a lot, depending on your levels.

All of these assume going through to 75% favour, and then completing the Mine Cart Scrolls to 100%.

Mining only Sulphur through to 75% can take 2 – 5 hours, depending on your Mining level.

Creating Dynamite is a longer term process, like farming, since you need to create Juniper Charcoal, and it takes 16 hours to make the charcoal, which you can spend doing other skills. But, then, once you have the charcoal, to get to 75% creating Dynamites will take 1 – 2 hours on a normal account.

But, as an Ironman, it can take well over 4 hours.

Creating Armour is the fastest way as I said. Although, the armour unlocked at 30% is around the same speed as making Dynamite. So, it is better to start at 40%. All the way to 75% if you made Tier 2, 3, 4 and 5 armour, it will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Although, it does have very high requirements.

Fastest Route to 100%

Overall, getting from 0 – 100% favour, the fastest way possible is to mine Sulphur from 0 – 20%. Then, do the Forsaken Tower Quest at 20% - 30% favour. Then, making armour through to 75%. Then, 100% with the Minecart Scrolls.


The one and only requirement to get all the way through to 100% favour is to have at least 42 Mining, and that is to mine Sulphur. Having a higher Mining level as I said will really speed up your favour gain.

If you want to create Dynamite for favour, you will also need 42 Woodcutting as well as Mining.

Creating armour has even higher requirements. You need 65 Mining as well as 53 Smithing to make tier 1 armour. To have a much better favour per hour, it is recommend to have at least 63 Smithing with 73, 83 and 93 being much better. A higher Mining level, once again, is better, since you will mine a lot faster.

Each of the methods also have certain armour and food requirements. But, I will explain more about those when I go into depth of each one.

How to Mine Sulphur

So, starting off with mining Volcanic Sulphur

The Sulphur Mine is located at the North Western end of the Lovakengj region.

To mine, you will of course need a pickaxe. But, you will also need something to cover your face, whether it be a face mask, a gas mask or a Slayer helmet.

There are multiple Sulphur deposits around the mine. But, my favourite one to use is all the way to the west, since it is the least populated with clouds, and there are lots of walls and objects in the way of them.

Within the area, there are clouds that will deal 1 or 2 damage when you stand near them. These clouds are weird in that they will only deal damage if you are to the south or to the west of them. So, this makes standing on the southwestern corners of the Sulphur rock the nest place to minimise your damage.

I read some posts about people using the nearby Spider to block clouds from going onto you. Well, I tried this for around 2 hours, and it does not change anything. The clouds will ignore any NPC or player that it comes into contact with, and shifts right over them.

In the cases where a cloud does go under you or near you, you will need food. This place is very dangerous for low levels. The clouds consistently hit 1s and 2s every game tick. So, if you have only 10 – 20 Hitpoints, you will need to keep a really close eye on your client. So, with that, you will need to bring along food. As a higher level player, the best to bring along is Saradomin Brews, which at 99 Hitpoints, heals 64 Hitpoints per full brew.

If a cloud does begin to damage you and is not quickly moving away, I recommend swapping the corner that you are standing on. Or, if there is a cloud there as well, you should run behind the vent to the north,

or you can quickly hop worlds to be able to mine again quickly. Since the respawn time for each completely mined Sulphur rock is around 15 seconds, I recommend hopping worlds as soon as you finish mining one of them. This is because even if you do take damage from the clouds, it does not hold you in game for being in combat. It does not count as combat.

Getting from 0% to 75% requires 2853 Sulphur, which, as I said, takes 2 – 5 hours. Depending on your mining level. The process is pretty simple. So, you either drop or bank the Sulphur that you get. But, that depends on whether you want to create Dynamite for favour.

How to make Dynamite

Creating Dynamite, as I said, also needs 42 Woodcutting.

The ingredients that make up Dynamite are a pot, saltpetre, volcanic sulphur, juniper charcoal and a ball of wool. Each completed Dynamite gives 0.1% favour.

Well, if you take into account the favour you get from mining sulphur, you will need approximately 570 of each item to make 570 Dynamite to get you from 0% - 75% favour.

You can buy pots, saltpetre and balls of wool off the Grand Exchange.

This method overall is not really recommended for Ironmen because gathering the saltpetre will take some time, unless you already have them from drops.

Saltpetre can be obtained by taking a spade to the Saltpetre Deposits, which are south of the new Forgotten Ruins that came with the Hosidius House update.

You can buy a lot of pots from the General Store in the Lovakengj House, and balls of wool can also be bought from General Stores across the Kourend area.

I already just showed you how to gather volcanic sulphur. But, instead of dropping them, you will need to bank them for however many Dynamite you need. The process of creating Juniper Charcoal, as I said, takes 16 hours of waiting time. You can cut Juniper Logs directly south of the Kourend Player Owned House Portal.

Each log that you get can be converted into 50 charcoal. So, if you need 300 Dynamite, you only need 6 logs.

After cutting your logs, head further south to the furnaces next to the bank, add the logs to one of the furnaces,

and pay the dwarf nearby – Smoggy – to watch over it (600 coins).

16 Hours later, you will receive the Juniper Charcoal, which is all stackable.

Once you have all of the supplies, start by withdrawing all of the Juniper Charcoal, as well as 9 saltpetre, 9 sulphur and 9 pots.

Use them on each other to make Dynamite Pots. Continue doing this until you have used up all of your supplies, and have a big stack of Dynamite Pots.

Then, withdraw 14 pots and 14 balls of wool, and proceed to finish the process of making Dynamite, granting you the favour.

How to Make Armour

To create Shayzien Armour sets, you will need your pickaxe, runes for superheat items – so, Nature Runes and a Fire Staff. You will also need coal, depending on how many bars and armour sets you make. To be safe, you should begin with at least 400 coal in your bank.

The start of the process is gathering Lovakite ore.

Depending on how much favour you need, I recommend grabbing at least a few inventories, and banking them to be the most efficient.

Once you have some banked, withdraw a Fire Staff and Nature Runes for Superheat item, as well as 9 Lovakite ore and 18 coal.

If you do not have Superheat item or want to save some money, you can head over to the huge furnace located at the Xeric’s Inferno Teleport and smelt them there.

With the Lovakite bars, grab an inventory of them and a hammer, and make your way to the Varrock anvil. There is also an anvil in the Lovakengj area. But, it is really, really far away from a bank.

When making the sets of armour, you should do some quick math to work out how many of each item you need to make. You can divide the total number of bars you have by 11, and then that is how many of each armour piece you need to make.

So, once you have smithed all of your bars into armour pieces, you need to package the armour sets into Supply Crates. To get the Armour Crates, you need to go to one of the 5 houses that I have circled in the Lovakengj area.

By searching the drawers, it gives you 100 Supply Crates, and you can drop them and grab more to stack them up.

With all of the armour sets, you then need to go to the specific armourer for that tier. All of their houses have the purple Kourend favour symbol, and they are the same houses that you can get the supply crates from. So, these are Tier specific. So, once you have made a certain type of armour, you need to go to the correct armourer and hand them in to get your favour.

Minecart Scrolls for last 25% Favour

In the last part of this guide, I am going to show you where to hand out the Minecart Scrolls, and the process of giving the scroll to a dwarf will unlock that Minecart stop, as well as give you 5% favour.

To get started, you need to speak to Miriam just outside of the Lovakengj southeast bank.

As long as you have 65% favour, she will give you 5 stackable Minecart Scrolls, as well as unlocking her Minecart Station.

Just so you know, every Minecart ride you take will cost you 50 coins. But, by talking to Miriam here, you can pay her 100 000, and that permanently makes every ride free.

Recommended Teleports

Now for handing out the other 5 scrolls… The fastest possible teleports that I recommend bringing are firstly the Xeric’s Talisman – plus, it really helps if you have the Xeric’s Honour Teleport. You need access to Fairy Rings, so a Dramen Staff. You need the Memoirs book, which is rewarded from the Client of Kourend. You need a Skills Necklace to get to the Woodcutting Guild, along with a few Kourend Teleports and Stamina Potions.

The first one to drop off is north of the infirmary in the Shayzien House. The fastest way here is to use a Kourend Teleport Spell on the normal Spellbook. Or, alternatively, the Xeric’s Lookout Teleport takes you really close as well.

After speaking to Mogirm and handing over your scroll,

make your way north of the Woodcutting Guild. The fastest way here is to use the Skills Necklace. Or, alternative, use the Xeric’s Lookout Teleport again, and that is pretty close by running east.

Speak to Traxi and give over your scroll, and the next station is in the Arceuus House.

The fastest way here is to use the CIS Fairy Ring Teleport, only if you have already paid to unlock it.

So, alternatively, you can use the Memoirs Book, the ‘a Dark Disposition’ Teleport, or teleport to Kourend using the Spell and run north.

Hand over your scroll to Loinur, and then you need to head near the Port Piscarillius Boat Docks.

A quick way there is to use the Kourend Teleport and run east. Or, if you have done the Queen of the Thieves Quest, you can use the Memoirs Book with a teleport very close by. Another alternative is to walk there, since some people will not have those teleports.

After speaking to Raeli and giving over your 4th Minecart Scroll, you will need to head to the Chambers of Xeric – so, Raids 1.

The quickest way here is using the Xeric’s Honour teleport on the Xeric’s Talisman. If you do not have that, you need to make your way to the entry of the Lizardman area, and if you have spoken to the Mountain Guide at Raids before, they will take you straight there through all of the Lizardmen. Otherwise, you will need to run past the variety of monsters, all the way to the top pf the mountain.

Here, you can talk to Stuliette, and give over your last scroll.

So, now you have every single Minecart Station unlocked, as well as 5% favour per scroll you handed out. So, that is 25% altogether. The fastest way to one – if you ever want to use one, for example to get to raids – is to use a Skills Necklace and run north.

That is my Lovakengj Favour Guide. I hope you learned something useful in this article or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!