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Quests with Good XP Rewards in OSRS

What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix, and today I'm going to be talking about some Quests in Old School Runescape that give decent XP rewards.

So, basically, I'm not going to talk about the Quests that just give the most XP, regardless of their requirements. I'm going to try and focus on Quests that have low requirements, and give really good XP, so it would boost your stats from a low level.

Attack I'm going to start off talking about Quests that give good Combat XP, starting off with Attack. There are actually 5 Quests in Old School that give a lot of XP with no requirements at all, or little requirements. They are Vampire Slayer, which gives you 4825 Attack XP, Tree Gnome Village, which give you about 11 450 XP, Fight Arena, which gives about 12 175 XP, Waterfall Quest, which gives about 13 750 XP, and The Grand Tree, which gives about 18 400 XP. All of these Quests don't really have many requirements, but mainly have a pretty easy Boss battle, and aren't even long Quests.

Strength For Strength XP, there is the Waterfall Quest as well, which gives the same 13 750 XP in Strength, as well as Attack. Then there's also the Haunted Mine Quest, which gives 22 000 Strength XP, but the requirements are slightly higher, and a bit harder to do.

Defence For Defence, there is the King's Ransom Quest, but this requires level 65 Defence to complete, but it gives 33 000 Defence XP, which is awesome. Another alternative here is the Holy Grail Quest, and this one gives 15 300 XP, and the requirements for this are way lower.

Now I'm going to focus on Quests, rather than XP rewards in certain skills.

Dragon Slayer Quest So, firstly, there is the Dragon Slayer Quest, and completing Dragon Slayer will give you 18 650 Strength and Defence XP. So, that is a very big boost, and Elvarg, the boss in that quest, is very easy. So, this can be done on lower levels.

Monkey Madness Quests Next is the Monkey Madness Quests. The first Monkey Madness, Monkey Madness 1, gives you 35 000 XP in Attack/ Defence OR Strength/ Hitpoints. So, basically, at the end of the Quests you will have a choice to pick either the Attack/ Defence option, and you have a choice to choose Strength/ Hitpoints. So, let's say you chose Strength/ Hitpoints for the 35 000 XP... You would get 35 000 XP in Strength, and Hitpoints, and then you'll get 20 000 in the other two. So, you'd get 20 000 XP in Attack and Defence. Now, Monkey Madness 2 also gives a load of XP. It actually gives you 25 000 Slayer XP, which is a lot. That's about an hour, or more, worth of Slayer. It gives you 20 000 Agility XP, which is about a half an hour of Agility. It gives you 15 000 Thieving XP, which is pretty good. It gives you 15 000 Hunter XP. So, with all of those, there is a lot of XP, but you also get two 50 000 XP rewards in either Magic, Range, Strength, Hitpoints, Attack or Defence, so you can pick any of the combat skills, and you'll get 50 000 XP in two of them.

Varrock Museum This one is not really a Quest, but if you complete the Kudos System at the Varrock Museum, (you don't have to do the whole Kudos System, just the downstairs area) you are rewarded with 1000 Slayer XP, and 1000 Hunter XP. That can get you from level 1-9 straight away, and that's really good, especially for Hunter, because Hunter at low levels is very slow.

The Witch's House (Hitpoints) Now, in terms of Hitpoints, Witch's House gives you 6325 Hitpoints XP, and that is really, really good for newer accounts. It gets you up to level 24 Hitpoints from level 10, and basically what that does is it enables you to be able to do the Waterfall Quest without having to worry about dying that much.

The Watchtower Quest (Magic) Now, for Magic, the Watchtower Quest actually gives you 15 250 Magic XP, and it only requires level 15 Magic, so from level 15 you'd get yourself all the way to level 32.

Itchlarin's Little Helper Now, the Itchlarin's Little Helper actually has no skill requirements whatsoever, and it can get you from level 1 all the way to level 19 Agility, 20 Thieving, and 19 Woodcutting. So, those are three kind of slow skills at first, so it is a pretty decent boost.

Murder Mystery (Crafting) Now, there are not many Quests for Crafting. The main one here is Murder Mystery, and this one gives you 1406 XP in Crafting, which really isn't much. At low levels you do get pretty good Crafting XP if you cut Opals. The reason why I'm putting this in is because it's such an easy Quest that doesn't take a lot of time to complete at all.

Mourning's End Part 2 (Agility) Now, the Mourning's End Part 2 Quest actually gives you 20 000 XP in Agility, which is about half an hour of Agility right there. But, the Quest itself is very long. It's very tedious, and a very annoying Quest. But, the 20 000 Agility XP kind of makes up for it a little bit.

Fairytale Part 1 (Farming) Fairytale Part 1 has no Farming requirements at all, and at the end, it gives you 3500 Farming XP. Let's say you were at level 1 at the start, this Quest would get you all the way to level 17 Farming. Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf (Farming) Then with level 17 Farming, you can move on to the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, which actually requires level 17 Farming. That gives you another 5000 XP in Farming, getting you straight to level 25 Farming. Farming at the low levels, as most of you would know, is really, really tedious and slow. So, getting to level 25 straight away gets you to doing some tree patches and that speeds it up a lot.

The Sea Slug (Fishing) The Sea Slug Quest gives you 7175 Fishing XP, and it actually has no Fishing requirements at all, and you only need 30 Firemaking to do it, which is very easy to get, and you'll get from level 1 all the way to level 24 Fishing with that XP reward. It's a super short Quest.

Eadgar's Ruse Quest (Herblore) The Eadgar's Ruse Quest requires level 31 Herblore, and you actually get 11 000 Herblore XP for completing it. So, that will boost you from level 31 all the way to level 36.

The Digsite Quest (Mining) Now, in terms of Mining, the Digsite Quest gives you 15 300 XP in Mining, and it has no Mining requirements at all. That would get you form level 1 all the way to level 31 Mining, which is awesome. It's actually a fairly easy Quest as well. It does have a couple of other requirements, but no Mining requirements.

Holy Grail Quest (Prayer) Now, Prayer is a skill that is very, very quick for a normal account, but iron men can use these Quests because they're very handy for boosting your Prayer up at a low level without the Ectofuntus, or a Gilded Altar on an iron man. So, the whole Holy Grail Quest gives you 11 000 Prayer XP, and you don't need any Prayer level requirements for this. That would get you to level 28, all the way from level 1 Prayer. There are some other Quests that give Prayer XP, but they don't really give that much, so I'm not going to include them.

Eyes of Glourphrie (Runecrafting) Now, Runecrafting is really, really slow at low levels. So, the Eyes of Glourphrie Quest has no Runecrafting requirement, and it gives you 6000 Runecrafting XP. That would get you from level 1 all the way to level 22 Prayer. What Lies Below (Runecrafting) The What Lies Below Quest requires level 35 Runecrafting, and it would actually get you a couple more levels since it give you 8000 Runecrafting XP. So, that is pretty good.

Wanted (Slayer) Now, for Slayer XP, there aren't many Quests that give a lot, apart from the Monkey Madness 2 Quest, but the Wanted Quest gives you 5000 Slayer XP, with no requirements at all. So, if you were level 1 when you do the quest, you'd get all the way to level 20.

The Knight's Sword (Smithing) Smithing is another one that has a pretty good Quest in it, and that is The Knight's Sword Quest. This quest gets you 12 725 XP, and that gets you all the way to level 29 Smithing with no requirements. So, that is very, very good for new accounts, and it's a very quick and easy quest.

Contact (Thieving) Lastly, there is Thieving. The Contact Quest gives you 7000 Thieving XP with no requirements, and that will get you to level 23 Thieving from level 1. The Feud (Thieving) Then there is the Feud Quest, which gives you 15 000 XP, but it does require you to have level 30 Thieving in order to do the quest. But, 15 000 XP is a lot of Thieving XP.

Now, in the final part of this article, I'm going to talk about quests that give you XP lamps. The Tourist Trap First up is the Tourist trap Quest, and it can give you 4650 XP twice. So, you have two options to get that much XP, and the skills you can pick are Agility, Fletching, Thieving and Smithing. There's actually no Agility or Thieving requirement for this quest, so putting it on Agility would be really handy. Recipe for Disaster Quest The next one is the Recipe for Disaster Quest. It's a very long quest with a lot of high requirements. But, at the end, you get a 20 000 XP reward for any skill that is above level 50. So, 20 000 XP is pretty good for something over level 50.

The Shadow of the Storm The Shadow of the Storm quest has very little requirements, and it actually gives you 10 000 XP in any of the combat stats. It's up to you which one you want to decide on, there's no level requirement behind it. So, you can really boost your levels with that. One Small Favour The One Small Favour Quest gives you 10 000 XP in two skills, and you can actually pick any skill you want that is above level 30. So, that is another really, really good one for leveling up your lower skills. The Legend's Quest The final one is the Legend's Quest, and this one gives you 7650 XP in four skills. So, you get that much XP in either Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Hitpoints, or Prayer. So, all the combat skills. And then you actually have a choice of other skills such as Thieving, Agility, Smithing, Herblore, Crafting, and Woodcutting. I would personally put them all on Agility, because Agility is really hard to work on.

Anyways guys, those are all of the quests I wanted to talk about that had really, really good Quest rewards. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you did learn something, be sure to leave a like. Also subscribe if you're new, and as always, thank you so much, and have a nice day!



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