[OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Thieving Guide (Fastest/Profitable Methods

Updated: Jul 27

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing you guys a Complete Level 1 – 99 Thieving Guide for Old School Runescape. In this article, I am not going to go through exactly how each method should be done. I am mainly going to talk about the items you should use for the methods, the Quests which give good XP, and I will also be outlining each method you should or can use.

Useful Equipment:

Rogue Outfit:

Getting right into it, the useful equipment is what I am going to start off with, and the first thing that is really awesome to have is the Rogue Equipment. When you have the Rogue Equipment, with the full set on it actually guarantees that you are going to get double the loot that you would normally get. You can get these items form the Rogue Stand Minigame, and there is a 1 in 8 chance of getting a piece while you are looting at the end of the Minigame.

Dodgy Necklace:

The next item is the Dodgy Necklace, and this is one of the new silver jewellery in Old School Runescape. When you wear this, you have a 1 in 4 chance that you don’t get stunned or damaged if you fail a pickpocket. So, that is so handy for pick-pocketing.

The Ardougne Cloak:

The next item is the Ardougne Cloak, and each different Ardougne Cloak has a bit of a different use. The Ardougne Cloak 2 increases your chance of getting successful pickpockets by 10% when you are in Ardougne. But, if you have the Ardougne Cloak 3 or the Ardougne Cloak 4, it works anywhere. So, you will have a 10% extra chance of being successful if you pickpocket.

The Gloves of Silence:

The Gloves of Silence are another really useful one, and they increase your chance of successfully pick-pocketing something by 5% when you are wearing them. You need level 54 Hunter in order to wear these. It is worth knowing that this 5% success rate does not stack with the Ardougne Cloak 10% success rate. So, it is not really that useful if you have the Ardougne Cloak. But, this is awesome if you have not done the Diaries.

Quests that give XP

Now I am going to talk about the Quests rewards that give a decent amount of Thieving XP. Below I have put every single Quest that gives Thieving XP as a reward. But, I am going to talk about the main ones here.

The best one is the Fight Arena, because you do not actually need any requirements to do this Quest, and you get 2175 Thieving XP, which really boosts you up in the lower levels.

Another fantastic one here, but you need level 30 Thieving to do it, is the Feud Quest. That gives you 15 000 Thieving XP, and that gets you a lot of levels after level 30. I think it gets you to level 37 if I’m not mistaken, straight from level 30.

You are welcome to have a closer look at the chart below, as I am not going to go through any of the other Quests.

Now for the actual training side of Thieving. I am going to go through each method chronologically.

Training: Level 1 – 5 (Thieving from Men and Women)

From level 1, the only thing that you can really do is Thieve from men and women anywhere in Runescape. Pretty much every major city has quite a few men and women walking around. So, you can pretty much go anywhere to do this. When you are doing this, you will get about 7000 – 10 000 Thieving XP per hour. But, as I said before, the Fight Arena Quest actually gets you all the way to level 14 Thieving from level 1 if you do it with 1 Thieving. So, this is highly recommended if you want to skip the slightly slower levels. But, Thieving is not that slow.

Training: Level 5 – 25 (Varrock Tea Stalls)

From level 5 all the way through to level 25, the best thing you can do now is Varrock tea stalls, and that is the tea stall near that little closed off area in Varrock. At this level, you can also thieve from cake stalls. But, the tea stalls in my opinion is so much better. Because, you actually have no chance of getting caught. When you are in Ardougne doing the Cake Stalls, there are a lot of guards that come along and start hitting you if you get caught, and it gets pretty annoying and slows down the XP per hour rate. But, doing these two methods, you should be able to get about 15 000 – 20 000 XP per hour.

Training: Level 25 – 38

(Hosidus House Fruit Stalls in Great Kourend)

Now, from level 25 all the way through to level 38 Thieving, there are a couple of methods that you can do. The first one, and probably the best one here is if you get yourself 15% Hosidus House Favour, you can start stealing from the Fruit Stalls in the Great Kourend. That gives you 30 000 Thieving XP per hour since they spawn so quickly, and you can just keep Thieving.

(Steal from Silk Stalls in Ardougne or Al Kharid)

The other alternative is to steal from Silk Stalls, and you can do this in Ardougne or at Al Kharid. That gets you about 25 000 Thieving XP per hour. It is not good money or anything. None of the methods at low levels are, but it is pretty decent XP if you don’t have the Hosidus House favour.

(Warrior Women)

At level 25, you also unlock Warrior women. But, at a low level like 25, you do have a very high fail rate with Warrior Women, and it can get pretty annoying. So, I would recommend just sticking to Silk or the Hosidus Fruit Stall. But, I am putting this in for anyone that wants to do that.

The Feud Quest

Now, at level 30, as I said, you unlock the Feud Quest. So, you could probably just go from level 25 – 30 doing one of these methods, and then get the Feud Quest done. That would get you all the way to level 37. Then, you could get a couple more levels, and then move on to the next method.

Training: Levels 38 – 45/55

(Thieving from the Master Farmers)

Now, from level 38, you have 2 pretty decent methods to do. The first one is a bit more of a money-making method, and you can make yourself about 50 000 – 100 000 GP per hour doing this. That is Thieving from the Master Farmers. The best place to do this would either be in Ardougne near the farming area, or in Draynor Village. You will get about 20 000 – 25 000 XP per hour. So, it is not quite as good as the Hosidus Stall. So, if you still want really good XP, you should keep doing that.

(Warrior Women)

But, another method is that you can now go to the Warrior Women, because now you won’t be failing as badly. Provided that you have the Ardougne Cloak, or the Gloves of Silence, you are really going to get a bit more XP per hour. You can get about 30 000 – 35 000 XP per hour.

Training: Level 45 – 55

(Fremennik Fish Stalls)

The above mentioned methods will work from level 38 – 55 Thieving. But, you can stop at level 45. There is another really quick method but you need to have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest. You can actually get 50 000 XP per hour at only level 45, which is really quick. Basically, what you want to do is steal from the Fish Stalls in Rellekka. Another really cool thing is that since you are stealing fish, you don’t need to bring any food with you. There are fires all over Rellekka. You can just steal the food, cook it, and use it instead of bringing your own.

(Blackjack Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits)

From level 45 – 55, if you did not go through to 55, there is another method. This is so much more click intensive, but you can get a lot of XP per hour. That is blackjacking the Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits, and doing this you can get from 15 000 – 75 000 XP per hour, depending on your clicks and connection.

Training: Levels 55 – 61/65

(Regular Pollnivnian Bandits)

Now, from level 55 – 61/65 Thieving, depending on what methods you want to do, you can start blackjacking the regular Pollnivnian Bandits. Using this, you can get up to 150 000 XP per hour, and that is really, really fast for level 55. Now, the same goes with the other blackjacking method. It all depends on how good you are at clicking, and how good your connection is.

Training: Levels 55 – 61/65/99

(Pick-pocketing Ardougne Knights)

Now, another less click intensive method from level 55 is to start pick-pocketing the Ardougne Knights, and doing this can get you about 60 000 XP per hour, provided that you have done the Diaries. That is only at level 55. But, once you move up to higher levels, you can get far more XP per hour, and I say this is AFK because you can simply just put your mouse over one of them, make sure it is trapped, and you simply keep clicking on it. You will be Thieving forever. Make sure that you turn your Attack options off, so that you only click the pickpocket option when you left click. You can actually do this method all the way from 55 – 99 if you want to chill out doing Thieving, and you do actually make quite a bit of money if you have the Rogues outfit on as well. Another thing to note here is that at level 95, you actually stop failing the Ardougne Knights. So, you will never get hit or stunned by the Ardougne Knights. So, you can just keep on Thieving after Thieving non-stop. But, obviously, at lower levels, the best XP is still going to be the blackjacking.

Training: level 61 - 99

(Pyramid Plunder)

Now, an option at level 61 Thieving is probably another really good one which will be decent for money, is Pyramid Plunder. The reason why this is decent for money is because you actually have a chance at getting the Pharaoh’s Sceptre, which is about 7 000 000 at this stage. So, that is really good if you get one of those. Every 10 levels, you actually unlock a new floor at Pyramid Plunder. That increases you XP rate per hour by a lot. So, at level 61, you can get about 100 000 XP per hour, maybe a bit less. At level 71 Thieving, you can get about 130 000 XP per hour. At level 81 Thieving you would get almost 200 000 XP per hour, which is really fast. Then at level 91, this has to be the fastest method in the game, and you can get yourself 250 000 – 270 000 XP per hour, as long as you are concentrating.

Training: Level 65 – 91/99

(Blackjack Menaphite Thugs)

Now, the final method is one that can get you a lot of XP as well, especially at the lower levels. So, at level 65 you unlock the Menaphite Thugs, and you could do this all the way to level 99 if you wanted to. But, I would highly recommend going to Pyramid Plunder at level 91. Provided that you have done the Feud Quest, you can do this as a method. At only 65 Thieving when you unlock them, you can get up to 200 000 XP per hour, provided that you are good at clicking. With even higher levels, you have even more XP per hour, getting yourself up to 250 000 XP per hour. But, keep in mind that these clicks are really intense so you have to be concentrating really hard. This method can get kind of annoying because you have to click very precisely. But, if you set up your mouse keys properly and you have a good mouse, provided that it doesn’t move around randomly, you should be able to cap your XP at a bit over 200 000 XP per hour.

The Thieving Skill Cape

Now, those are all of the good Thieving methods in Old School Runescape. I hope you guys learned something about Thieving today, and if you are getting 99, good luck on getting that! That cape is really awesome. Now, a bit of information about the Skill cape.

The Thieving Cape actually gives you another 10% chance of successfully pick-pocketing something. So, if you wear this cape, and you have done the Ardougne Diaries, you get a 20% extra chance of pick-pocketing. Then you wear the Dodgy Necklace, and you would get a 45% extra chance of Thieving something. So, that is an awesome perk to have. I was going to include the New TzHaar Thieving area, the stalls. But, the XP there is not quite great. But, it does give pretty decent money per hour. So, instead I am going to make a Thieving Money Guide soon, explaining all of that.

But, anyways guys, thanks for reading this level 1 – 99 Thieving Guide today. If you did learn something, be sure to leave a like on this article. Also, subscribe if you are new. As always, thank you so much for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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