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OSRS 1-99 Smithing Guide (Fastest & Profitable Methods)

Updated: Mar 30

What’s going on guys! My name’s Theoatrix, and today I am presenting an up to date level 1 – 99 Smithing guide.

I will be covering the fastest way, as well as the most profitable methods. Towards the end, I will be showing some useful ironman Smithing methods, as well as free to play training methods.

How Smithing Works

Smithing is a skill used to create weaponry, armour, ammunition and some utility items.

You can gain Smithing XP in two main ways – creating a metal bar at a furnace, or by using a hammer with those bars and turning them into weapons and armour.

Important Quests

The Knight’s Sword

One of the best things to do as a low level Smither is to complete quests, and on a brand new account, you can complete the Knight’s Sword quest, which boosts you from level 1 to 29 Smithing. The quest is pretty fast for all types of accounts, including Ironman, making it the best way to train your smithing level to 29.

Elemental Workshop 1

There is also the Elemental Workshop 1 quest for members, which takes around 5 minutes for another 5000 Smithing XP reward.

Giant Dwarf

At least starting the Giant Dwarf quest is required to enter Keldagrim, which contains the Blast Furnace.

On your journey from 1 – 99, the majority of your time will be spent at the Blast Furnace, a Minigame in Keldagrim, which can provide the fastest or the most profitable smithing methods in the game. This guide will give a full run down on how to use the Blast Furnace further in.

Important Items

There are also a few items that are vital for smithing, and you will see which methods they work with further on.

Ice Gloves

Ice Gloves are important for speeding up your XP in the Blast Furnace, and there is no quest requirement to get them, but you will need 50 Mining to access the Ice Queen, who drops them. If you are a skiller, it is almost impossible to get Ice Gloves. So, you will have to use buckets of water, which I will show further in.

Goldsmithing Gauntlets

Next is Goldsmithing Gauntlets, and wearing them while smelting gold bars doubles the amount of XP you get. You get these from the Family Crest quest.

Coal Bag

The Coal Bag is very useful for the profitable smithing method, since it holds 27 pieces of coal in one inventory space. That costs 100 gold nuggets from the Motherlode Mine.

Fastest Way to 99

Moving into the fastest way to 99 Smithing, and these methods do cost money. Although, they are not overly expensive compared to other buy-ables. There are also some fast profitable methods that I will show in the profitable section.

Level 1 – 29

So, from level 1 – 29, as I mentioned, the Knight’s Sword quest is the fastest for all types of accounts.

Level 1 – 15

If you do not feel like questing, the fastest way to level up is by 193 bronze bars and level up to 15 Smithing.

Level 29/15 – 40

From level 29 or 15, most players would make the best iron items until they are level 40, which is not a bad idea.

But, the fastest way and a profitable way, is by making iron bars at the Blast Furnace, which will also help you get a hang of the Minigame.

To get to the Blast Furnace, as I said, you need to start the Giant Dwarf quest, and when starting the quest, after the first cut scene, you will be able to board the boat to Keldagrim.

From the moment you enter Keldagrim for the first time, you unlock the Blast Furnace Minigame teleport, which gives you a teleport there every 20 minutes.

You should be using the official Blast Furnace worlds when you are training Smithing so that the Blast Furnace is always active.

These worlds do have a fee though, since there are workers around the place helping you out.

To pay the fee, you should place coins into the coffer, and every 1 minute, 1.2k comes out of the coffer, equating to 72k coins per hour.

Additionally, if you are under level 60 Smithing, you are required to pay a fee to use the Blast Furnace, and that fee is an extra 2.5k every 10 minutes or 15k an hour to use it.

This money does not come from the coffer, though. So, if you are under level 60, every 10 minutes, you have to speak to the Blast Furnace foreman, and pay him 2.5k to use it for 10 minutes.

So, there are three main points of interest when you are using the Blast Furnace – the conveyor belt, the bar dispenser, and the bank chest.

The process starts with removing ores from your bank, running and placing them on the conveyor belt,

then run to the bar dispenser

and by wearing ice gloves, you can take the bars straight away.

However, without ice gloves, you need to refill a bucket of water from the nearby tap, and use it on the bars dispenser to cool down the bars.

With your bars, you run back to the bank, and repeat.

So, smelting iron ore at the Blast Furnace requires only 15 Smithing, and gets over 70k Smithing XP per hour, while profiting 160k coins, even after the cost of using the furnace and using stamina potions.

Training from level 15 – 40 will take approximately 40 minutes with this method, and from 29 – 40, so if you done the Knight’s Sword, it only takes about 25 minutes.

Level 40 – 99

From level 40, you unlock the fastest viable training method for Smithing in the game, and that is making Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace.

The process is slightly different to iron, since you will be wearing Goldsmithing Gauntlets and having Ice Gloves or the Bucket in your inventory. After placing the gold ores on the conveyor belt, you need to wait until you see the XP drop so that your Goldsmithing Gauntlets give their double XP effect.

Once you see the XP drop, you can switch to the Ice Gloves and take your bars and repeat the process. Smithing gold here gives over 300k per hour, and over 350k if you are efficient.

From level 40 – 99, you need 231,000 gold ores, and after selling them back, including the cost of stamina potions and paying the Blast Furnace, you will be set back around 58 million.

Level 68 – 99

There is a cheaper alternative, though, and it is still very fast, and that is smelting Mithril and adamant Platebodies. At level 68, you unlock Mithril, which can give over 180,000 Smithing XP per hour. Then, 88 with adamant bodies are cheaper and fast, giving 250,000 per hour.

So, training from 40 – 68 doing gold bars, then Mithril, then adamant plates, costs a total of 26 million for 99, over half the price of simply just doing gold.

The best place to make Platebodies is at the Varrock anvil. You can set up your camera in one place, so that the anvil and the bank is clickable on both ends. It is slightly less click intensive compared to the Blast Furnace.

Fastest to 99 Summary

However, at the fastest XP rates, 40 – 99 with gold bars only will take 35 hours, whereas doing the Platebody method takes over 50 hours. So, the trade-off here is time for money. Doing only gold will save you around 15 hours, but you will spend an extra 28 million.

Profitable Methods

So, the next topic of this article is profitable smithing.

Dart Tips

After completing the Tourist Trap, your account can smith dart tips, which is profitable for almost every type of metal bar. They are also decently AFK with each smithing interval taking around 1 minutes and 20 seconds. The XP rates are not overly fast, though. So, I am more recommending this method to people training Smithing on Alt accounts.


Unlocked at level 35, you unlock another very AFK method, which is smithing cannonballs. Each AFK interval is 3 minutes.

However, I really do not recommend doing cannonballs because the XP rate is ridiculously slow, and you can get eight times the profit per hour with the Blast Furnace method.

Blast Furnace

At the Blast Furnace, there are 5 different bars that are profitable, with the highest level bars being the most profitable, making Mithril bars provides the highest XP rate.

Although, Rune is not that far behind. And, yes, that is not a miscalculation or a mi-type. Runite bars make almost 2 million GP per hour while using a coal bag. With pretty much all of these, you will need coal, which makes the coal bag extremely useful and greatly speeds up your profit. The Blast Furnace actually takes half the amount of coal to make a bar. So, that means that the ratios are half of the regular. They can take a bit of getting used to. So, I am going to show a quick run for each type.


Firstly, steel instead of 1:2, it is 1:1. So, this means that you can start by filling your coal bag, and then filling your inventory with iron ore. Run to the conveyor belt, place your iron, withdraw and then place the coal.


Mithril has a ratio of 1:2 in the Blast Furnace. So, again, it is a bit different.

You should start filling out your coal bag with a full inventory of coal. Run and place it on the belt, and then head back to the bank and fill your coal bag and then your inventory with Mithril.

Deposit that, take your bars, then fill again with coal in your coal bag, and Mithril ores, and grab the second set of bars.


Adamant bars take 3 coal and 1 adamant ore in the Blast Furnace.

So, you should start with a full coal bag and full inventory of coal, run and place it and repeat this once.

Then, fill up your coal bag once again, and your inventory with adamant ore. Then, place them on the conveyor belt and place your bars.

Then, again, fill your coal bag and inventory with adamant ore and get your second inventory of bars, and this is faster than doing 1 inventory at a time.


Runite is at a 1:4 ratio, so this time you will need to do 3 runs of a full bag of coal and full inventory of coal,

then you have to do 2 runs of Runite ore and a coal bag full,

retrieving your bars on each one.

Because of the massive amount of coal required to make rune, a coal bag is almost necessary.

Just going from 85 – 99 Smithing, you profit 200 million while getting great XP rates.

The final profitable method is for players going for 200 million XP, and that is making rune Platelegs, Plateskirts or 2h swords, which requires 99 smithing.

They all give around 180,000 XP per hour, and over 400k in profit, and they are so much more AFK than making rune at the Blast Furnace. Going from 99 – 200 million making any of these makes you around 500 million in profit.

Ironman training Methods

Moving into the next section of this guide, ironman training methods.

Questing is definitely the fastest way again to level up at a low level. The Knight’s Sword and Elemental Workshop 1 quests have easy item requirements for ironmen.

Once you are leveled from questing, a popular low level smithing training method is fixing struts at the Motherlode Mine. With the recent world hopping update, there is no longer a cap on how often you can hop. So, you can constantly change worlds and fix the water struts. You get smithing XP equal to 1.5 times your smithing level. So, at level 1, it is really slow. But, at around level 30, it is good and free XP.

For higher level ironmen, the main time consumer with smithing is getting the ores. Ironmen can acquire ores in lots of different ways. There is a range of Slayer monsters that drop ores, Wyverns commonly drop 200 iron, and Gargoyles commonly drop gold ore.

Rex and Zulrah have some common ore drops as well, and there is also the Blast Furnace ore shop that sells lots of every type, but does require some money.

Mining at the Motherlode Mine is another great way to get all types of ores, and getting through to 99 Mining will get you at least 5 million smithing XP.

Free to Play Methods

Now for the Free to Play methods,

and again the Knight’s Sword quest is the best way to level up, and then from 29, the fastest way to level up is making the best iron items until Platebodies. Then, do that until 48, and steel plates to 68, Mithril to 88, and adamant to 99. In total, that is going to cost you around 40 million.

Smithing Sliver bars at a furnace is a profitable way to train, and getting to 99 from when you unlock them would make you almost 30 million in profit.

The closest furnace for free to play players is Edgeville, which used to only be available to members.

Post level 99, rune skirts, legs and 2h swords are also available to free to play, and provide the same XP and profit as I mentioned before.

If you would like to check the current GP/XP, or the cost and profit of all the method I have shown in this article, you can go to, and it uses the current GE prices at any given time. It is also linked down at the end of this article.

So, that is my up to date 1 – 99 Smithing guide for 2019. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content if you are new around here. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks so much for reading this article, and I’ll see you next time!




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