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OSRS Dragon Defender Guide (Warrior's Guild)

Obtaining a Dragon Defender is an important milestone for main accounts on OSRS. This guide covers everything you need to know to obtain defenders and how to use the Warrior's Guild.

Guide Outline

The Basics

Defenders are dropped by Cyclopses within the Warrior's Guild. To fight cyclopses, you need Warrior's Guild tokens which are obtained from various activities within the guild. Whenever entering the room to fight cyclopses, you need to pay an initial 10 warrior tokens and for every 1 minute spent fighting cyclopses, you have to pay an additional 10 Warrior's Guild tokens. Players must also have a starting 100 tokens in order to even enter the room as well.

For bronze through to rune defenders, they are dropped at a rate of 1 in 50. Dragon defenders are dropped at a rate of 1 in 100 from the Cyclopses in the basement.

Additionally: If players can, it is recommended to complete either the easy or medium combat achievements as completing those will give you an additional 100% and 200% increased warrior's guild tokens respectively, significantly speeding up the process of getting tokens.


  • A combined 130 combat levels in Attack and Strength, OR 99 in Attack or Strength. This means any combination between attack and strength totaling to 130 will allow you entry into the guild. For example: 60 Attack and 70 strength, or 65 attack and 65 strength.

Items Needed

  • Melee combat gear

  • Full metal armour set (Full helm, platebody and platelegs)

    • The easiest for ironmen to obtain whilst staying efficient is the full mithril set

    • For mains, the black armour set is the best to use, both being fully recyclable and the easiest to use for warriors tokens

Getting There

These are the fastest ways to the Warrior's Guild.

  1. Games necklace teleport to Burthrope

  2. Minigame teleport to the Burthrope Games Room

  3. House redirect to Taverley and running east to the Warrior's guild

Getting Tokens

To be able to fight cyclopses, you need tokens from various activities around the Warrior's Guild.

Fastest Tokens

The best way to get tokens is by reanimating armour sets.

  1. Buy the armour set you will be using. For mains the best is black and for ironmen the best is mithril.

  2. Head to the Warrior's guild using one of the methods outlined earlier in the guide.

  3. Head to the western room where the reanimation pads are and place your armour on the pad.

  4. Kill the reanimated suit of armour.

  5. Pick up the warrior's guild tokens as well as the armour and repeat the process until you have your desired amount of tokens.

Fighting Cyclopses

Bronze to Rune Defender

  1. Once you have gotten your desired amount of warrior's guild tokens (at least 100) go up the most north-western stairs until you get to the very top

  2. Enter the cyclops room and go through the initial dialogue before going in

  3. Find a spot that is not occupied by other players and kill cyclopses until you get your defender

  • There are 2 types of cyclops in the top cyclops room. Some are level 56 and the others are level 76. It is highly recommended to find a spot with the lower level cyclops as both drop the defenders at the same rate, and the lower level ones are slightly easier to kill

  • It is recommended to bring combat boosting potions as well as prayer potions to speed up the process. The prayer potions can be dropped if the player knows how to prayer flick

When You Get A Defender:

  1. Kill cyclopses until you get a defender

  2. Once you get the defender go outside of the room and reenter the room with the defender in your inventory OR you must use the defender on Kamfreena outside. You MUST do this every time you get a new defender in order to receive the next defender you need

Dragon Defender

To obtain a dragon defender, you must defeat the cyclopses in the basement of the Warrior's Guild after obtaining the rune defender from the cyclopses in the top floor. The basement is located out the back, to the west. The dragon defender is dropped at a rate of 1/100.

  • Players can bring high alchs while killing the cyclopes as they sometimes drop valuable alchable drops

  • Players can AFK here with prayer pots and auto retaliate to make the grind of getting defender a bit easier



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