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OSRS Motherlode Mine - Complete Guide

The Motherlode Mine is a mining training area available to members in OSRS. It provides semi-AFK mining experience and rewards players with the Prospector's Outfit.

Guide Outline

XP Rates & Profit

The Motherlode Mine provides decent XP and profit rates for an AFK mining training method.

Mining Level



























*Assumes upper level is unlocked after 72 mining

Getting Started


To partake in the Motherlode Mine, you need:

  • Level 30 Mining for Lower Floor

  • Level 72 Mining and unlock for Upper Floor

  • A pickaxe

Items Needed

The only item you really need is a pickaxe, but here are some other useful items:

Item Name



Pickaxe is the only required item in order to mine in the Motherlode Mine. Make sure to bring the best pickaxe you own.

Prospector Outfit

The full prospector outfit provides a 2.5% xp bonus when worn, or a 0.5% boost per piece worn if the full set isnt worn.

Gem Bag

The gem bag can be opened so gems passively mined from the Motherlode Mine are automatically stored. Useful if you want to collect gems.

Celestial Ring/Signet

The celestial ring/signet provides a +4 invisible mining boost. This does not allow you to get ores above your mining level, however it does increase your success rate whilst mining.

Getting There

Here are the fastest ways to get to the Motherlode Mine.

  1. Using the skills necklace teleport to the mining guild and running into the Motherlode Mine.

  2. Teleporting to Falador and going to the north eastern house and down the stairs just east of the party room.

  3. Players can enter the mining guild in Falador then run east until they find the entrance to the Motherlode Mine.

  4. Players can enter the Dwarven Mine south of Ice Mountain and then walk south east through the mines until they eventually reach the cave.

Full Walkthrough

To partake in the mine, you firstly mine an inventory of Pay Dirt. You then take it to the center of the mine to get cleaned and turned into ores.

  1. Mine pay dirt in the outer area or upstairs

  2. Bring the pay-dirt to the deposit sack

  3. Make sure that the water wheels are working, if they are not then fix them

  4. Collect the ores from the sack

  5. Bank/deposit the ores

Mining Pay Dirt

Lower-Level Guide

  • The video above shows an area with lots of ore veins

  • this is the best area assuming the player has not completed the Medium Falador diaries with 54 agility

  • If the player has achieved 54 agility and completed the Medium Falador Achievement Diaries, use the spot highlighted below

  • This is the best spot to mine as it is the closest to the pay-dirt deposit sack

  • Make sure to mine ores separate from other people as every time you successfully mine a pay-dirt, the ore vein has a chance of depleting

  • Players can carry a gem bag while opened to passively collect gems

Upper-Level Guide

  • Players must pay Percy 100 golden nuggets and must have achieved level 72 in mining in order to access the top floor of the Motherlode Mine

  • Unlike the lower level ore veins, the upper level ore veins act on a timer rather than a chance of depleting. This timer starts whenever a player starts mining the ore vein and the ore vein will deplete once the player gets a pay-dirt after the timer expired

  • Following the point above, players can mine on the SAME ore vein as other players and the ore vein will generally disappear at the same time. This uses the minimal amount of ore veins and allows players to consistently mine instead of constantly trying to find an empty ore vein

Cleaning Pay Dirt

  1. Deposit your pay-dirt into the sack

  2. Ensure that the water wheels are spinning, if not grab a hammer and fix them

  3. Withdraw your cleaned pay-dirt from the sack

  4. Deposit at either the bank or the deposit box nearby

Repairing The Struts

  1. Grab the hammer out of the crate directly east of the water path.

  2. Repair the struts to the west.

Rewards Shop

While partaking in the Motherlode Mine, you will find Golden Nuggets which can be exchanged for rewards. Here are the notable rewards from the Motherlode Mine.

Reward Name

Cost (Nuggets)


Prospector Helmet


Gives a 0.5% xp boost if worn on its own or a 2.5% boost if the full set is worn.

Prospector Jacket


Gives a 0.5% xp boost if worn on its own or a 2.5% boost if the full set is worn.

Prospector Legs


Gives a 0.5% xp boost if worn on its own or a 2.5% boost if the full set is worn.

Prospector Boots


Gives a 0.5% xp boost if worn on its own or a 2.5% boost if the full set is worn.

Coal Bag


Allows the player to store 27 coal within it.

Gem Bag


Allows the player to store 60 of each type of gem: uncut sapphire, uncut emerald, uncut ruby, uncut diamond and uncut dragonstone.

Soft Clay Pack


A pack of soft clay containing 100 pieces of soft clay.

Bag Full of Gems


Contains a random assortment of 40 noted uncut gems.



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