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[OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Crafting Guide (Cheapest/Fastest Methods)

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix, and today I'm bringing you guys a level 1-99 Crafting Guide for Old School Runescape. Crafting is one of those skills that you can spend a lot of money on and do it really quickly, or you can spend a little bit of money on it and get slower levels. I was having a look at some of the other Crafting Guides out there, and a lot of them are very outdated, or they just don't know the best methods that you can do. So, I decided that it's about time to make an updated Crafting Guide for you guys.

One quick thing before we get into it...I'd appreciate a like on this article, mainly because it took a lot of research to find all of the XP per hour and the amount of items you'll need. I hope you enjoy.

Cutting Opals

Getting right into it, from levels 1-20 I have a method that not many people really know about, which is cutting Opals. Opals are only about 30 coins each now, and the cut version sells for almost 200 coins. So, you actually make a profit cutting Opals from levels 1-20. I recommend buying about 600 Opals to get from 1-20 and you'll get this in about 20 min.

From level 20 there's 2 ways you can go about doing Crafting. There's the expensive/ fast method, or the cheap/ slower method. I'm going to start off with the Expensive/ Fast method.

Expensive/ Fast Method

So, from level 22-3 Crafting you need to cut 7300 Sapphires, which will cost you around 2.5mil. But, you'll be getting 125 000 XP per hour, and at level 20 that is unbelievably quick.

From level 63-71 you need to make 2500 Green Dragon Hide bodies, costing you about 4mil. But, you'll be getting 300 000 XP per hour.

From 71-84 it's going to cost you 20mil crafting 10 000 Blue Dragon Hide bodies for a total of 350 000 XP per hour.

Next you'll have to craft 39 000 Black Dragon Hide bodies from levels 84-99 costing you 105mil. But, you'll be getting 430 000 XP per hour.

Now, some people are probably thinking that Dragonstone cutting would be faster. Well, no. They're actually only 370 000 XP per hour, in comparison to the 430 000 XP per hour from Black Dragon Hide bodies. It also costs you 150mil from 84-99. So, you're much better off doing Black Dragon Hide bodies.

So, in total, from level 1-99, the expensive method is going to cost you about 140mil, which isn't too bad.

Cheap/ Slow Method

Now, the cheap/ slow method is to craft Gold Bracelets all the way from level 7-99, and you'll make yourself 60mil. Just kidding. That is way too slow. You'll be getting 20 000 XP per hour if you did that. So, instead, from level 20-46, you should craft 1200 Sapphires, costing you only about 400 000. Then, from here, there are three ways you can go about crafting.

The first way is to craft unpowered orbs from levels 46-87. You'll need to make 70 000 unpowered orbs, and this is going to cost you about 9mil. But, you'll be getting around 80 000 XP per hour.

The second method is to continue cutting Sapphires, 78 000 of them, to level 87. This is a lot more expensive than unpowered orbs, but you'll be getting about 1/3 more XP per hour. It's going to cost you about 25mil to cut Sapphires all the way to level 87.

Now, another method, which I recommend a lot more than the other two that I've just spoken about..From level 58-87 you should craft 41 000 Diamond Bracelets, which is only going to cost you 6mil, and you'll be getting 90 000 - 100 000 XP per hour.

Now, you can continue crafting these all the way to level 99, but there's actually a faster and cheaper method than that. From level 87-99 you should craft Empty Light Orbs, 140 000 of them, costing you only 18mil from level 87-99, and giving you 120 000 XP per hour.

The alternative, which is a bit cheaper is to craft Dragonstone Bracelets from level 74-99, costing you only 10mil to get to 99 Crafting, and 140 000 XP per hour.

Now, you're probably thinking "Why didn't I just use that method instead of the Light Orbs?", which are double the price almost. Well, the Grand Exchange prices are really, really unstable for Dragonstone, and the supply for them are really, really low. So, it's really hard to get your hands on a lot of Dragonstone for a good price.

The Medium Method

Now, the last thing I'm going to finish off with is the Medium method, which I think is kind of in the middle of these two methods. That is crafting Air Battle Staffs from level 66-99, 90 000 of them, costing you 100mil, and giving you 350 000 XP per hour.

So, in summary, the expensive/ fast method is going to cost you about 140mil to level 99 Crafting, but is way faster than the slow method. The cheap/ slow method is going to cost you only about 40-50mil to level 99 Crafting, even less even you do the cheaper ones that I spoke about. The medium method of the Air Battle Staffs is going to cost you 100mil to level 99 Crafting with some pretty fast XP rates.

Thanks or reading this article. If you did enjoy it please give it a thumbs up, and subscribe if you want to see more Old School content. Thanks for reading.



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