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OSRS Tips & Tricks - Episode 8

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to Tips and tricks Episode 8. This is a series where I compile 5 – 10 different Old School Runescape game tricks, and show them to you guys to hopefully make your quality of life in game a lot better.

1. Demon Butler

Kicking it off today, I have a tip using the Demon Butler. Now, you have to pay the Demon Butler 10 000 coins every 8th time that you see him, and that is the same with all of the other servants as well – every 8th time. But, from that, it means that you can save money by always making them grab the maximum amount of items that they can. Even though I might have to talk to him a few more times to get all of my planks, I will be saving a decent amount of money since he won’t have to go to the bank as many times.

2. Fully Charged Jewellery

If you find that your bank is getting cluttered with a lot of jewellery that is not fully charged, you can go ahead and withdraw all of it as a note, and put it in your inventory. Head over to the Runes guy at the Grand Exchange – he is in the south eastern area.

If you right click ‘decant’, he is going to turn them all into the maximum possible charge. This is so handy for saving bank space, and it just makes training down the track a lot easier, since you will almost always have a fully charged piece of jewellery.

3. Stripy Feathers

If you are training Fletching with darts or arrows, or something that requires feathers, if you hit your feather buying limit on the Grand Exchange, you can actually buy Stripy Feathers as well. Stripy Feathers cost the same as regular feathers, and there is also a big supply of them being sold.

4. Costume Room in your Player Owned House

If you have a lot of Holiday items in your bank, and you enjoy doing all of the Holiday events, you can actually build a costume room in your house and store all of those items to make your bank a bit less full. Your house is your player owned house only, and it is not a bad idea to treat a bit like a bank, especially with these kind of items.

5. Rock Cake Tip

Now, my next tip is for the Nightmare Zone, and using the Rock Cake. If you put it at the bottom of your inventory, you can actually right click, left click ‘guzzle’, meaning that you do not have to move your mouse at all and you can get to a really low Hitpoints really quickly.

6. Magic Defence

In this episode, I wanted to talk a bit about Magic Defence. An extremely useful piece of information can be found from the Combat Formulas thread on the official Runescape forum. If we scroll all the way down until Magic Defence Roll, we come across some really important info. So, it says here: “This only applies to players, NPC Magic Defence is 100% based on the Magic level and bonus”.

So, right now, I am on the wiki page of one of the Barrows Brothers, Dharok. If we scroll down to his stats that are shown, you can see that his Defence level is 100, his Magic level is 1, and his Defensive stats in Magic are – 11.

Any monster in Old School Runescape that has a Magic level of 1 and a Magic Defence bonus of under 1 means that you do not need any Magic gear or any Magic bonus in order to be accurate against the monster.

Well, two monsters that are commonly bursted for Slayer XP actually also have 1 Magic and 0 Magic Defence.

So, this means that instead of using full Magic gear, you should be using full Proselyte whenever you are bursting these monsters. There is going to be no change to your Max Hit or any changes to your accuracy. Of course, if you have Ancestral, that extra Magic Damage percent boost is better. But, things like Ahrim’s, Mystic and Infinity do not have this. On players, on the other hand, Magical Defence is based on 70 % of your Magic level and 30% of your Defence level.

So, this means that whenever you are running away from a team in the Wilderness, you can use Magic Prayers in order to get a higher Magic Defence bonus, and hopefully not get Ice Barraged. If I chuck on Mystic Might, I have almost 15% higher Magic Defence bonus, which could really get me out of some sticky PK situations.

7. XP Boosting Sets

If you are thinking of training your Mining or your Fishing sometime down the track, it is almost vital that you go out of your way and get the XP boosting sets that come with it.

Now, I did make an XP boosting set guide a while ago, and I am not sure that many people saw it. But, basically, the main pieces of information you need to take out of that is that the Angler Outfit and the Prospector Outfit are both very, very useful. Since Fishing and Mining both give really, really low XP rates, the 2.5% XP boosts in both of the skills is so worth it because 2.5% translates into a long time.

8. Lair of Tarn Razorlor

The final tip I have for this article is if you have a Slayer Ring and you have completed the Haunted Mine Quest, you can use the ring to teleport to Tarn’s Lair.

In the final room of it, you can fight Tarn in order to get a book that enchants your Salve Amulet. I am not going to show you guys exactly how to get it. But, it revolves around the Mini-quest, the Lair of Tarn Razorlor.

I will let you guys look up how to do the quest and work that out for yourself. But, the reason why it is in this Tips and Tricks article is because if you have a Slayer Ring, this Mini-quest can be done literally in about 5 minutes instead half an hour. Also, for completing the Mini-quest, you get 5000 Slayer XP. So, that is a massive boost as well. Once you unlock the Enchanted Salve Amulet, it gives 20% Attack and Strength boosts against Undead Monsters. The Slayer Helmet gives 16.667%, making the Salve Amulet better if it is enchanted. This does not stack with the Slayer Helmet and you should be using the Salve Amulet (e) over the Slayer Helmet against Undead Slayer Tasks.

So, yeah guys. That is all of the Tips and Tricks that I wanted to show you guys today. I hope you learned something today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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