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OSRS Tips & Tricks - Episode 14

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to Tips and Tricks Episode 14.

Fishing Trawler Teleport

A lot of the Minigame teleports are really, really helpful. But, one that is a little bit underrated is the Fishing Trawler Teleport, which takes you literally right next to a bank and really close to some Charter Ships. It only requires level 15 Fishing to use this teleport, and I can see it being really useful for people that have forgotten a teleport or do not have any other way to quickly get to a bank.

Bolt Pouch

If you go to the Eastern side of Keldagrim and talk to Hirko, you can buy a Bolt Pouch for 1500.

These pouches hold 4 types of Bolts, and it makes it really easy to switch between ammo, depending on what kind of Boss you are killing, or what you are doing. The Bolt Pouch is something that could come in very, very handy at the Inferno or the Fight Caves because you might want to bring Onyx Bolts (e) with you as well to heal you and some Ruby Bolts or Diamond Bolts for damage. So, using this pouch puts it all into one inventory slot and it makes it easy to switch around.

Tip for Staking

This is a tip for anyone that ever goes Staking. Always avoid players that have a Zamorakian Hasta, a Dragon Warhammer, or the Ghrazi Rapier in their inventory. Obviously this only applies to Whip Staking. But, these other 3 items that I just mentioned all give more bonuses that a Tentacle Whip. The Hasta actually gives you a Defence bonus. The Dragon Warhammer has 1.5 of the Attack speed of a Tentacle Whip, and it has a higher Strength bonus, so that means that it can be used instead of a Whip to deal extra damage for one hit, and then the player will use the Whip. The Rapier, obviously, is just better than the Whip. The Hasta is probably the most common one. But, also watch out for the Warhammer. I have seen quite a few people doing it.

Tip for AFK Methods

My next tip is for people that prefer to train AFK methods. Always play with you game sounds on. As you know, there are different sounds for things in the game, and when your inventory is full, there is the well-known inventory full sound. Different skilling methods have different sound toggles. So, you pretty much always need to have the second and the third sound option up.


If someone ever PMs you in game telling you how you can Anti-Scam someone, report that person for Scamming and add them to your Ignore List. Most of the time, players will scam you over 2 accounts, and they use the second account to bate you into the scam, trying to convince you that you can scam the scammer. But, at the end of the day, they are both working together.

The Egg Launcher Myth

Now, this is a myth that really confused me for a few years. Using the Egg Launcher in the Barbarian Assault Minigame does not reduce the amount of points you get. All it does is use up your eggs, which is actually what you are meant to do in the Minigame.

Upgrading Tridents

You can actually give 10 Kraken Tentacles to Lieve McCracken.

She will upgrade your Trident of the Seas or the Trident of the Swamp to 20 000 Charges instead of 2500. You need 10 Kraken Tentacles for each trident you would like to put up to 20 000 charges. But, once you upgrade one, it is permanent. So, that one will always have 20 000 charges. Tentacles used to be a lot cheaper than they are now. Now, they are over 1 000 000. So, maybe this little tip is not too easy for most people.

Farming Tracker

As some of you probably know, some of the Old School Runescape clients show you the status of your current Farming Patches.

Although, in my experience, those trackers are pretty inaccurate and don’t really sync very well with my Runescape account. If you have completed Lunar Diplomacy, you can actually use the Geomancy Spell.

That pretty much does exactly what these clients do, and shows you everything you need to know. Since it is not some sort of third party plug-in, it is obviously 100% accurate. Most of the time, you can just time your farming in your head. But, this spell is very handy if you have forgotten what is planted and where.

Tip for Wilderness/ PK World

Before you ever go into the Wilderness, or a PK World, always drink an Extended Anti-Fire Potion for Protection against Dragon Bolts. The Dragon Bolt (e) special attack actually hits the highest out of any bolt in the game. With an Anti-Fire, you do not get hit anywhere near as much as you would normally. So, drinking that will mean that you take a little bit less damage.

Looting Bank Tab

The last tip I have for today’s article, is to make a Looting Tab in your bank. Whether you are training Slayer, Bossing or doing some sort of skill, you always need a bank tab in your bank for items that you want to sell down the track. What is so great about keeping it in one tab, is that you get to see the total value if you have a client that tells you. Also, it saves you a lot of time. If you were to go and sell all of your items after every single trip, it will really slow down your XP rates because you will be spending so much time at the Grand Exchange selling 1 or 2 of an item.

Anyways guys, that is it for Episode 14 of Tips and Tricks. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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