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Complete 1-99 Construction Guide for OSRS

Updated: Mar 30

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my level 1–99 Construction Guide for OSRS.

Guide Contents

If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide.

Why Train Construction?

With the Construction Skill, you build and upgrade your player-owned house

As you level up, you implement teleport facilities, regeneration pools, spellbook altars, and more… All extremely useful features for your account.

With 83 construction, you can boost to create a maxed house.

Recently, Jagex improved player-owned house loading times, so you can now benefit from all of these rooms without impacting the loading time

Construction is one of the fastest 99s in the game, taking as little as 16 hours for level 99 with mahogany planks.

However, Construction is an expensive and click-intensive skill.

 With the release of Mahogany Homes, Jagex has lowered the cost and intensity of Construction

 You can now get 99 Construction for as little as 30 mil using Novice Contracts.

The Construction Skillcape has one of the best perks in the game, providing unlimited teleports to your player-owned house.

Your Path to 99

With leveling your Construction, there are 2 methods at your disposal, Traditional Training or Mahogany Homes.

Traditional training involves building and removing furniture inside your player-owned house repeatedly.

With Mahogany Homes, you repair furniture in various houses across the Runescape map.

In short, traditional training is faster XP per hour, more expensive, and more click intensive, whereas Mahogany Homes are slower but less expensive and click intensive.

You can see from the XP rates on the screen, that traditional methods are considerably faster than Mahogany Homes, but also cost quite a lot more. In this guide, I'll show you each of the traditional training methods, and I'll explain mahogany homes afterward.

This is how much it currently costs to reach level 83 construction and max hour house.

Getting to level 83 allows you to boost with spices and a crystal saw to create everything you need except for the fully upgraded Portal Nexus.. if you want the Nexus, you should go for 84.

It's going to cost anywhere from 6 mil to 41 mil to get from level 1 to 83, and on top of that, you'll need 15 mil to buy the materials needed to upgrade your house.

With the release of this article, I made a Construction Calculator on which shows the gp per XP of every method, along with the cost of 83 and 99.

Low Level Training

At a low construction level, your options are still either traditional training or mahogany homes.

From level 1, you can complete the Daddy's Home mini-quest to reach level 8 construction, and it also acts as an introduction to Mahogany Homes and gives you a player-owned house.

For Daddy's home, the items you need are on the screen now, plus the recommended teleports.

For Daddy's home, the items you need are on the screen now, plus the recommended teleports.

If you want to do mahogany homes for your low-level training, you should skip to the mahogany homes section of this guide. Although, I would suggest traditional training at a low level since it's much faster. For traditional training, your first goal is to reach level 33 construction for oak larders.

On the screen is all of the furniture you'll need to build and remove in your player-owned house to reach level 33. In total, it takes around 20 minutes to reach the goal, and costs around 180k including the cost to build rooms in your house.

To reach level 33, you'll need a teleport to Falador, a teleport to house, 94 Planks, 270 Oak planks,  200 steel nails, and 30K coins.

Have all of those planks noted in your inventory, and use the Falador teleport. From the Falador teleport spot, run east to the estate agent and ask how can I get a house then purchase a starter house in Rimmington for 1k.

Then right-click your teleport to house, and teleport outside the portal. Head over to the nearby general store and use your noted regular planks on Phials, then select "All".

Then, right-click the purple house portal and select building mode to enter your own house in building mode.

To build furniture, you right-click the white furniture spots, and then you can select what you want to build.

Once you’ve built it, you right-click it and remove it so you can build another for more XP. You start by building crude wooden chairs. Followed by wooden bookcases.

Next, you need to get more planks, you exit your house, run to the nearby general store, and un-note at Phials.

At level 9, you need to build a kitchen room.

To do this, you right-click a door hotspot to create a room.

From there, you can follow the rest of the pathway shown to reach level 33.

You'll need to build a workshop room and a dining room when you get to the level and continue unnoting at Phials.

Oak Larders

So now that you're level 33, oak larders become the best traditional training method.

Oak larders are done until you unlock your main method, so this could be anywhere from level 50 to level 74. On the screen right now is how many oak planks you need to reach each method.

While you are training, I suggest playing on resizable mode.

This way,  you can right-click and left-click in the same spot by putting the construction object in the bottom part of your screen. On Runelite, you can set up guides with the screen marker plugin. You press the plus in the top right, then draw boxes where you'll be clicking.

You should also be using your keyboard to go through the menus, by pressing the numbers., this greatly speeds up your XP rates, and you can use your keyboard in the construction building menu, talk to your butler, and with removing furniture.

From levels 33 to 40, you'll be unnoting planks at Phials but at level 40, you can hire a butler to bring items from the bank.

You can get a servant from level 20 construction, but the servants below the human butler are too slow and you're better off unnoting your planks at the exchange merchant.

So once you reach level 40 construction, to get a servant, you first need to create 2 bedrooms in your house, and you need to build a bed in each of the rooms.

Once you’ve done that, head over to Ardougne and go to the servants guild which is in the northeast corner.

Then speak to the human butler to hire him.

At level 50, you can get the demon butler, which is even faster, and you should fire the human butler and go and hire the demon butler once you unlock it.

To use a servant, you talk to them and ask them to bring items from the bank. You then ask for as many as possible, and the servant will disappear off to the bank. It then returns with your planks, and for maximum efficiency, you should train while the servant is away.

Every 8 trips to the bank, the servant asks for payment which requires coins in your inventory. At level 58 construction, you can build a servant's moneybag in your player-owned house.

This holds cash and automatically deducts when your servant requires payment. This speeds up your training since you don’t need to go through any dialog to pay the servant.

At level 47 construction, you can build mounted mythical capes in a quest hall room in your house.

Mounted Mythical Capes

This requires Dragon Slayer 2, which has a level 50 construction requirement, so the level needed to do mounted mythical capes is 50. These are the cheapest traditional construction methods since you get more XP per plank than regular training. The method is similar to oak larders.

You first need to build a quest hall room in your house for 25k.

Then, you find your servant and send them off to the bank to retrieve teak planks. Then select Build on the guild trophy Construction space, and select to build a mounted mythical cape.

It uses 3 planks plus a mythical cape, and then once you remove it, you get the mythical cape back. Since mythical capes use fewer planks than the other methods, you can get away with using a human butler, which saves you money in the long run. Overall, getting to 99 is going to cost 86 mil

The fastest viable construction experience in the game is done by constructing mahogany furniture.

Mahogany Tables (Lvl 52+)

At level 52 you can start making mahogany dining tables where you can get up to 900k XP per hour.

To build these, you need a kitchen room in your house. With mahogany tables, you should use a demon butler for the best XP rates since they use 8 planks per table.

With this method, you can once again set it up so that you are right and left-clicking in the same spot, with the construction object at the bottom of your screen.

At level 77, you unlock gnome benches, which are a faster experience with mahogany planks, and I'll talk about benches shortly.

Overall, getting to 99 with mahogany planks is going to cost around 200 mil.

Teak Benches (Lvl 66+)

A slightly cheaper but slower option compared to mahogany is using teak planks. The fastest teak method is building teak garden benches in a superior garden room,  and these are unlocked at level 66. With these, you need a superior garden room in your house, which costs 75k.

Since there are 2 benches right next to each other, as you're removing one of the benches, you can open up the build menu for the other bench at the same time. This gives a slightly faster experience overall.

You can also set it up so that both benches are in the bottom region of your screen, allowing you to easily right-click left-click to build and remove. Overall, 99 is going to cost around 118 mil.

Oak Dungeon Doors (Lvl 74+)

At 74 construction, you can build oak dungeon doors in a dungeon room, which are slower than teak benches, but less expensive.

Oak dungeon doors use 10 planks instead of 8, so they're slightly faster than oak larders. The method is much the same as the others

First need to build a dungeon room in your house, so to do that, you can build a dungeon entrance in a regular garden room. 

Then at the door space in the dungeon, you can build oak doors, and since they use 10 planks,

you'll want to use a demon butler and ask him to bring 20 planks from the bank.

Currently, it costs around 98 mil to get to 99 with oak dungeon doors.

Gnome Benches (Lvl 77+)

At level 77, you can build gnome benches in a superior garden, and these use the same amount of mahogany planks as dining tables, but there are 2 benches right next to each other as I mentioned in the teak benches section.

For these, you'll need a superior garden room and a demon butler.

You start by building one of the benches, then as you go to remove it, you hold 1 and select build on the other bench so that your character removes a bench while the next menu is open.

Doing this nets you up to 1.1 mil XP per hour, and is the fastest viable construction method in the game. That's all of the traditional methods you should do for 99 Construction, Here is a recap of them on the screen with their cost and time to 99.

On your journey to 99 construction, you may consider Mahogany Homes as your training method. This involves repairing objects in houses across the Runescape map.

Mahogany Homes

As a whole, Mahogany Homes has slower XP per hour when compared to traditional methods, although they are cheaper and less click-intensive.

There are 4 levels to Mahogany Homes with varying XP rates and costs. The most viable is Adept contracts which give over 100k XP per hour and cost 37 mil for 99.

Aside from construction XP, you can get the construction outfit from Mahogany Homes which gives a 2.5% XP boost with the full set.

To do Mahogany Homes, you need to be a homeowner and you can get a home from the Daddy's Home mini-quest or you can buy one for 1k from any estate agent.

These are the items you need. You'll want teleports to Falador, Varrock, Ardougne, and Hosidius, as well as a saw and a hammer. You'll need planks and steel bars, approximately 1 steel bar for every 10 planks.  You should wear graceful while doing this activity, and the plank sack which is rewarded from mahogany homes will increase your XP rates.

To get started, you speak to Amy in Falador, next to the estate agent, to get a contract. You can choose the difficulty, and then you travel to the house you’ve been assigned.

You go into the house and repair each piece of furniture with planks and steel bars, then speak to the homeowner to get additional construction XP and a cup of tea, which restores your run energy to full.

After your first contract from Amy, you can then speak to one of 4 NPCs to get a new contract, located in Falador, Varrock, Ardougne, and Hosidius. Amy in Falador is the most easily accessed at a low level.

Although Higher-level players can use the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar Spellbook to get new contracts.

Overall, mahogany homes are a more relaxed way to train Construction but as a main account, I would recommend doing the traditional construction training methods since they are so much faster.

For many players, the main goal with construction is to max their house. It currently costs about 15 mil to max your house although you'll spend quite a bit getting your construction high enough for all of the upgrades.

Maxing Your House

To max your house, you need to reach level 83 construction, or you can go for level 84 if you want the fully upgraded portal nexus.

This is how much it costs right now to get to 83 construction, and you can see that it's a lot less costly when compared to getting to 99. The traditional methods are quite expensive when compared to mahogany homes, but the XP rates are considerably faster.

For a maxed house, there are some quest requirements. You need access to all spellbooks, fairy rings, the crystal saw, spicy stews, and the Digsite pendant.

You also need to complete the quests for each teleport if you want to add them to your portal room.

If you want to max your house, you should check out my complete Max House Guide. It covers all of the furniture you need and shows an efficient house layout.

As an ironman, getting planks is where you'll spend most of your time rather than training Construction. Because planks take a while to get, mahogany homes are an inviting option since they give more XP per plank.

Ironman Tips

The best method to obtain planks is by getting teak and mahogany logs from Miscellania, and then turning them into planks at a sawmill or with a butler.

There are a few different methods to convert logs into planks, the fastest way to do it is by teleporting to your house with an inventory of logs, then asking the butler to take them to the sawmill, and then teleporting to a bank, and repeat. The butler automatically banks the planks

Recently, Jagex added sawmill vouchers as a reward from forestry, which halves the cost of using a sawmill. Overall, if you want to save money, and need to train Woodcutting, sawmill vouchers aren't a bad option.

At a low construction level, you can get regular planks from behind Barbarian Assault. Also, Tempoross is a decent way to get noted planks. At a high combat level, you can get a lot of plank drops from places like Zulrah, Raids, and Callisto.

Thanks for reading my 1 – 99 Construction Guide. Anyways guys, I hope you learned something helpful and enjoyed. If you have any questions or just want to chat with me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. Be sure to check out Creator Crafted and use the coupon "Theoatrix" to get 10% off your purchase! As always, thanks for reading this guide, and have a nice day!



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