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OSRS Blast Furnace (Steel Bars) - Complete Guide

This is a complete guide on training with Steel Bars at the Blast Furnace in OSRS. In order to access the Blast Furnace, players will have to have at least started The Giant Dwarf quest in order to access Keldagrim.

Bar Type



Steel Bars

60k XP/HR (Without Coal Bag) 95k XP/HR (With Coal Bag)

+650k GP/HR

Guide Contents

Getting There

These are the fastest ways to get to the Blast Furnace.

  1. Minigame teleport (requires the player to at least have started "The Giant Dwarf" quest)

  2. Taking a minecart to Keldagrim. The easiest one is accessible on the west side of the Grand Exchange (requires the player to at least have started "The Giant Dwarf" quest)

  3. Players can use the fairy ring DKS and run west to the cave entrance where players start "The Giant Dwarf" quest. This is the slowest route to get to Keldagrim and is not recommended

Blast Furnace Worlds

You should use the official worlds whenever training smithing at the Blast Furnace. This is because there are NPC workers there running all of the machines required in order for the Blast Furnace to function, thereby increasing your XP rates significantly.

There are 14 blast furnace worlds, with 3 for each region, except for 2 for Australia.

Items & Gear


Ores are required in order to smelt bars at the Blast Furnace. Depending on what type of bar you are trying to make, you will need the specific ores for it. Any bar that takes coal to make has its coal price halved whilst smelting it at the Blast Furnace.

Cooling Item

The best items for cooling bars, in order, are:1. Ice Gloves (These allow you to left click the bars right away and are highly recommended)2. Bucket of Water (There is a water source near the bank players can refill their bucket at)

Coal Bag

The Coal Bag is a reward that can be bought from Percy's Motherlode Mine shop. The Coal Bag costs 100 golden nuggets and allows the player to store up to 27 pieces of coal within it, effectively making coal based bars much more efficient.

Graceful Set

The Graceful set significantly reduces your weight which means you are using less run energy. Ores and bars are heavy so this is highly recommended to have.

Getting Started
  1. Make your way to the blast furnace. The fastest method is by using the minigame teleport or the minecart system in the grand exchange.

  2. Deposit money into the coffer. It costs 72,000 GP/HR to use at 60 smithing or above, or 87,000 GP/HR to use at below 60 smithing.

Steel Bars Walkthrough
  1. Have ice gloves equipped with a coal bag and stamina potion in your inventory.

  2. Whenever starting to smelt, make sure to have at least one inventory of coal put in the conveyer belt before starting this method. (If you put the iron first, you will get iron instead of steel bars)

  3. After the first inventory has been deposited make sure to go to the bank. Fill up your coal bag and fill the rest of your inventory with iron.

  4. Go to the conveyer belt and deposit the inventory of iron, then empty your coal bag and deposit the inventory of coal.

  5. Pick up your bars and bank them.

  6. Repeat the process of grabbing coal, filling your bad then grabbing an inventory of iron ores.



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