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Most Afkable Methods in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am showing off the most AFKable training methods in Old School Runescape for 2019. By most AFK, I mean methods that you can spend the longest amount of time away from the computer and still be logged in getting XP.

AFK Timers

In combat, you can spend 20 minutes away from your keyboard and still be attacking and getting XP. In skilling though, where you are not being attacked, the logout timer is 5 minutes. Most of the methods I am going to show in this article let you AFK for at least 5 minutes.

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Blast Furnace Pump – AFK Strength

So, let’s get into the AFK methods and these are in no particular order. First up, we have Pumping at the Blast Furnace, which has a maximum AFK interval of 5 minutes. To use the Pump at the Blast Furnace, you need only 30 Strength, and you consistently get 2 Strength XP per game tick. There are 6000 game ticks in an hour, meaning that the maximum XP rate is only 12 000 XP per hour. But, this method gives no Hitpoints XP, making it very popular or Pures.

On the official Bounty Hunter World, you will notice that there are tons of people here – literally hundreds sitting here pumping.

There is also the Pedals, which you can ride on further into the Blast Furnace, and these give 1 Agility XP per game tick – so, 6000 XP per hour at maximum.

Dark Crabs – AFK Fishing

Next up is Dark Crabs in the Wilderness Resource Area.

The Fishing Spots for Dark Crabs never move, meaning that you will fish a full inventory at one spot no matter what. Of course, the trade-off is being in the Wilderness. But, you can make use of an Alt Splashing on you to keep out of danger.

Karambwanji – AFK Fishing

Another very AFK Fishing Method is fishing Karambwanji, as their fishing spot barely moves, and the fish you get are stackable. You will get some shrimp as well. But, I was AFK for a good 5 minutes, and I only got just over half an inventory of Shrimps. These stackable fish are used to catch Karambwans, making this method very viable for Ironmen that want to get the Combo Food or for main accounts that want to make money.

Aggressive Tasks – AFK Slayer

Next up is AFK Slayer, and there are 2 categories of AFK Slayer. Firstly, there is Aggressive Tasks, and on average, monsters will stay aggressive to you for 15 – 20 minutes. But, of course, you do need to consider your health and your Prayer Points going down. Dark Beasts are a special kind of monster in Old School, and they will never ever become passive, making them a very AFKable Slayer Task.

With a high Prayer level, you can AFK for over 10 minutes with a Protection Prayer on while using really high Prayer Bonus gear. Alternatively, you can use very high Defence bonus gear or Guthans to stay alive.

Cannon Tasks – AFK Slayer

The other way to AFK Slayer is by using a Cannon. If you cannon your task in a single combat area, like Nieve’s Cave, it is possible to AFK for up to and over 10 minutes, depending how often your cannon shoots.

Event RPG on Monks – AFK Defence

Another very AFK method is kicking Monks on a Defence Pure while you wear the Event RPG. The Event RPG is bought from Diango. The item has no stat requirements. But, while wearing it, you have the same Attack Speed as the Toxic Blowpipe or Knives – much faster than kicking normally. So, you can AFK like this for 20 minutes, since Monks heal themselves very commonly. With the occasional 1 that you will hit, you will get a maximum of 1600 – 1700 Defence XP per hour. This method also works in Free to Play.

Sacred Eels – AFK Fishing and Cooking

Now for 2 Skilling AFK methods… First up is Sacred Eels, which can be caught near Zulrah with at least 87 Fishing. You need a regular Fishing Rod and Bait to catch these, and by using a chisel on the ones you catch, you get over 100 Cooking XP each, as well as 3 – 9 Zulrah Scales. At level 99 Fishing and Cooking, you can expect to get 1500 – 1600 Zulrah Scales per hour, which is a bit over 500 000 in profit.

Infernal Eels – AFK Fishing

Another AFK Eel is the Infernal Eels. Infernal Eels are located in the Inferno Area of the TzHaar City. They are decently AFK. But, I do recommend going for Sacred Eels for the money.

Redwood Trees – AFK Woodcutting

Redwood trees are unlike any other tree in Runescape. Instead of the standard 1 in 8 cut down rate, they have a 1 in 11 cut down rate, as well as giving the highest XP per chopped log in the game.

So, on average, you will cut 11 Redwood logs before the section depletes, and since each log gives 380 Woodcutting XP, it averages at 4000 Woodcutting XP per click, which is a lot.

Sleeping Kraken – AFK Magic

The next method has a 20 minute AFK timer, since you will be in Combat, and that is casting spells on Kraken while it is underwater. Since Kraken is a Task only monster, you will need 87 Slayer to do this. You can use the massive Damage and Accuracy bonuses from an Imbued Slayer Helmet, as well as Magic Damage Boosting gear like the Occult Necklace or Ancestral. For whatever reason, you get the XP drops that you would have hit. But, no hits actually show. As I said, you can do this for 20 minutes before you logout, making it the best AFK Magic method, and also a lot more cost effective when compared to Splashing.

Cannonballs – AFK Smithing

A very, very well-known AFK method is Cannonballs, and one full inventory takes almost 3 minutes to make, making it one of the most AFK money makers in the game. It is also great for Ironmen that want to take advantage of a Cannon while Slaying. On average you can only max out at about 12 000 Smithing XP per hour. But, you can profit around 200 000.

Mining During Zeah Runecrafting – AFK Runecrafting

After reaching 77 Runecrafting and unlocking Zeah Runecrafting, the Mining segment of the training method is extremely AFK. Each time you go to mine the Dense Essence, you can AFK for 1 to over 2 minutes, depending on if the Rock depletes. Also, you have to do this twice per run to the Altar, making each run have an AFK time of around 4 minutes.

If you are looking to AFK your Combat stats, I have made a guide on 20 AFK Combat training methods, which include things like the Nightmare Zone, Bandits and a few interesting ones like Swamp Crabs.

Anyways guys, thanks for reading my AFKable Methods article. I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!


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