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Half Price for 99 Prayer (Cheaper than Ensouled Heads)

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix, and today I'm showing you guys a method that is going to halve the price of Prayer training with bones. Normally, Ensouled Heads are way better than bones for training Prayer in terms of cost.

But, with a method that isn't as risky at the Chaos Alter, you can train your Prayer faster, and cheaper than Ensouled Heads. With Wyvern and Dragon bones, the GP per XP is about 5 coins, and the cheaper Ensouled Heads, such as the Ensouled Demon Head, start at about 6 GP per XP.

Normally, Superior Dragon bones are about 22 GP per XP, which means that it would cost over 250mil to train with these at a Gilded Altar. But, using this method, Superior Dragon bones become 11 GP per XP, and they can give 700 000-900 000 XP per hour, which is ridiculous.

With Dragon bones, this method can get you about 300 000-450 000 XP per hour, which is more than Ensouled Dragon Heads.

Alright, so now I'm going to show you guys how to do it. All you need are a lot of the bone you want to train with, and a number of Burning Amulets.

So, start off wearing the Burning Amulet, and withdraw a full inventory of bones, and don't bring any noted bones. I know there's a guy at the Chaos Temple that un-notes your bones, but dying with noted bones is just not worth it, and it ruins the GP per XP of this method. So, you should only take un-noted bones with you, and teleport straight to the Lava Maze.

From here, run East and South a little bit until you get the Temple. Now, this place can be a very highly PK'd area, and that's why when you're using the bones on the Chaos Altar, you should be using every single one on the altar. Don't use it like a Gilded Altar where you can AFK, because you're going to spend far too much time here, and you will probably get PK'd a lot more. The thing about the Chaos Altar is that there is a 50% chance that its not going to consume the bone that you use on there. But, it will still give you the XP. With a 50% chance, it basically means that you get 56 bones out of an inventory instead of 28.

Once you finish all the bones in your inventory, there are two ways you can get to the bank. The first is to run to the Chaos Fanatic and die, but I prefer trying to pick up the Zamorak Wine in the Chaos Temple, and just spam clicking that.

I have level 99 hit points, so it takes a little bit longer for this to kill me, but I honestly think this is a little bit quicker than running to the Chaos Fanatic. Once you die you'll spawn at your spawn location, obviously. A really cool trick is to hop to a PvP world. Once you're at your spawn location, you'll be right next to a bank to get ready for the next inventory.

I'd really recommend having your death spawn location to wither Lumbridge or Camelot in order to make the most of this PvP trick. Once I've banked at a PvP world, I like hopping to a random underpopulated world, and I do this every single time I bank because PKers will have less of a chance of being able to chase me down, and it's good not to stay in the same world in the Wilderness.

When you take a full inventory of dragon bones, you're risking about 60 000-80 000. With a full inventory of Superior Dragon bones, you're risking about 300 000. In the image below, a PK came along, but I still was using the bones, and I managed to finish off all of the bones before the PK could kill me. If you're able to get through your inventory as fast as possible, sometimes PKers are going to speed up your XP per hour like this one did, because I didn't need to use the Zamorak wine in order to die.

So, now I want show you guys the price of getting to 99 Prayer from level 1 using this method. Dragon and Wyvern bones are about 60mil to 99 Prayer, which is dirt cheap. Lava Dragon bones are around 95-100mil, and Superior Dragon bones are going to cost you about 140-150mil.

The original prices of these at the Gilded Altar are double of what I just said, and one of the cheaper Ensouled Heads, Ensouled Demon Heads cost about 100mil to get to level 99 Prayer.

I know this method may not exactly be half price, but if you do this right, and only risk one inventory at a time, you're going to be paying very close to half for level 99 Prayer.

I hope you guys learnt something today. If you have any questions or queries about this method, leave them in the comments, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you enjoyed, don't forget to leave a like, and as always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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