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Fastest 99's in OSRS

Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be talking about the fastest possible 99’s that you can get Old School Runescape. There are a lot of pretty unreasonable methods, like cutting Onyxes for Crating, or making Demonic Thrones for Construction, or Dagannoth bones for Prayer XP. These methods are of course the fastest methods in the game, but in this article I’m only going to include the reasonable methods. None of these methods will cost you a fortune, or with the example of cutting Onyxes, are impractical. So, just to clarify, Onyxes are impractical because there is a very small supply of them on the Grand Exchange, so it’s pretty much impossible to keep cutting them non-stop for XP.


Fletching darts has to be the fastest way to get a 99 in Old School Runescape. Fletching really picks up the pace once you reach level 37 Fletching, which really isn’t hard to get. It would take you about an hour to get to that. From there you unlock Steel darts, and it takes only 20 minutes from level 37-52, and it will cost you about 400 000 cash. With steel darts you get about 300 000 Fletching XP per hour on average.

For those that don’t know, darts are so fast because you are literally the determinant of how fast you get XP. You simply just have to spam click each action, and the faster you click, the more XP you will get. So, with a lot of focus you are going to get a lot of XP per hour.

From level 52-67 Fletching, the next thing you can do is Mithril darts, and they give you about 900 000 XP per hour, provided that you’re clicking the whole time. But, more realistically, you’ll probably get about 550 000 XP per hour because you will want to take breaks, and you are not going to be fully focused for that whole hour. Getting form level 52-67 with Mithril darts will take you approximately 45 minutes, which is no time at all.

Since Rune Darts are so expensive, I would consider them as one of the unreasonable methods. So, instead, from level 67 all the way to level 95 Fletching, Adamant Darts are the way to go for very fast XP. It’s going to cost you 42 000 000 to get to 95, but you’ll be getting about 750 000 XP per hour, and that’s even considering a few breaks in between. If you were sitting there spam clicking for hours and hours, you’d probably get about 1 100 000 – 1 200 000 XP per hour. But, judging from the 750 000 XP per hour average, it’s going to take you about 9-10 hours to get form level 67-95 Fletching.

At level 95, you will unlock Dragon Darts, and from 95-99, it’s going to cost you about 50 000 000, which is kind of expensive. So, for a cheaper alternative, stay with the Adamant Darts. But, for the sake of the fastest XP per hour, you will be getting about 2 000 000 XP per hour doing Dragon Darts. But, it’s usually about 1 000 000 XP because you will probably be taking breaks, unless you want to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. From 95-99 with Dragon Darts, it will take you about 3 hours, which is insanely quick for a level 99. So, all in all, you can get from level 37 all the way to level 99 Fletching in only 15 hours, which probably makes it the fastest and most practical level 99 to get in Old School Runescape.


The next thing in terms of speed, is Mahogany tables in Construction. At level 52 Construction you will unlock Mahogany Dining Tables, and these are probably the fastest and most practical method to train your Construction. Getting from level 52 all the way through to level 99 will cost you about 200 000 000, which is a lot. But, it is Construction, and Construction is meant to be expensive. With Mahogany tables, you can expect about 800 000 XP per hour on average, but on an Australian connection, or any connection which is not as quick as any that are within the server regions, you can expect about 400 000 XP per hour, which is half, since you do miss a lot of game text without a perfect connection. So, if you were getting 400 000 XP per hour, it would take you approximately 30 hours to get to level 99 Construction, which is very far. But, on the other hand, if you have a fast connection, and you get 800 000 XP per hour, you would get to level 99 Construction in only 15 hours. This makes it one of the fastest level 99’s in Old School Runescape.


Another really quick one is Crafting, and at level 84 Crafting, you unlock the ability to craft Black Dragon Hide Bodies, and provided you stay fully focused for a full hour, you can expect to get about 425 000 – 430 000 XP per hour. I know that 84 Crafting is a pretty high requirement, but the other Dragon Hide Bodies also give really good XP rates – not quite as fast as Black Dragon Hide of course. So, either way, Crafting is going to be really far. The thing with Black Dragon Hide Bodies, is that it will cost you about 120 000 000 to get it all the way from level 84-99. But, in reality, that isn’t that bad since you’re getting such high XP rates. From level 84 it will take you approximately 24 hours or one full day to get to level 99 Crafting. But, to get to level 84 Crafting, it will take you about 10-20 hours, depending on the method that you use. But, Black Dragon Hide Bodies do make this one of the fastest level 99’s in Old School Runescape.


Now, Ranged is actually up there in terms of XP rates. With the Monkey Madness 2 Caves, you can get yourself an average of 750 000 XP per hour with Red Chinchompas, and you can get almost 1 000 000 XP per hour with Black Chinchompas. But, these XP rates do consider that you have about 90 Range to start with. With lower range levels, you will be getting lower XP rates. But, still, you will be getting a lot of XP per hour, and with Range, you can expect to get it within about 5-10 hours, depending on what level you start at. If you start at a low level, you can expect about 20 hours to get to 99 Range with Chinchompas at the Monkey Madness 2 caves. Now, at the Monkey Madness 1 Caves, the XP rates are a lot lower because there are significantly less monsters there. So, at the Monkey Madness 1 caves you could probably expect about 30-40 hours to get to level 99 Range.


Another very fast level 99 is Cooking, and with wines, you can get yourself about 500 000 XP per hour tops, with a lot of focus and a good connection. From level 35 is when you unlock wines, and you will be failing some wines at level 35, which is basically the equivalent of burning food. So, the XP rates are quite a bit lower at lower levels. But, if you were to go from level 35 all the way to level 99 Cooking, you can expect it to take about 28 hours on average with wines.

Now, to finish this article off, I’m going to list a couple of noteworthy fast level 99’s, but these ones aren’t quite as quick as the other ones I’ve spoken about in this article. But, they are still reasonably fast.


From level 1-99 Prayer at a Gilded Altar doing Dragon bones, it’s going to cost you about 150 000 000. But, with that being said, you would get yourself approximately 270 000 XP per hour, which is very fast. Now, even better, is Lava Dragon Bones, but these do cost 240 000 000 to level 99 Prayer. But, you do get 330 000 XP per hour, which is a bit of a step up from Dragon Bones. With Dagannoth bones, on the other hand, you get 500 000 XP per hour on average, but it costs you 320 000 000. Now, Ensouled Heads, which are relatively new in the Old School game, is another very quick way to level up your Prayer. With Dragon Heads, it is the fastest, and you can get yourself about 300 000 XP per hour, provided that you’re using a cannon, and you stay focused. To do this, you do need level 93 Magic, but the spell does give you Magic XP, so you can expect to get about 70 000 – 80 000 Magic XP on top of the 300 000 Prayer XP. From level 1-99 Prayer with Dragon Heads it will only cost about 105 000 000, which is a lot cheaper than the bone alternatives, and it’s actually quite a bit quicker than Dragon bones, but not quite as fast as Lava or Dagannoth bones.


Now, Herblore is another very fast level 99. With a lot of focus you can make yourself about 2000 potions per hour if you’re using unfinished potions. With that being said, you can get yourself 250 000 XP per hour at only level 55 Herblore with Super Strength potions. With Ranging potions at level 72 Herblore, you can expect to get about 325 000 XP per hour. With Saradomin Brews, you would get 360 000 XP per hour, and that’s unlocked at level 81. So, this makes Herblore another very fast 99, not as fast as the ones that I said at the start of this article, and some of the others in this article, but it is still really quick. However, it is quite a bit more click intensive.


The last one on the list is Magic. Ice Bursting at the Monkey Madness 2 Cave can get you about 400 000 – 500 000 XP per hour. Now, that’s for Bursting. For Barrage you can get 600 000 – 800 000 Magic XP per hour, but it does cost more than double the price. But, provided that you set up all the monkeys correctly and you have good gear, this will be one of the fastest 99’s in the game. The XP rates do vary quite a bit, depending on how lucky you are with spawns. But, for the most part, you can expect to get the XP rates that I’ve said.

Now, that’s all of the quickest 99’s that I could think of. Anyways guys, thanks for reading this article. I hope you have learned something about the fastest level 99’s. If you did, make sure to leave a like on this article. Also, subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, throw them in the comments and I’ll be sure to read them. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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