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What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing you guys a Magic Training Method which is very, very quick, double the speed of Alching, and you make money from it. I am going to get right to the requirements.


Firstly, you need to be able to cast Ice Burst, which requires level 70 Magic and Desert Treasure for the Ancient Spellbook. The Runes that you need to cast Ice Burst are two Death Runes, 4 Chaos Runes and 4 Water Runes. You also need 80 Slayer for the good method in this article, which gets you even more profit and better XP. Then for the slightly slower method and slightly less profitable method, you need level 65 Slayer, which is not that bad.

Items Recommended

In terms of gear, you are going to want to bring your best Magic outfit, whether that is Ahrim’s, Mystic, whatever the best thing you can wear is. Also, you need to bring an item which can auto-cast Ancient Magic. Items like the Ancient Staff, the Master Wand, and the Kodai Wand can do that, and obviously, the Kodai Wand is the best option. But, it is about almost 100M.

You also need to bring darts along with you, and basically, the whole point of that is to aggro all the monsters in the area very quickly, since darts have a really quick attack rate. I take Iron Darts because they are so cheap. You also need Prayer Potions and the runes that I said earlier. The Prayer Potions are so that you can use Protect from Melee and take no damage from the monsters. There are a few other useful items. First is the Occult Necklace, which is about 900 000 at the moment, and that gives 10% damage increase to Magic, which is really good for training, and it also gives a +2 Prayer bonus. The Tormented Bracelet also give the Prayer bonus, but this time it give 5% Magic damage. The Ancestral Robes also give Magic damage boosts. But, they are so expensive. So, it is probably not viable for most players.

Nechryael Method – High Level, Most XP and Profit Per Hour

The first method I am going to talk about is the Nechryael Method, and this one requires 80 Slayer as I said before, and you should definitely kill these in the Catacombs of Kourend, since it is really easy to get them to pile up on each other. Also, it is a multi-combat area. It think that the Slayer Tower is single combat. So, you cannot exactly burst them there.

Now, these guys drop a lot of Rune Square shields and a lot of Runes, Rune Axes, Rune Full Helms, Rune Chainbodies, a lot of valuable items. Basically, you can make about 100 000 coins per hour, including the cost of Runes. So, you get 100 000 more than what you spent.

So, to work out how much profit I make, I am going to price check all my Runes, all the Potions, and all the Darts, and I am going to get that price. Then, at the end of the trip, I am going to price check everything, including the Runes that I have left, and then that will give me the approximate profit that I made.

Now, in order to get them to stack up on each other, what you need to do is aggro them all with darts, then you run to a corner within a corner if that makes sense – it is kind of a tile where you have to kind of run around the corner to get to each side. Once you are there, you run backwards and forwards over each of the tiles, as you can see me doing, and what that does is it slowly stacks them up on each other. Once they are all stacked up, you can auto-cast your Ice Burst, kill them all, and then redo that over and over again.

Another thing about the Nechryaels is that they have a death spawn, which spawns around them once you are fighting them, and they do hit through Prayer, mainly because of the fact that they do not even use Melee, they use Range and Mage. But, they hit about 1s and 2s very uncommonly. But, when you do get hit, you simply just have to cast a Blood Burst, and you pick up Blood Runes from Nechryaels anyway. So, you do not need to bring them in the first place, you will get a Blood Rune drop before you need to heal.

Now, I was getting 150 000 Magic XP, and that was sort of AFKing at the same time. So, this is double the rate that you would normally get for high Alching, and it is way more enjoyable. Plus, you also get about 40 000 – 30 000 Hitpoints XP as well. So, all in all, this is a far better method than Alching. There are probably a few of you guys wondering about Ice Barrage, which is the level 94 spell. But, or that, it uses 4 Death Runes, and 2 Blood Runes. So, all in all, you do not make profit. But, you get far more XP. So, it is not exactly worth doing if you do not want to spend.

Now, to get to the bank, what you need to do is run south east, all the way to the little rope thing that goes up. Once you go up the rope, it literally takes you straight to the bank. As you can see, I made myself about 70 000, and that took me maybe 30 – 40 minutes to do. So, all in all, you are making quite a bit of money, and a ton of XP.

Dust Devil Method – Lower Level, Less XP and Profit Per Hour

Now, the second method requires 65 Slayer in order to kill Dust Devils.

With this one, you can profit maybe about 50 000 per hour, and the XP rates are almost the same – maybe a little bit slower, maybe 140 000 per hour, since they have significantly less health.

Now, the setup is the same, except for the fact that you need a Face Mask in order to kill them. So, you can either bring a Face mask or a Slayer Helmet. With this on, you will not be taking any damage at all.

So, the Dust Devils drop a lot of Dragon Daggers, and they also drop a lot of coins. So, never forget to pick up the coin drops. As well as that, they drop Mystic Air Staffs and regular Air Staffs, and I think they drop Earth ones as well. Obviously the requirements for these are so much lower, 80 to 65 Slayer. So, this one is a lot easier for lower level players. But, if you can and if you have unlocked it, you definitely want to check out the Nechryaels.

Now, the same banking method is used here. You just run south east a little bit, and you are just at the rope to go up. As you can see, I profited almost 50 000 in about half an hour – 40 minutes. So, it does round out to be a bit more than 50 000 per hour profit. But, as I said, the main selling point here is the fact that you get 140 000 – 150 000 Magic XP per hour with no cost at all.

So, there you go guys. Hopefully you learned something pretty cool today about Magic training. I hope you learned something today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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