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Essential Quests in OSRS (ft. SlayerMusiq1)

What’s going on guys!

My name is Theoatrix, and today I am joined with the legendary SlayerMusiq, master of Quest Guides, to break down the essential quests for your account.

We are going through the best quests for every type of account, and then a part specifically for Ironmen. If you miss out anything or need something specific, follow the headings below in the article.

A quick tip to free to play players, this article is more directed at members.

But, a great goal to work towards as a free to play player is to complete Dragon Slayer,

which allows you to wear the Rune Platebody and the Green Dragonhide Body.

Quests for Starter XP

As a new member in Old School Runescape. Quests is one of the most effective ways to level up your skills at a low level.

SlayerMusiq has a complete Quest order list, taking you from level 3 all the way through to the Quest Cape.

There are a hand full of quests that can be done one after another on a brand new fresh level 3 account, with a very minimal amount of skilling. After completing all of them, all of your stats will be very well set up to venture further into the game.

While some of the quests shown have bosses and monsters to defend them, they are all doable and have been done many times on fresh accounts. If you are new, and want to follow that list, there is a link to the spreadsheet at the end of the article.

Skilling Unlocks From Questing

There is a variety of skilling methods and unlocks that come from quests.

Firstly, there are 2 that are required to gain access to certain skills. Druidic Ritual is required to start Herblore.

Rune Mysteries is required to start Runecraft runes in Runecrafting.

Although, to make Talismans, which is good Runecrafting XP at low levels, you do not need to complete Rune Mysteries.

There are also 2 game integrity changes that makes 2 quests important for skilling, and these were done to stop bots.

Firstly, completing Eagles’ Peak is needed to use Box Traps, which are used to hunting Chinchompas.

To buy Battlestaves from Zaff, you need to have almost completed What Lies Below. One of the last steps of the quest allows you to buy them.

There are a few more quests that unlock skilling methods. Smithing darts requires completion of the Tourist Trap quest.

After the Feud, you can partake in Blackjacking for Thieving XP, and that is the fastest possible Thieving training method from 55 – 91. Although, it is very click intensive.

My Arms Big Adventure allows you to use the herb patch in Trollheim, which is disease free, making it very profitable.

A newer quest in the series, Making Friends with my Arm, unlocks yet another herb patch, which is also disease free.

Area Unlocks

A lot of areas across Gielinor require a quest to access.

To enter Morytania, you need to complete Priest in Peril.

To venture into Mort Myre Swamp, you need to start Nature Spirit.

To access Fossil Island, you need to complete Bone Voyage.

To reach God Wars, you need to finish Death Plateau and partially complete Troll Stronghold.

To access the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, where you can fish Monkfish, you need to complete the quest Swan Song.

Keldagrim, the land of the dwarves, can be accessed after starting the quest the Giant Dwarf,

which also allows you to use the Minecart System from the Grand Exchange.

Completing the Fremennik Trials allows you to travel to Jatizso, Neitiznot, Miscellania and Elcetria, 4 locations with a range of other quests and features to complete.

Doing the Underground Pass and consequently starting Regicide gives access to the elf lands, also known as Tirannwn.

Finishing the Shilo Village Quest is required to enter Shilo Village.

Corsair Cove is restricted by the Corsair Curse Quest.

Gu’Tanoth is restricted by a part of the Watchtower quest.

Mos Le’Harmless, containing the grounds of trouble brewing, requires you to complete Cabin Fever.

To gain access to Harmony Island, is requires the Great Brain Robbery.

Lastly, the Goblin City, Dorgesh-Kaan, requires you to complete Death to the Dorgeshuun. Those are the main ones. There are a few smaller less important areas with quest requirements. But, we will leave it up to you to find those ones out.

Account Unlocks

Now for some account unlocks…

Completing the Knight Waves Training Grounds mini quest after the King’s Ransom quest allows you to use Piety, undoubtedly a must for main accounts.

Desert Treasure unlocks the Ancient magic Spellbook, giving access to a range of unique teleports plus bursting and barraging.

The Lunar Spellbook is accessible after the Lunar Diplomacy Quest,

and completing Dream Mentor unlocks 7 more spells on the Lunar Spellbook.

Another unlock is Managing Miscellania, which is a great passive way to make money on your account. This requires the Throne of Miscellania quest as well as the Royal Trouble quest to get enhanced rewards.

Completing the Tears of Guthix Quest gives you access to the Minigame, which gives a weekly experience reward in your lowest skill.

Item Unlocks

Moving into items you should work towards getting from quests…

Firstly, Dwarf cannon allows the use of the Multi-cannon, which speeds up Slayer tasks and can be used for fast low level ranged training.

Animal magnetism allows you purchase Ava’s Devices, which are a must for ranged.

The Slug Menace Quest allows you to wear Proselyte Armour, which, despite the new prayer items being added into the game, proselyte is still one of the top tier in terms of Prayer bonus.

Completing the Family Crest Quest gives you 2 very important gloves. Goldsmithing Gauntlets double the amount of experience you get from smithing Gold Bars, and they used to get the maximum XP rates at the Blast Furnace.

Cooking Gauntlets are a must if you choose to cook fish though to 99, as they will lower your burn rate significantly.

Next is Eyes of Glouphrie, which rewards a Crystal Seed that can be made into a Crystal Saw, giving an invisible +3 boost in construction.

Rum Deal rewards the Holy Wrench, which saves money in the long run because you get 2% extra Prayer Points back when you are drinking a Prayer Potion.

Completing the Haunted Mine is a must, since you get the Salve Amulet, which provides extra-ordinary bonuses against undead monsters.

There is also Lost City and Monkey Madness for the dragon weapons.

There are some Elite Clue Scrolls that have challenges called Hot and Cold Clues,

where you need to use a strange device from Making History quest to work out the solution.

Lastly, in the item unlocks is Barrow Gloves, which is a long-term goal for any main account, which requires the full completion of Recipe for Disaster. They provide a very high attack, defence and strength bonus, essential for combat.

Teleport Unlocks

Completion of quests also unlocks a range of teleports, which undoubtedly speed up your overall efficiency in game.

I mentioned just before that Desert Treasure and Lunar Diplomacy unlock Spellbooks loaded with unique teleports.

Well, while you do need to complete the quest in order to use the teleport tablet and the teleport spell, you do not even need to start the quest to use any of these teleports in another person’s player owned house.

So, you can still use these teleports like the Carol teleport to Canifis, without having the quest or Spellbook.

In order to be able to use the Ardougne teleport at 51 Magic, you need to have completed the Plague City quest.

On the topic of the regular Spellbook, the Edgars Ruse quest allows you to use the Trollheim teleport, which is great for God Wars and Herb runs.

There is also the Ape-a-Toll teleport that requires you to save Awowogei from the Recipe for Disaster.

Completing the Ghost’s Ahoy quest gives you the Ectophial, which provides unlimited teleports to the Ectofuntus.

The Grand tree and the Tree Gnome Village quests unlock 2 types of Gnome transportation. The Grand Tree allows you to Gnome Gliders, providing 7 different stops across the Runescape map.

The Tree Gnome Village lets you use Spirit Trees, which are vital for efficient farm runs.

Arguably one of the most important types of teleportation in the game is Fairy Rings, which are accessible after starting and doing a part of Fairytale Part 2.

You can also unlock Balloon Transport, which can be utilised in farm runs as well as for Ironman, and that requires the Enlightened Journey quest.

Partially doing Mourning’s End Part 1 gives you the Teleport Crystal, which provides teleports to Lletya, giving easy access to the Fruit Tree patch nearby.

Kharedst’s Memoirs, which is rewarded after the Client of Kourend and subsequent quests unlocks a wide range of teleports across the Great Kourend.

Drakan's Medallion from A Taste of Hope teleports you to the Theatre of Blood.

There is also the Royal Seed Pods from Monkey Madness 2, which provides unlimited teleports to the bottom of the Grand tree, and it also works up until level 30 Wilderness like Dragonstone Jewellery, making it a popular option for PKers as well as PvMers in the Wilderness.

The last teleports you unlock from quests can be accessed in your Minigame teleports tab.

Using the Blast Furnace teleport requires access to Keldagrim, which needs you to start the Giant Dwarf.

The Shades of Mort’ton Quest unlocks the teleport to the Minigame.

The Rat Pits teleports can be used after Rat Catchers,

and the Trouble Brewing teleport comes after Cabin Fever.

Quests for Pures

As a Pure account with 1 Defence, there are a few more quests that we highly suggest completing.

A wide range of quest give huge combat XP rewards and do not give Defence XP. Ones like the Waterfall Quest and Fight Arena will really give your account a head start.

In order to wear Climbing Boots, which are second best in slot melee boots for pures, you need to have completed the quest Death Plateau.

For those wondering what the best in slots are, those are currently Spiked Manacles, which have no requirements to wear. But, they have the bonuses as Dragon Boots in terms of Strength bonuses.

Finishing the Great Brain Robbery awards you with the Barrelchest Anchor, the weapon with the best strength bonus at 60 Attack, giving a higher strength bonus than a Dragon two-handed sword.

Lastly, Horror from the Deep gives the God Books, with the Zamorak and Armadyl God Books being the best in slot offensively for Melee and Ranged. The God Books are also great for PKing on any type of account, since you can get as many as you want for free.


The last section of this article is quests specifically useful for Ironmen.

Managing Miscellania is one we have already mentioned. But, is a huge one for Ironmen in terms of gathering resources, particularly for Herblore.

Completing Hand in the Sand quest gets 84 Buckets of Sand delivered to your bank for free daily, which can be converted to molten glass for Crafting training.

It is worth noting the Ultimate Ironman cannot partake in Managing Miscellania, nor can they get the 84 Buckets of Sand since they do not have a bank.

Starting Icthlarin’s Little Helper is required to access Sophanem, which can be bypassed on a regular account by buying a Pharaoh Sceptre. But, if you want to play Pyramid Plunder as an Ironman, you need to start that quest.

Death to the Dorgeshuun gives access to the Ham Store Rooms, which are an easy way to get Jewellery as an Ironman.

Arguably the most important one for Ironmen is Cabin fever, which allows you to kill Cave Horrors, which drop the Black Mask.