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Essential & Helpful Untradeables in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to the Essential and Helpful Untradeables in Old School Runescape.

This article is going to include some of the newer updates and items, and will be split up into 2 sections – the Essentials, and the Helpful items. Within each of those sections, there will be the Combat, Skilling and Quality of Life items. Combat will mostly relate to worn items, Skilling is anything that will speed up the XP rate of certain skills, and Quality of Life will be things like Teleports, shortcuts and access to certain areas.

Essential Untradeables

Combat Essentials

We will be starting off with the Essential Combat items.

The Ava’s Accumulator

The first on this list is the Ava’s Accumulator. You obtain the first 2 Ava’s Devices after completing the Animal Magnetism Quest, and then Ava’s Assembler, which is an upgraded version of the Ava’s Device, is unlocked after Dragon Slayer 2. Ava’s Attractor and Accumulator have a 72% chance of automatically picking up your ammunition, whereas the Assembler has an 80% chance. On top of that, the higher level devices give a better Range bonus as well, and you should always be using Ava’s Device whenever you are training your Range level.

The God Capes / Mage Arena 2 Capes

The next essential combat item it the God Capes or the Mage Arena 2 Capes. The God Capes give the highest Magic Attack bonus in that slot, and the Imbued God Cape from the Mage Arena 2 gives a Magic Strength bonus, which increases your damage with magic. To retrieve the cape, you need to defeat Kolodion in all 4 of his forms.

After killing them, you step into a sparkling pool and pray at the statue at the bottom to retrieve the normal God Cape. To Imbue the God Capes, you need to use the items dropped by 3 very high level Bosses in the Mage Arena 2 Mini-quest. In order to get the first God Cape, you need level 60 Magic, and for the Imbued God Cape, you need level 75 Magic. This should always be used when you are Bursting your Slayer tasks, or doing anything Magic related.

The Fire Cape

The next item is the Fire Cape, and this is essential for Slayer, Bossing and Melee Combat in general. The Fire Cape gives a +4 Strength Bonus, some Attack bonuses, as well as a +2 Prayer bonus.

Although JAD can be quite hard for some newer players, I have created a guide about a JAD simulator in the past that will really help you get used to the Prayer flicking at JAD. But, JAD is usually failed due to the healers that come out. So, be sure to watch a few guides before you give it a shot.

The Dragon Defender

The next essential Combat item is the Dragon Defender, and once you have a combination of level 130 when you add your Attack and Strength levels, you can enter the Warriors Guild to kill the Cyclopes for a chance at getting the Dragon Defender.

The Dragon Defender itself has very low Defensive bonuses. However, it gives very high Attack and Strength bonuses, making it overall once of the best items you can use in your Shield Slot whenever you are training your Melee.

The Barrows Gloves

The next item is the Barrows Gloves, and these are rewarded after Recipe for Disaster. Completing recipe for Disaster requires 175 Quest Points, and this should be a long term goal of any main account. The Barrows Gloves and all of the Gloves that you can obtain from the Quest give Attack bonuses, Defence bonuses, and a Strength bonus.

The Salve Amulet

Next is the Salve Amulet Imbued and Enchanted. After the Haunted Mine Quest, you can mine Salve Shards using a Chisel, and then string it with a ball of wool.

The Salve Amulet gives a 15% Attack and Strength boost whenever you are attacking an undead monster. Imbuing the Salve Amulet at the Nightmare Zone will move that 15% boost to Magic and Ranged as well. Enchanting the Salve Amulet after completing the Tarn’s Lair Mini-quest boosts you up to a 20% Attack and Strength boost. If it is Enchanted and Imbued, it will give a 20% Ranged and Magic boost as well. This item is essential, especially for Raids, and for any other undead monsters or Bosses in the game.

The Void Knight Armour

The power of the Void Knight Armour should not be underestimated. It actually gets a place on the essential part of the combat list. Void Mage is not always worth your time. But, getting Void Range and Void Melee is almost vital for any main account. Upgrading this to Elite Void should be a long term goal of your account as well, and upgrading to Elite will also increase the bonuses of the Ranged and Magic Void set up. Void’s bonuses stack with the Salve Amulet, making Void one of the best set ups to use at certain high level Bosses. Having to only switch the Helmet slot with the full Void outfit saves a lot of inventory space for Bosses where you will need 2 different Attack Styles.

Black Mask Imbued / Slayer Helmet Imbued

The Black Mask Imbued or the Slayer Helmet Imbued is another essential combat item. Wearing either one of these on your Slayer Task, you will get a massive boost in your Attack and Strength. The Imbued version moves the boosts over to Magic and Ranged as well, and Imbuing it will cost 1 250 000 Nightmare Zone Points, which will take a couple of hours to get at a lower level. But, it is incredibly worth it.

The Arclight

The next essential combat item is the Arclight. This item gives a 70% increase in the Accuracy and Damage whenever you are fighting any Demonic Creature. To make the Arclight, you need to bring a Darklight to the Altar in the centre of the Catacombs of Kourend and use at least 3 Ancient Shards on the Arclight.

Ancient Shards are dropped from any monster inside the Catacombs of Kourend. If you do some of your Slayer tasks here, I guarantee you will get a massive stack of them over time. The 70% accuracy and damage boost actually makes it better than using the Abyssal Tentacle Whip.

The Rune Pouch

The final item sort of fits into the combat category, but also sort of fits into the Skilling category, and this is the Rune Pouch. In the past, I have made a guide on how to get Rune Pouches for a lot cheaper. But, you can also get a Rune Pouch by buying Tier 1 Emblems off the Grand Exchange, and trading them in for Bounty Hunter Points.

Rune Pouches hold 3 types of Runes in one inventory slot, which makes it useful for any activity in Old School Runescape where you will be carrying Runes.

Skilling Essentials

The Prospector Outfit

Moving into the Skilling items. Since a lot of people do the Motherlode Mine as soon as they unlock it, the Prospector Outfit is actually an essential Skilling outfit that is worth getting. Each piece of the set will give a small boost in itself. But, you should always aim to get the whole set.

The Lumberjack Outfit

Another set that is actually worth getting is the Lumberjack outfit. You can get this from the Temple Trekking Minigame.

The Angler Outfit

On the topic of Skilling Sets, the only other one that is worth getting is the Angler Outfit if you know that you will be going to Minnows. If you plan to stop at level 99 at Barbarian Fishing, then getting the Angler Outfit is not actually worth your time.

The Crystal Saw

Another essential skilling item is the Crystal Saw, and the Crystal Saw gives an invisible +3 level boost to your Construction, which can stack with other Construction boosts. That +3 level boost from the Crystal Saw could equal millions of GP in Construction XP, and can save you a ton of money on getting a maxed house.

Quality of Life Essentials

Now, some essential Quality of Life items and teleports…

The Full Graceful Outfit

The first one is Full Graceful, which is obtained from Rooftop Agility. For those that play Runescape 2, Graceful is your best alternative to resting. Wearing the full Graceful set restores you run energy 30% faster when you are standing or walking. It also reduces your weight. Going for 99 in skills like Runecrafting or Farming, the Graceful outfit is extremely essential to save you so much time and money that you would spend on stamina potions.

Fairy Rings

Another essential quality of life item is Fairy Rings, and you unlock these after staring Fairytale Part 2. The Dramen Staff is the untradeable involved here, and Fairy Rings are required in order to play the game most effectively. There are also some Clue Scrolls that can only be accessed by Fairy Rings. Fairy Rings will speed up so many things in Runescape, giving you shortcuts to so many different places.

The Ectophial

The next essential is the Ectophial.

This teleports you to the Ectofuntus next to Port Phasmatys. This is useful, especially for farm runs, since there is a Herb patch just near the teleport. The Ectophial can also be very helpful for Questing and transport, since getting to Port Phasmatys and that area does take some time.

Helpful Untradeables


Moving into the Helpful Untradeables, starting off with the helpful Combat Untradeables…

The Holy Wrench

First up is the Holy Wrench, and this is rewarded from the Rum Deal Quest. The effect from having the Unholy Wrench in your inventory is that it gives you 2% more Prayer Points when you are drinking a dose of any kind of Prayer restore potion. So, that means that instead of the 25% that a Prayer potion would restore, it will restore 27% instead. The Holy Wrench becomes most useful when you have above level 70 Prayer. Below level 70 Prayer, there are a lot of times where it actually won’t help at all. It is worth checking the Runescape Wiki page of the Holy Wrench to see exactly which levels gives you the best boosts.

The Horror from the Deep Books

The next handy combat item is the Horror from the Deep Books. The most useful 2 are the Book of Law for Ranged boost, and the Book of Darkness for the Magic boost. Another important point about these books is that they can be taken deep into the Wilderness since it is a pretty much free off-hand item.

The Fighter Torso

Next is the Fighter Torso, and the Fighter Torso gives the same Strength bonus as the Bandos Chestplate, which is the bets in slot Strength bonus in the game. The only difference is that the Fighter Torso gives a lot lower Defence bonuses. But, it does have a lower Defence requirement.

The Crystal Shield

The next handy combat items is the Crystal Shield, which is a fairly niche item, but gives very high Defence bonuses. The shield actually gives the highest Ranged Defence of any Shield Slot item in the game.

The Bonecrusher

The final handy combat item is the Bonecrusher, and the Bonecrusher automatically buries the bones from monsters that you kill. Completing the Hard Morytania Diary gives 50% of the XP from the Bone and the Elite Diary gives 100%.

On top of that, the Dragon Bone Necklace stacks with the Bonecrusher, and the Dragonbone Necklace restores your Prayer Points whenever you bury a bone. The Bonecrusher will do that automatically, which means that you can essentially get unlimited Prayer Points in some areas. Burying Bones in the Catacombs of Kourend will give back prayer Points even without the Dragonbone Necklace. So, taking a Bonecrusher in there will automatically restore your Prayer Points as well, making it an extremely handy combat item.


Now for the handy Skilling items…

Magic Secateurs

First up is the Magic Secateurs, which you should really go out of your way to get if you do a lot of farm runs. You get the secateurs from Fairytale Part 1 and when you are wearing the secateurs while harvesting a patch, you get 10% more of the crops. On top of that, you can use the Magic Secateurs when you are hunting Herbiboars, and it will get you better quality herbs from the Herbiboars.

The next handy skilling items are Diary rewards.

Kandarin Hard Diary

The first one is the Kandarin Hard Diary, which unlocks the fastest way to train your Agility from level 60 – 90. Using the Sears teleport after you finish the Agility course, you can teleport straight to the start of the Agility course, speeding up your runs by a little bit.

Ardougne Diary

The Ardougne Cape is an item that is very useful for farm runs, and it also gives a Stab Attack bonus.

Karamja Hard

The Karamja Glove 3 at least gives you unlimited teleports to the mining site at Shilo Village. Also, you can go underground in the Shilo Village Mine, where there are a lot more Gem Rocks.

Quality of Life

The final portion of this article is the handy Quality of Life items…

Slayer Rings

The first one is unlocking Slayer Rings from your Slayer Master. Slayer Rings will speed up your Slayer XP rates by a lot with teleports right into a lot of the Slayer caves in Runescape, as well as a teleport right next to Nieve.

Scrolls of Redirection

Another reward that comes from the Nightmare Zone is the Scrolls of Redirection, and using a Scroll of Redirection on a house teleport tablet, you can change the destination of the teleport to any of the house portal locations across the map. The most useful ones are probably the Taverley teleport for the Tree Patch that is nearby, and the Pollnivneach teleport for quick access to Blackjacking.

Anyways, that is the Essential and Helpful Untradeables in Old School Runescape. If you learned something or enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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