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OSRS Wintertodt - Complete Guide (Best XP & Points)

Updated: Apr 1

Guide Contents


The Wintertodt is a firemaking skilling boss which requires level 50 firemaking to partake. That is the only requirement, but you do also get fletching, construction and herblore experience while playing. To be able to get herblore experience, you need to have completed druidic ritual. To get construction experience, you need to own a player owned house.


In this guide, I'll be showing the mass world strategy, and for that, you'll want to be playing on one of the official Wintertodt worlds. There's one for every region.


The Wintertodt provides some fast xp rates in firemaking, where at level 50, you can expect 160k xp per hour, scaling up to 320k xp per hour at 99. It's not as fast as burning logs manually, but it is a lot faster than bonfires and you also get loot from the Wintertodt, making it the only profitable firemaking method in the game.




For the Wintertodt, you need an axe, and if you have above 50 woodcutting, a steel axe has the same chopping rate compared to a rune axe. If your woodcutting level is lower than 50, you should use the best axe you can.

FOOD: You should bring the best food for your level.

- If you have under 25 hitpoints, you can get away with cakes as your food.

- Between 25 and about 70 hitpoints, you should use monkfish or jugs of wine - And above level 70 hitpoints, you should be using saradomin brews or sharks.

Items you can get for free:

- Tinderbox

- Knife (optional)

- Hammer (optional)

- You can receive all of these items at the entrance of the Wintertodt in the safe area

- Warm clothing is required in order to negate damage received from the Wintertodt

- Clicking the "Warm Clothing" link will take you to a post showcasing all of the warm clothing you can use and which warm clothing is the easiest to obtain



Method of Transportation (Best to worst)

Location on Map

1. Games Necklace - Requires you to travel to Kourend via boat at least once

2. CIS Fairy Ring

3. Arceuus Library Teleport

4. Walking from the boat




Wintertodt will attack the player with it's cold throughout the fight. The consistency you take this cold damage depends on how many braziers are actively lit in the room and the overall HP of the Wintertodt.


Wintertodt will occasionally break each brazier in the room. Whenever Wintertodt does this, the player must step one tile away from the brazier then repair it after it is broken. If the player fails to step away from the brazier as it breaks, they will take a decent chunk of damage.


Wintertodt will occasionally throw down snow in a 3x3 area. Players must react to this falling snow and step out of it before it lands on them, otherwise the player will take damage.


Wintertodt will occasionally douse the fire in the braziers. Players must click on the brazier to relight it. This does no direct damage to the player, however leaving braziers unlit will make the standard cold damage hit more on the player.


The Wintertodt will occasionally damage the pyromancer. Once the pyromancer is at 0 health, players will need to heal the pyromancer in order to relight the brazier. The pyromancer will also take damage from the Wintertodt's brazier breaking attack.



Now I'm going to take you through a complete Wintertodt game so you can see how it works.

1. Make sure to grab a tinderbox, knife, hammer and one vial from the starting area. Players who do not wish to fletch for extra points can skip out on the knife.

2. Start the game by waiting by and grabbing one herb from the east/west side of the room. Use the herb on the vial to make a potion. (You will use this potion anytime the pyromancer goes down. Each potion has 4 healing doses within it)

3. Start chopping bruma roots until you have a full inventory of logs. Chop on the tile shown in the video to avoid snowfall. (Optional: if you want more points fletch the logs into kindling. The tradeoff is more points for less xp/hr. If you just want xp, put the logs directly into the brazier)

4. Deposit the logs/kindling into the brazier. Avoid any snowfall and be careful of the brazier breaking while you are doing so. Taking damage from the cold will also cancel any logs you are putting in, so be sure to click on the brazier when needed. Also, be sure to heal the pyromancer when required.

5. Continue to chop the bruma roots, fletch them if you are choosing to do so and deposit them into the brazier. Keep repeating this while avoiding the Wintertodt's attacks until the game is finished. 6. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have at least 500 points at the end of the game in order to receive the loot crate as well as the XP bonus from completing the game. Any points less than this will result in losing out on these rewards.



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