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Cheapest 99s in OSRS

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am going through all of the buyable skills in Old School Runescape, and I have calculated their best cheap viable training methods.

I am actually going to showcase each buyable skill in this article, and show the cheap, efficient ways to train to level 99 as well as the XP per hour and the total cost.

If you enjoy or learn anything from this article, drop a like and subscribe if you are new. These are all of the buyable skills in Old School. Despite being a Combat Skill, I have included Prayer since the only good way to train Prayer is by blowing a lot of money on it. These are not shown in any specific order. But, now I am going to go from the more expensive ones to the cheapest 99s in Old School.


I would like to start off by quickly talking about Farming.

It is not really a buyable skill because you cannot just kind of buy Farming and continuously train it. But, a really useful tip is using the cheapest Fruit Trees instead of doing Magic or Yew Tree runs. You cannot do 2 Fruit Tree runs a day since the growth time is a lot longer than normal trees. But, it is still worth doing if you would like to train cheaply over a long period of time.


Now, all the way in the more expensive part of this list is Herblore, and the cheapest buyable way to get to level 99 Herblore is through Prayer Potions, which will only cost you 85 000 000 when compared to the usual 100 000 000 + for training your Herblore.

You can get up to 200 000 XP per hour when you are making these, and some days if you are lucky, you actually profit from prayer Potions. For example, about a week ago I was making them and profiting from making them. Obviously, that is a huge jump from the current 85 000 000 that it costs. But, keep your eyes out for some of the potions because some of them become very cheap sometimes.


The next one is Construction, and the cheapest way to viably train your Construction is via Mythical Cape Mounts.

Using Teak Planks and a Mythical Cape, you actually get more XP per Teak Plank. When training to 99, it will only cost you a total of about 85 000 000 compared to the 100 000 000 from Oak Planks or the 190 000 000 from Mahogany Planks. Your XP rates can reach a maximum of 300 000 XP per hour, which is still very, very fast, and decently cheap for such a useful 99.


Next up is Prayer, and by training with the very low level Ensouled Heads, you can get level 99 for under 40 000 000.

The thing is though, these heads have a very low supply on the Grand Exchange. It would take you a long time to be able to buy all the heads to get to level 99, and the XP rates are nowhere near as good as doing Dragon Bones or High level Ensouled Heads.

These are the Ensouled Heads currently above 50 000 000 getting through to level 99 Prayer, and there is a big supply of Ensouled Kalphite Heads in the game, as well as Ensouled Dagannoth Heads. So, they are 2 very good options.

A very fast and decently cheap training method is training at the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness. Since there is a 50% chance that you won’t consume the Bone while you are training Prayer, it almost halves the price of getting to level 99. With Wyvern Bones or Dragon Bones, it is only going to cost about 70 000 000. The benefit of doing Ensouled Heads over Bones is that you get extra Magic XP in the process, and the magic XP really does add up.


The next one on this list is Crafting, and Unpowered Orbs and Empty Light Orbs are the cheapest viable way to level 99, costing around 30 000 000.

You can get up to 125 000 XP per hour with the Light Orbs, which is not too fast for Crafting. But, at this point in time, Earth Orbs are very, very cheap, and I have a feeling there is a big supply of them, possibly due to bots or due to the massive drop from the Abyssal Sire.

At this point in time, it only costs 47 000 000 to get to level 99 Crafting with Earth Battlestaves, and that gives an XP rate of 275 000 XP per hour. This method will most likely go out of whack after this is well-known. But, maybe down the track it will stabilise again. Light Orbs are a little bit more AFK than Battlestaves, so that is something to keep in mind.


Next up is Smithing, and surprisingly, Smithing is actually quite cheap to level 99 for a decent XP rate.

At level 88, you unlock Adamant Platebodies, and getting from 88 – 99 Smithing will only cost you 22 000 000 making them. You get an XP rate which is almost comparable to making Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace. Creating Darts is also a very good money maker and is very AFK as well. Solely creating Dart Tips to level 99, you will profit approximately 16 000 000. Rune darts can give 70 000 XP per hour, which is quite slow compared to Adamant Platebodies, and the lower end ones like Mithril will give you 45 000 XP per hour. That is a decently good method for Alt accounts.


The next cheapest 99 is Cooking,

and you can do Wines to level 99 for approximately 1 GP / XP.

But, since this article is about the cheapest 99s, I am going to show the money makers with Cooking and they are very fast XP per hour as well. Cooking Gauntlets and the Hosidius House Kitchen is very important when you are training Cooking, and on the screen below, I have shown you guys the level that you stop burning these 4 types of fish. At level 89 Cooking, you stop burning Sharks, and that can get you over 275 000 XP per hour. Karambwans can be one ticked for really fast XP rates but normal cooking, you will get about 250 000 XP per hour. Lobsters are really good for low level training. They are really cheap, only 0.04 GP / XP, and XP rates can reach about 150 000 XP per hour above level 61 Cooking, when you stop burning them.


Now for Fletching, and Fletching is one of those 99s that you can blow a lot of money on, and get really, really fast XP. Or, you can make some money while getting decently good XP rates.

I am going to show those methods in this article, and creating Longbows from scratch – so, cutting Logs into Bows and then stringing them with Bow String, your XP rates can go above 150 000 XP per hour with the Magic Longbows, more so when you are stringing them. But, cutting a full inventory of Logs is decently AFK.


The final skill I am presenting in this article is Firemaking, and you can make 8 000 000 – 25 000 000, depending on your stats, if you train at the Wintertodt.

But, I do have an extremely useful tip for you. All of the fish, uncut gems, the seeds, the herbs…drops are all based on your skills – in particular, your Herblore, Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Farming and your Woodcutting. When you open the crate that is when your reward is determined. You can actually keep the crates in your bank, and store them in there until you have higher stats to make sure you get decent money out of the Wintertodt.

I really recommend starting to do that after you have the full Pyromancer outfit on the way to level 99 Firemaking, and in the long run, that will really increase your GP per hour.

In terms of XP rates, at level 50, when you unlock the Wintertodt, you will get about 160 000 XP per hour. But, nearing level 99, you get over 300 000 XP per hour, so double. You can spend money on Redwood Logs for faster XP than the Wintertodt. But, that is only recommended for the most efficient players out there.


To summarise this article in order, you can train Farming for a lot less money if you do Fruit Trees. Prayer potions will always be a good cheap Herblore training method. Mythical Capes are the cheapest and are a fast way to 99 Construction. The Chaos Altar is great for Prayer XP if you would like to save some money. Earth Battlestaves are currently good, but always make sure you check the Grand Exchange price and a calculator. Adamant Platebodies are a great method for Smithing, and are very cheap compared to Gold Bars. Cooking can be done for a decent profit to level 99 if you have the Cooking Gauntlets and the Hosidius House Kitchen, and Sharks give really good XP rates. With Fletching, you can profit on the way to 99 and get XP rates above 150 000, and is one of the most common 99s in the game due to that reason. The last skill I spoke about was Firemaking, and the main thing to get out of that is that you can hold the crates in your bank until you have higher skills in order to get better rewards from the Wintertodt.

Before we finish up, I want to show each one and how much they cost. At the end of the day, it is really up to you which one you would like to choose. They are all great methods, and decently efficient if you do not have a lot of money.

But, for those players that are chasing the fastest XP rates in the game, you can check out my Fastest 99s in Old School Runescape Guide. I have also made a Most AFK 99s Guide, and I will also link that one at the end of this article. So, that is the cheapest 99s in Old School Runescape. I hope you learned something interesting today. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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