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Best OSRS Mobile Training Methods

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

What’s going on guys! My name’s Theoatrix, and today I wanted to show you guys some of the best mobile training methods for Old School. For those who have played mobile, you’d know that it’s kind of hard to click on some things on such a small screen. So, these methods are decently AFK, don’t require fast, precise clicking, and they’re semi-low effort. As well as that, you won’t die when you’re doing these methods because they’re all safe. On the screen I have the guide outline. At the end I’ll go through all of the methods that I’m showing, and I’ll be going into a little bit of depth about each of these methods. At the end I’ll give a big overview of all the methods.

AFK Skills with Tap to Drop

We’ll be starting off with the AFK skills that work very well on mobile using tap to drop. I won’t go into a lot of depth with these methods, because most of these are no-brainers. But, with things like power mining, power fishing, and power woodcutting, where you’re dropping all the items that you get, it’s very easy to stay on tap to drop, and train with a very minimal amount of tapping.

With these methods, you could do money-makers. Banking is relatively quick as well on mobile, and bank deposit boxes are probably the fastest way to bank. Something I do a lot on mobile is barbarian fish.

One full inventory of fish caught translates to about 1000 fishing XP. So, with one tap, most of the time I’ll get 1000XP. Tap to drop makes this very easy as well. But, something to keep in mind, is that you can’t 3 tick, or 2 tick on mobile. It is possible to do, but since mis-tapping is so common, it doesn’t work very well. Mining at the Motherlode mine is a great low-level skilling method that’s decently AFK, and doesn’t require much focus at all. Also, things like woodcutting and dropping teaks will work. But, again, 2 ticking or 1.5 ticking, which is possible with teaks, is a lot more difficult on mobile.

Farm Running

The next category of methods is farm runs. The three main farm runs that are worth doing are tree runs, fruit tree runs, and herb runs.

Regular tree runs are an expensive way to train your farming, but are very fast. Fruit tree runs are quite a bit cheaper than regular tree runs. But, the wait time on them growing is a little bit longer. So, you can’t do as many runs per day. Herb runs, on the other hand, should only be done for profit.

It’s a good idea to check a profit calculator when it comes to herb farming, because it can be quite hard to calculate your profit per run with all the different prices of seeds, compost, and the different prices of herbs.

So, I put a link to a calculator that you can use here: Going back to trees and fruit tree runs… In the past, I’ve made a fruit tree running guide, where I created an outline of fruit tree runs and regular tree runs.

With the addition of Fossil Island, you can now plant mahoganies and other trees, and they can really extend the XP that you get per farm run. One thing you really need to set up, if you’re planning to do farming on mobile, is a bank tab with all of your farming items. You can use the tool leprechaun to store all of your tools and compost.

So, in your bank, you’ll need all of the teleports to the patches, the seeds, or saplings, if you’re doing tree runs. At this point in time, toadflax is the most profitable. Each run that you do with ultra-compost will earn you over 100k in profit. Each run takes around 5-6min to do, and getting 100k in 5-6min calculates to be over 1million GP per hour. Per run, you’ll only get 1000-2000 farming XP, which obviously is not much. But, if you don’t have access to any money makers that are over 1mil per hour, doing these farm runs is very worth it. As well as that, for iron men, farm runs are very important. Completing them every 90 min will bring in a consistent amount of herbs. So, on the screen is the average time that it takes for these crops to be finished. As I mentioned earlier, fruit trees take a lot longer than regular trees. But, they are a cheaper option.

Withdraw All Function

The next methods I’d like to talk about, is using the ‘withdraw all’ function at banks. When you’re banking items on Old School mobile, if you press quantity all, the function will lock in until you change it again, or log out.

So, this removes the need for right clicking. You only have to tap on the bank, and then tap on the item you need to withdraw, and then close the bank, and proceed to skill. This works on a range of different skilling methods. A notable one is cooking at the rogue stand, or just cooking in general. Cooking in itself is very, very AFK. So, it’s something suitable to do on Old School mobile.

Another one is crafting. Crafting D’hide bodies, and crafting gems is decently AFK, and can be utilized with the withdraw all function. When you deposit items back into your bank, if your quantity is selected on all, they’ll all be deposited as well when you’re putting stuff in.

So, that means that if you get crushed gems, or different types of items in whatever skilling method you’re doing, it’ll still deposit it all with just one single tap. This kind of thing can be done with so many skills. Another example is Smithing with darts. But, something that works with darts and Herblore as well, is using noted stuff in the bank in order to unload a full inventory. Making tars with Herblore is an AFK way to train, and with a few taps, one full inventory would get you up to 800-900 Herblore XP. If you only have access to your phone every 30-40 seconds, it makes it a decently low-effort, and relatively cheap way to train your Herblore.

Thieving Methods

Another skill set that is suitable for mobile is thieving. The master farmer can be done for massive amounts of profit per hour at higher thieving levels.

Also, Ardy Knights work very well after you change your settings and make sure you don’t attack the Ardy Knights. Ardy Knights are especially good, because you can easily just leave your phone flat on the table, or wherever you’re sitting, and just keep tapping on the same place on the screen. Obviously with the coin pouch, you can’t sit here forever, but it literally requires no attention, or looking at the screen.

Combat XP Methods

The next ones are some of the AFK combat methods. First is the nightmare zone, which is very, very easy to set up on mobile, and can be done AFK for hours with a full inventory of absorption potions.

The XP rates here are very high, since you have access to power ups and overloads. Some of the bosses also give a little bit more XP. These are all the bosses that give more XP per damage hit you do, and I’m not entirely sure why that happens. But in terms of XP per hour, it’s worth fighting these bosses first over other bosses where you get regular XP rates. Some of these guys have higher defence, but, the extra XP adds up.

Another place you can train is at Bandits. These are really easy to set up as well with a Saradomin or Zamorak item, and you can get prayer potions or food at the tent nearby.

Splashing is another one that can be done on mobile with very low effort. If you only have time to tap once every 20 min or so, you can very easily just log into your account, click on something to splash, and then just leave your phone. You’ll splash for 20 min until you stop attacking, and then you’ll log out some minutes after that. So, if you come back every 20 minutes and move your camera around a bit, you can train magic very slowly, but with very low effort.

I calculated the cost of getting 99 magic slowly through splashing with each of the fire spells, and getting to 99 with fire strike is quite cheap. But as you can tell, the XP rates are horrendous.

I also worked out the time that it would take to get to level 99 with things like fire wave, and fire surge. It’s not so bad. But, fire strike and fire bolt still will take a while. Splashing is most useful for low level accounts, or for people that spend a lot of time AFK.

Birdhouse Runs

The final method I want to go over is birdhouse runs. I recently unlocked these on my ultimate mine man, and these give passive hunter experience.

One full run takes around 5 min to do, and you can profit quite a bit of money, or if you’re an iron man, you can get a lot of seeds and bird nests. At lower hunter levels you can’t expect to get many nests per run, but once you reach things like the magic or redwood birdhouses, you usually get over 10 nests per birdhouse. Also, the XP that you get is scaled to what type of birdhouse you use. Using the regular birdhouses with regular logs gives you 280xp per birdhouse, and then using redwood gives you 1200xp.

There are 4 possible locations that you can place birdhouses, and having the dig site pendant will make these runs very quick. They can be done every 50 min. You also need a high crafting level if you’re an iron man, and if hunter is a skill that you just really don’t like doing, using birdhouses mixed in with your farm runs is a great way to passively train it and level it up.

Guide Overview

So, now a quick overview of everything, I firstly spoke about the AFK skills, which you can utilise mainly using the tap-to-drop function.

Banking works as well since you can easily just tap to bank all, but the downside is that you can’t 3 tick, 2 tick, or 1.5 tick on mobile, since you’ll mis-click quite a bit.

Farm runs are something you should definitely be doing on mobile. Fruit tree runs have the longest wait time, and herb runs can be done for good profit at a low requirement using the withdraw all function at the bank, there’s a lot of skilling methods that would come almost quicker than doing on PC. Things like Fletching, or cutting gems can be done with very low effort on mobile, without the need to right click on anything.

Then I spoke about some thieving methods, and due to the nature of thieving, if you trap a monster, you can just sit there AFK, and not even look at the screen for quite some time.

Then I spoke about some AFK methods and I’d recommend the nightmare zone for the fastest XP, or bandits for those people that want to spend a little less money, and then birdhouse runs for passive hunter XP.

I hope you guys learned something today. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to leave a like, and if you’re new to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe.

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