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4 Easy Bosses for HUGE Profits (OSRS)

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix, and today I'm going to be showing you guys 4 very easy bosses that you can easily master with a little bit of practice. Once you get the basic strategy down, you can make millions per hour, up to 3 mil - 4 mil per hour with some of these. So, throughout this article, I'll tell you the requirements, the required gear, as well as the strategy to kill the bosses. I'm going to do a few kills on each of them in some low level gear to show you that it is possible to do these bosses without much money. If you learn anything, or find this article interesting, be sure to leave like and subscribe if you're new around here.

Dagannoth Rex So, the first boss of this video is Dagannoth Rex, and in order to kill Dagannoth Rex, I'd recommend having at least 70 in all of the combat stats, which is pretty low for a boss monster. You get Dagannoth as a Slayer Task very commonly, and if you have one as a slayer task, you can make a heap of profit by doing the whole thing at the Dagannoth Rex. You can use the Slayer helmet if you're on a slayer task, but at the moment, the full Guthan set is only about 3 mil.

So, this makes it a really, really good set up to use at Dagannoth Rex right now for low levels, and it's a lot cheaper than other set ups that use the Serpentine Helm, or the Verac's Helm, or the plate skirt. For those that don't know, Rex has a magic level of 0. Which means that you can wear any armour with any Magic bonus, and still be able to hit him the same as if you wore Magic gear. The best weapon to use at Rex is a Trident, and if you don't have a lot of money, you can buy an uncharged Trident at the Grand Exchange for about 50k, and then charge it with 200-300 charges just for one trip at Rex.

The two things you need to focus on are Magic damage boost, so the Occult necklace, and Prayer bonus, as this is very important at Rex as well, especially if you have a low defence level. In your inventory you do need Rune Thrownaxes if you're going on your own. That's the only way to get into the Dagannoth Kings.

Also, if you're going on your own, you will need a pet rock and you can drop that on the gate as you're trying to go in. It will work as if someone else is standing there.

I brought a lot of prayer potions, and that's for players that have a very low defence level. You'll see soon when I go to kill Rex, that I don't even need to use Prayer there, and that's since my Defence and Magic level are very close to 99. But, for those people that have around 70 in those stats, it is recommended to Pray Magic while you're killing Rex. Navigating through the Water Birth Island Dungeon isn't too difficult. But, you just have to make sure you get your Prayer switches right as you go through. Once you get all the way to the bottom, there's a root that you can jump over to peek into the Dagannoth cave in a safe area. That's really helpful for world hopping, and if you need to find an empty world.

The hardest part about Dagannoth Rex is getting into the dungeon. A strategy that I use is that I like to spam click on the ladder so I can peek in there really quickly to see where all the Dagannoth Kings are, and then pop right back up without taking any damage from any of the Kings. As you're entering, you should have protect from magic on. When going in, do not be aggressive to both Supreme and Dagannoth Prime. There is a good chance that they'll attack you a few times, but then eventually they'll walk to the other side of the room. That allows you to hug the wall, and run South, hugging the coastline all the way to the Eastern side of the room. If you hug the Eastern coastline, the other Dagannoths will not attack you. The only one that's in reach is Rex. Its a good idea to use long range on your Trident, and what you have to do is attack Rex, run over to the coastline, all the way to the East, and wait till Rex comes a little bit closer, and then run directly South. You should put on Protect form Melee if it's your first few times doing this, because there's a good chance that he'll hit you. But, once you get better and better, you'll be able to lure him into the safe spot so easily.

The fight is very, very simple. You won't take any damage, except form the things around the outside on the coastline, and then once you finish your kill, you can switch over to your Guthan's War Spear to heal up on the guys attacking you, and that basically means that you don't need any food with you for the rest of the trip.

As you can see, with me not using Prayer, I'm literally not taking damage, and I'm not using any Prayer points. So, this means I can stay here pretty much endlessly as long as I have enough Antidote Potions, and it makes it really handy for Dagannoth Slayer task, because there isn't much banking involved. You can just camp here. You can use Blood Barrage to heal up if you don't want to bring Guthan's, but that has a higher requirement, and is more expensive to use than Guthan.

Rex drops the Berserker ring at a rate of 1 in 128, which is a really good drop rate for a 3mil drop. He also drops the Warrior ring at the same drop rate, but that one's only 80k. Depending on how many kills you get an hour, you can get approximately 700k - 1mil+ per hour killing Dagannoth Rex. The spawn time is a little bit long for Rex, so you can't get a huge amount of kills for Rex. But, 30 kills is still doable in an hour, and you also have a pretty good chance of getting a Clue Scroll: 1 in 42 for a hard clue, and 1 in 750 for an Elite, and 1 in 5000 drop chance for the Pet Dagannoth Rex. Vet'ion The next boss is Vet'ion, and Vet'ion is arguably one of the most powerful wilderness bosses there are. In order to be able to kill him, you need at least 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee, and at least 70 in the combat stats for Verac's. The Assault Amulet from the Haunted Mine Quest really helps against Vet'ion, and since he's weak to crush, you can also bring a Mythical Cape. I've shown in the past a safe spot for Vet'ion, where you can lure him out of his walking distance and just attack him normally until he dies, without taking any damage. Well, in this video I wanted to show you a second method to kill Vet'ion, which is still a very, very good method, and you'll actually take less damage than doing the safe spot method.

Before I go further, don't take your Fire Cape, or Dragon defender into the wilderness, because this is above level 30, and if you die, there's a good chance that you might lose it. Vet'ion has a 1 in 512 drop rate for the Ring of the Gods, which is 11mil right now, and a 1 in 171 drop rate for the Dragon pet, which has gone up to 5mil recently. Along with that, Vet'ion's other drops are almost all over 100k. He actually drops 100 Grimy Ranarrs, which is 800k in just 1 single drop. So, this is how the safe spot works. Near the lava Dragons, there are some trees, and if you lure Vet'ion over to the trees, you're able to really easily flinch him very similarly to the Chaos Elemental. All you have to do is attack him, run back to the safe spot very quickly, and wait until his health bar disappears, and then repeat. Your Verac's can hit right through his defence level, making kills a lot faster than they normally would be. You can use a God sword on Vet'ion as well, but you'll be far less accurate since he has a huge defence level. Once he hits half of his health, he'll spawn in two Hell Hounds. At this safe spot specifically, only one of the Hell Hounds will become aggressive to you. The other one will be wondering around a bit further away.

So, when that happens, you should put on protect from Melee, run out and attack the other dog, and run straight back the safe spot. Keep your protect from Melee on, as these dogs can hit pretty high, and you have to kill both of the dogs before you can go back to killing Vet'ion. You won't be able to deal any damage to him without those dogs being dead. Once you finish off the purple form of Vet'ion, he'll turn into the orange form of Vet'ion, and I think this one's a little bit higher level, but its exactly the same concept. Keep flinching him, watching his health bar, all the way until he has half health, and then the dogs will spawn again. Lure them back with Protect with Melee on, and then finish off your Vet'ion kill.

Vet'ion has a 1 in 100 chance to drop an Elite Clue, which is way better than Dagannoth Rex, and a 1 in 2000 drop rate of the pet, which is very low for a pet drop rate. Each kill takes approximately 5 min for me, but since almost each loot is over 100k, you can very, very easily make over 1mil per hour killing Vet'ion. The Barrows Brothers The next boss, or bosses that I'm showing is the Barrows Brothers, and I wanted to show you guys doing a full Barrows run with just a Salamander. You can literally do Barrows with about 10k. Black Salamanders are dirt cheap, and Harralander tar is worth nothing.

Doing the Morytania Diary, the Hard or Elite diary, gives you teleports near Barrows, and is actually the most efficient way to do your Barrows trips. But, I would recommend buying the Barrows teleport tablets off the Grand Exchange. They're about 3k each, and anyone can use them. You'll need to bring a spade with you as well, and you will definitely need some Prayer potions and a little bit of food. The Barrows Brothers have a very low Magic Defence, so if you were to wear armour to Barrows, your best bet is to wear Defensive Melee armour. If you're not using the Salamander, you should also bring a ranged weapon along with a Magic weapon, where the range weapon is used to kill Ahrim, and the Magic weapon is for all the other Barrows Brothers.

The Slayer's Staff E or the Iban staff is a great low level option. Otherwise, higher levels can use the Trident of the Seas, or the Trident of the Swamp. So, the Salamander was doing really well and I wasn't even using any armour. So, I wasn't getting any attack or strength bonuses while I was fighting. I was doing 12 runs an hour at an easy 1mil per hour. At lower levels you might expect a bit under 1mil per hour, but with the combination of Rune drops, and things like the Ahrim's robe top, or the Karil's leather top, you really can make a lot o money here. Doing at least the Morytania Hard Diary also increases the loot that you get from Barrows. It doesn't increase your chance of getting an item, but increases the amount of Runes and other non rare drops, which really add up to the total. I'm sure even the lower level Salamanders will work as well, but of course your trips will be a bit longer and you'll need a few more Prayer pots and food. Zulrah The final boss of this video is Zulrah. Zulrah may look hard, but once you know how it works, it's actually one of the easiest, safest bosses in the game. It has far lower requirements than Vorkath, and you'll only need 80 Magic and Range, and a decent Defence level in order to kill him.

Of course, you'll need Protection Prayers as well. In order to get to Zulrah, you'll need to have started the Regicide Quest, and you can use a Fairy Ring plus an agility shortcut to get here, but I would recommend using the Zul-Andra Teleport, but only once you know you'll have a guaranteed kill at Zulrah.

My whole gear setup right now is about 2 mil. My Trident is only about 100k because I only charged it with 200 charges, and the rest of my gear isn't worth that much at all. So, you can do Zulrah with not a lot of money, and make millions per hour. Elite Void works very well at Zulrah, but void Mage is not all that good. You'd be better off taking Ahrim's and Karil's, or Armadyl, but for the sake of this, I'm showing it with black D'hide and mystics. The best weapon to use at Zulrah is the Twisted Bow. But the toxic blowpipe, or an Armadyl or Dragon Crossbow will also work very well. The Trident of the Swamp is very recommended, but it can super easily be done with the Trident of the Seas as well. You will definitely need an Antivenom, and you'll also need Rings of Recoil.

At the end, I've linked a picture which I'm using, and I always use when I kill Zulrah. What this is is the 4 different process that Zulrah can take. By the third rotation, you'll know exactly which process it is, Alfa, Bravo, Charlie or Delta, and all you have to do is just kind of keep one ahead at all times. So, always know where he's going to go next, and what prayer you'll need, and then just check again once you've moved to the next place. On his ranged form you need to prayer range and use Magic, and on his Magic form you prayer Magic and use Range. He has a Melee form as well, where you do not need to use any Prayers as long as you're standing in the safe areas, and you should be using Magic when he's in his Melee form. Zulrah also has a Ranged form that is similar to Jad. However, he always goes from Range to Mage, then range, then Mage, so you always know what he's going to do next.

When you get to the Jad form, watch his head, and watch when it bobs down. Each time his head bobs down, you should switch to the opposite Prayer to what he's using. You can see here it's so easy to avoid all of the damage from his Jad phase, just by watching his head, and flicking prayers each time. At a lower combat level it's possible to get over 2mil per hour at Zulrah, and at higher levels if you're getting 2min kills, you can get up to 4mil an hour. Currently, the blowpipe is almost 6mil, which is one of the key things that makes Zulrah so profitable right now. Throughout the fight you should always be aware of your Ring of Recoil and when it breaks, because once it breaks you'll take a lot of damage from the little snakes that are around. They only have 1 health each, but they can hit very high. So, once your Ring of Recoil breaks, make sure you put on another one straight away. As you do more and more Zulrah, you can gradually upgrade your gear as you go. With each upgrade, your kills will speed up by a little bit.

So, those are 4 easy bosses in Old School that you can make huge amounts of profit from. The requirements aren't too high for many of these bosses. But, if you're only just starting out, I'd highly recommend starting off the the Barrows Brothers, and getting a feel of switching prayers there so you're a bit more prepared for some of the higher level bosses. Rex is a great boss to do when you're on a Dagannoth Slayer task for a lot of profit, because with the 1 in 128 drop rate of a Berserker Ring, you're almost guaranteed a Berserker Ring on one Slayer Task. The Vet'ion flinching method, or the Vet'ion safe spot method is very good for low levels, and if you want to learn the safe spot, I've put a link to that video in the description below. Zulrah is a little bit harder than the other ones here, but, once you get the rotations and the mechanics of Zulrah fully down, it really does turn into a profit snake.

If you'd like to see some more Old School Runescape articles, be sure to subscribe. Leave a like if you learnt something. Anyways, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!

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