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11 Fast Ways to level 99 Magic (OSRS)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to the fastest ways to get your Magic level to 99! Some of these methods are very alternative and creative ways to get your Magic up. So, you won’t really see many of these in any other guides. If you do learn something cool today, be sure to leave a like on this article. I really do appreciate it.

2 AFK Methods

I am going to start the article off with 2 AFK Methods to get your Magic up.

Enchant Bolt Spell

At only level 4 Magic, you unlock the Enchant Bolt Spell, and this spell can be used in 2 ways. Firstly, if you are looking for faster XP rates, you can keep clicking the spell in order to cast it every single game tick.

If you are doing some homework or you need to AFK, this spell is great because once you cast it once, it enchants 10 set of bolts. At higher levels, this spell is a lot better than Alching. So, if you are one of those people that like to high Alch, definitely look into bolts because they are a lot more AFK and most of the time they are even faster XP as well.

I have left a link to a calculator at the end of this article so you can work out which bolts are profitable or which bolts you should do. Some of them have ridiculously high GP per XP rates, and you really should check them. At this very moment, Ruby Bolts (e) are about 4 GP/XP, which is not too bad. Onyx Bolts are only 1.5 GP/XP. They are the fastest ones out of all of the others. Your XP rates can range from 30 000 an hour for Opal, and 1 ticking Onyx can get you over 300 000 XP per hour.

String Jewellery

Another very AFK Magic Training method is String Jewellery. This is unlocked at level 80 on the Lunar Spellbook. This is actually more AFK than making Bolts because you do a full inventory of Stringing in only 1 cast. On average, you can get up to about 150 000 – 160 000 XP per hour. However, the cost of this is slightly higher and using Gold Amulets, the GP/XP is about 4 coins. When you are casting String Jewellery, you should always use a Mud Battlestaff. The spell itself uses Astral Runes, Earth Runes and Water Runes. Earth and Water Runes are obviously the mixture of Mud Runes. So, you actually do save quite a bit of money using a Mud Battlestaff.

2 Money Making Methods

So, that was 2 fairly AFK Methods. Now I have 2 methods that are not so AFK, but still require standing at a bank.

Tan Leather Spell

Using the Tan Leather Spell after you complete the Lunar Diplomacy Quest and the Hard Fremennik Diaries can get you up to 100 000 Magic XP per hour, as well as over 400 000 GP per hour. You can’t use this spell until you have done the Hard Diary, which is why you don’t really see as many players using this spell.

At the end of this article, I have linked a calculator for you to work out which hides are the most profitable, and I highly recommend this for anyone that is trying to get 99 magic with a profit. This is because if you were to cast this to level 99, you would make over 50 000 000.

Plank Make Spell

At level 86 Magic, you unlock the Plank Make Spell. This one actually requires Dream Mentor on top of Lunar Diplomacy. You can get over 160 000 XP per hour, and it makes creating Planks cheaper than it is to go to a saw mill. As of right now, only Mahogany Planks are profitable, while the other Planks will probably cost about 2 GP/XP. The thing about this spell is that you have to click on each Plank, and you can cast Plank Make only every 3 game ticks. So, you really have to get your timing right, which I am sure after doing the Spell for a couple of hours, you will get down perfectly fine. So, that is a little bit of a money maker, much like Tan Leather. I would probably recommend Tan Leather over Plank Make because you will make a lot more money from Tan Leather in the long run. But, Plank Make is a little bit faster.

Bursting or Barraging

Monkey Madness Caves

The next method I am showing you guys is Ice Barraging or Bursting. If you have the money, you can spend it on Runes for Bursting at the Monkey Madness 1 or Monkey Madness 2 Monkeys, and you can get up to 350 000 XP per hour if you Barrage at the Monkey Madness 2 Caves.

Now, Maniacal Monkeys, after Monkey Madness 2, give a little bit more XP per hour than the Monkey Madness 1 monkeys, because you receive Prayer Potions as drops. That means that you don’t actually ever have to bank. Casting Ice Burst will cost you about 3.5 GP/XP on the way to level 99 Magic. So, that means that is going to cost almost 50 000 000 to get to level 99. On the other hand, if you are Barraging, it is going to cost about 5 GP/XP. So, that is about 60 000 000 – 70 000 000 to get to level 99 Magic.

Nechryaels or Dust Devils

Quite frankly, you are a million times better off Barraging or Bursting Nechryaels or Dust Devils.

I made a guide all about this, where you can train your Magic really, really quickly while profiting. In that guide, I spoke about doing Nechryaels and Dust Devils off task, and that is great if you really want to get 99 Magic and save some money in the long run. But, you are far better off Bursting while you are training Slayer.

With the Catacombs of Kourend, you can burst a lot of your Slayer Tasks now. Then, at level 96, when you unlock Smoke Devils, they give some of the best Magic XP in the game. So, if you get up to about level 80 Magic, you can most likely get your level to 99 just by training Slayer and Bursting the Tasks that you can. This is a lot more efficient because you will get the fastest possible Slayer XP per hour as well.

On the screen below, I have put a list of all the Burstable monsters and the Burstable Slayer Tasks. Some of these give a lot less XP per hour and it all depends on how many spawn and how many monsters there are. But, in the long run, it is actually more efficient to train your Magic this way since you do get Slayer XP at the same time.

Splashing Stun/Alch

The next few methods are Stunning, Alching, Cursing and all that good stuff on the Regular Spellbook. Now, casting Stun Alch in a very common way to train your Magic. You unlock Stun at level 80, and you can get up to 170 000 – 180 000 XP per hour from Splashing Stun and Alching on a monster like the Zamorak Wizard, Skeletons in the Wilderness, or rats in Lumbridge. But, a method that not so many people really know about is that you can do this while you are Splashing.

This is what I did personally on my Pure to train my Magic because it turned out to be very convenient for me. Basically, what you need are the Runes for Alching, some Curses if you want to use them, Stun if you have the level, and you also want to bring a Fire Spell that you are willing to spend money on. So, it is much the same as just Splashing on a Zamorak Wizard or the Skeletons, except that whenever I want to go AFK or, in my case, if I want to edit a video, I can be Stun Alching while I am at the computer and then when I need to AFK, I can witch my Auto Retaliate on and then leave my account there. It will keep Splashing and getting Magic XP for about 20 minutes until you automatically log out. Just Splashing normally takes such a long time to get to level 99 Magic, and honestly, it is barely worth the cost. If you cast about 10 Barrages or Bursts, you have already covered a full hour of XP from Splashing.

Splashing Kraken

At level 87 Slayer, you unlock Kraken, and what is so good about Kraken is that you can Splash on him while giving damage endlessly. So, you can sit there in your best Magic Gear while attacking Kraken, and you will get XP based on what you should have hit. But, since he is underwater, he is not going to attack you, lose any Hitpoints, or retaliate. You don’t really need Curses or Stuns here because the amount of XP you get for hitting him is usually going to be more than casting Stun. If you really just can’t resist the urge to Splash your way to 99 Magic, you should definitely unlock Kraken first because it will literally speed it up by about 10 times.

Passive Magic Training

Now for the final magic method that I have for this article… This is arguably the fastest way to get to 99 Magic, and the reason for that is because this method should use no efficient hours at all. The method I am talking about is Passive Magic training. There are few spells out there like Imbue or Alch, where you can keep a stack in your inventory and just cast a spell whenever you want. Pairing these spells with skills that have some running involved, you can train your Magic in between laps of Agility or in between Runecrafting runs, and you literally do not impair your XP per hour of the other skill at all.

You gain Magic XP and the regular XP in the skill you are training. So, if you are planning to go for max over a really long period of time, you can completely forget about Magic, and just remember to train it while you are doing one of these skills that are on the screen. All of these skills make it possible to train Magic in between without losing any game time. If you get into the habit of training Magic while you are doing other skills, you are going to spend literally no time getting 99 Magic, and it will just happen as you are getting 99’s in other skills. The Magic Imbue Spell works the best because it only requires Runes. You do not need any secondary items in order to cast the spell. My favourite place to train Magic passively would have to be when I am training Agility. Since I am not a huge fan of Agility, if I Alch in between each obstacle, it not only keeps me occupied, but I am also getting my Magic up while barely realizing.

So, that is it guys. That is the fastest ways to get you Magic level to 99 in Old School Runescape. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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