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Vetion Solo Guide (OSRS Bossing Guide)

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Vet'ion is arguably one of the most powerful wilderness bosses there are. In order to be able to kill him, you need at least 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee, and at least 70 in the combat stats for Verac's. The Assault Amulet from the Haunted Mine Quest really helps against Vet'ion, and since he's weak to crush, you can also bring a Mythical Cape. I've shown in the past a safe spot for Vet'ion, where you can lure him out of his walking distance and just attack him normally until he dies, without taking any damage. Well, in this video I wanted to show you a second method to kill Vet'ion, which is still a very, very good method, and you'll actually take less damage than doing the safe spot method.

Before I go further, don't take your Fire Cape, or Dragon defender into the wilderness, because this is above level 30, and if you die, there's a good chance that you might lose it. Vet'ion has a 1 in 512 drop rate for the Ring of the Gods, which is 11mil right now, and a 1 in 171 drop rate for the Dragon pet, which has gone up to 5mil recently. Along with that, Vet'ion's other drops are almost all over 100k. He actually drops 100 Grimy Ranarrs, which is 800k in just 1 single drop. So, this is how the safe spot works. Near the lava Dragons, there are some trees, and if you lure Vet'ion over to the trees, you're able to really easily flinch him very similarly to the Chaos Elemental. All you have to do is attack him, run back to the safe spot very quickly, and wait until his health bar disappears, and then repeat. Your Verac's can hit right through his defence level, making kills a lot faster than they normally would be. You can use a God sword on Vet'ion as well, but you'll be far less accurate since he has a huge defence level. Once he hits half of his health, he'll spawn in two Hell Hounds. At this safe spot specifically, only one of the Hell Hounds will become aggressive to you. The other one will be wondering around a bit further away.

So, when that happens, you should put on protect from Melee, run out and attack the other dog, and run straight back the safe spot. Keep your protect from Melee on, as these dogs can hit pretty high, and you have to kill both of the dogs before you can go back to killing Vet'ion. You won't be able to deal any damage to him without those dogs being dead. Once you finish off the purple form of Vet'ion, he'll turn into the orange form of Vet'ion, and I think this one's a little bit higher level, but its exactly the same concept. Keep flinching him, watching his health bar, all the way until he has half health, and then the dogs will spawn again. Lure them back with Protect with Melee on, and then finish off your Vet'ion kill.

Vet'ion has a 1 in 100 chance to drop an Elite Clue, which is way better than Dagannoth Rex, and a 1 in 2000 drop rate of the pet, which is very low for a pet drop rate. Each kill takes approximately 5 min for me, but since almost each loot is over 100k, you can very, very easily make over 1mil per hour killing Vet'ion.



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