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Useful Slayer Unlocks in OSRS

There's a number of quests in Old School that unlock Slayer Tasks.

For example, Horror from the Deep unlocks Dagonoth Tasks, Desert Treasure 1 unlocks Dust Devils, and starting Dragon Slayer 1 unlocks Dragons Tasks.

There's a few other useful quests.

Dwarf Cannon lets you use the multi-cannon, which greatly speeds up your tasks.

Desert Treasure 1 unlocks the Ancient Spellbook, which is important for bursting, and partially completing Fairy Tale Part 2 lets you use Fairy Rings, which are almost essential.

Levelling your crafting is also important for Slayer.

With 54 Crafting and 400 Slayer Points, you can learn to craft Slayer Helmets, which combines multiple Slayer equipment into one helmet.

With 75 Crafting and 300 Slayer Points, you can learn to craft Slayer Rings, which are vital for getting to Slayer locations the fastest.

On top of these unlocks, you should also get Expeditious Bracelets and Bracelets of Slaughter.

Expeditious Bracelets shorten your Slayer Task, whereas Bracelets of Slaughter extend your task.

These are a must if you want the best XP rates.

Iron Men should make these bracelets themselves, and you need 38 Crafting and 49 Magic to make them.

It's also very useful to have an upgraded player-owned house.

A house with teleports, a jewellery box, a fairy ring, restoration pool and an occult altar would be very beneficial.



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