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Ultimate Tree Running Guide (Best Farming XP)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing a complete Tree Running Guide, including regular trees and also fruit trees. Tree runs are probably the fastest way in the game to level up your Farming level because you get such huge amounts of XP in such a short amount of time. But, sadly, it can get very expensive at higher levels.

Types of Trees

Starting off, I am going to show you all the types of trees in the game. I have also calculated their approximate GP / XP. So, you can work out which one you want to do, and which one you are willing to spend on. Personally, I would recommend doing to highest tree you can for the absolute highest XP possible. But, not all players can do that because it is, as I said, expensive.


There are requirements for effective tree runs, and trust me, you definitely need to have at least a few of these just to make sure you can do as many as possible.

Firstly, you need the Grand Tree and the Tree Gnome Village Quest in order to be able to use the Spirit Trees and also the Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Nightmare Zone points would also really help for the Redirection Scrolls, since they can teleport you to house locations where your house is not currently at. That is really, really good or a couple of tree places which I will talk about in a second. I think it is 775 Nightmare Zone points per scroll, and each scroll is allocated to one house tab. So, you do need quite a few points.

The last thing you should do is start Mourning Ends Part 1 for the Teleport Crystal. You do not need all of these quests and points. But, it really is recommended.

Also, to effectively do a tree run, you should get at least 27 Farming first for the first Fruit Tree, the Apple Tree, and an Oak Tree, which is only 15 Farming.

If you do not have at least 27 Farming, you can watch my Beginners Farming Guide, the link will be at the end of this article.


In your inventory, you should take teleports and the teleports that you need are Falador, Lumbridge, Taverly House Teleport or a Mithril Grapple if you do not have any Nightmare Zone Points. If you do not have either of those or the requirements for the Mithril Grapple, which I will talk about a bit later on, then you should just bring a few more Falador teleports since you can run to Taverly from Falador.

You can bring a Brimhaven Teleport or an Ardougne Teleport if you do not have the Redirection Scrolls.

You can bring a Camelot Teleport, and I bring a teleport to house instead of a Camelot Teleport because I have the portal in my house. Of course, you can have all of these teleports in your house – well, most of them – to make it a bit easier. But, I just prefer taking each one, since it is a little bit quicker.

You also need a teleport crystal – as I said, if you started Mourning Ends Part 1, since there is a Fruit Tree Patch in the Lleyta.

I recommend farming for a lot of Crystals and getting them all charged if you want to do a lot of farm runs, because it can take a while to actually recharge the crystal each time. You can get teleport crystals or the tiny crystals from killing the elves in Lleyta, and they drop them really, really commonly. You can have as many as you want, and then just recharge as many as you want. So, have a big stack of them in your bank. If you have not got this crystal, or have not done the quest, do not worry. It would only take 1 Fruit Tree out of your farm run. So, it is not 100% needed.

In your inventory, you will also need a rake to get rid of weeds, a spade to plant the saplings and you will also need the saplings (5 regular tree saplings and 5 fruit tree saplings).

You will also need the payment for the gardeners. You can actually check the payments that you need in the Farming Skill Guide by clicking on the Farming icon.

The last thing you need is coins – at least 10 000, even though you don’t need that much – and a couple of Stamina Potions.

Doing Tree Runs

Now, at each patch, I am going to show you what to do. With Fruit Trees, you can harvest the fruits from them, and it gets about 10 XP per fruit that you get. But, in my opinion, it is really not worth doing that. You are better off just doing it as quick as you can. So, since it is just barely any XP. So, once you reach a Fruit or Tree patch, the first thing you do is check the health by clicking on the tree, and then you right click the gardener and click pay.

Then, pay them 200 coins, and they remove the tree straight away.

Then, click your sapling onto the patch, and that will plant the sapling. Then, pay the gardener again to look after your patch with the payments. Then, you can move right along to the next patch.

So, to make this a little bit easier for you, on the screen, I have made a list of all the locations and the order I do them in. this order is for both a tree and a fruit tree run in the same run. In small text on the right hand side, I have added the regular tree run on its own, because you can actually do 2 regular tree runs a day, or even more than that, depending on the tree, instead of 1. Regular trees take 3 – 8 hours (3 hours for Oak, 8 hours for Magic) to grow, depending on which one you do. Then, fruit trees take 16 hours to grow each. So, you can do a lot more regular tree runs per day, but, not exactly more fruit tree runs a day. Please keep this image for future reference, because it is definitely going to help you remember these later on.

Demo Run

So, now I am going to do a demo run, just to give you a bit of an idea of what it is like. This demo run is going to have both regular and fruit trees in the same run. I am not going to do the tree run on its own because I am sure you can work that out. The first trees have already been planted. But, the rest are as it should be.

I start myself off at the Varrock Tree Patch east of the Castle. You can either run just straight there from the Grand Exchange, or you can just teleport to Varrock Square and then run there, it is a bit closer.

From here, you can either run to the Spirit Tree at the Grand Exchange, or you can use a Slayer Ring to teleport to Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Once you are there, from the Spirit Tree, you run south. Or, if you take the Slayer Ring, you are basically there straight away. That will take you to the regular tree patch near the Slayer cave.

From there, you run north east to the fruit tree patch near the Spirit tree. Check, plant, pay, and then go back to the Spirit Tree and use it to go to the Tree Gnome Village.

From there, run out of the village, through the fence, and talk to Elkoy to guide you out of the maze.

Then, run straight to the fruit tree patch, plant your stuff there. From here, it is pretty much up to you.

But, this is what I do. I use a Falador Teleport and run straight into Falador Park to the tree patch, check, plant, and pay.

Then I teleport to Lumbridge, go behind the Castle, check, plant, pay,

and then if you have a Redirected House Tab, go to the Brimhaven Teleport Portal. If not, teleport to Ardougne and take the pay fair ship straight to Brimhaven.

Make your way to the fruit tree patch, and then from this patch, teleport to Camelot or teleport to Catherby if you are on Lunar Spellbook.

Then, run to the fishing spots to the fruit tree patch there. Then, from here, you can either use a Redirection Teleport to house to Taverly. Or, you can use the Mithril Grapple up the cliff, and that requires 32 Agility, 35 Strength, 35 Range and also needs the Fishing Contest Quest for some reason. You also need a Mithril Grapple and a Crossbow if you are doing that.

Then, run into the Taverly tree patch, plant whatever.

Then, from here, the last one is only if you have started Mourning Ends part 1. You use the teleport crystal and run straight to the fruit tree patch, then you are done.

That is pretty much it for my Fruit and Tree Running Guide. I hope you learned something today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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