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Twisted League Gamemode Guide (Oldschool RuneScape)

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

What’s going on guys! My name’s Theoatrix, and today I would like to cover the new Twisted League Game mode, coming to Old School Runescape.

I would like to explain in short how it works, and I want to mostly show the best training methods and strategy for the upcoming tournament.

The first installment begins on the 14th November, so a few weeks away, and it begins at the time of the Thursday game update, so early in the morning Thursday if you are in the United States.

The Twisted League is going to be a seasonal game mode – similar to but not replacing Deadman mode.

League Rules

The concept is that you will start on a fresh Ironman with accelerated XP rates.

You will be locked to a certain area, with this season being locked to the entirety of Zeah.

Your respawn and starter location will be at the Kourend castle in the centre of the continent. In the Kebos region, there is the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, the Farming Guild, Aerial Fishing, the Lizardman Temple and the Chambers o Xeric. Within the Hosidius region, there is the Tithe farming, farming patches, vinery, and Forthos Ruins. The list goes on, and I will talk more about the best activities to use further into the article.

Within the Twisted League game mode, there is a Task System that rewards you with League Points.

You can use these points to unlock relics and other league rewards.

Jagex teased a few of the tasks that we can expect to see with some of the Elite Tasks being incredibly difficult for a two month timeline.

The relics within the game mode give your account buffs, and when you start your account, you get to choose a starter relic.

As you level up, and complete more tasks, you can unlock more and more relics.

Jagex gave 3 relics for the upcoming game mode – the Abyssal Accumulator, which saves 80% of your ammo and runes. So, basically, Ava’s Assembler but working for Magic as well. Endless Endurance, never ending run energy and half the prayer point drain rate. Lastly, Dark Altar Devotion, which auto-buries bones from monsters and quadruples the amount of XP that you would normally get. It also doubles your Ensouled Head drops. The first 2 are definitely the most powerful, and as a low level with very little teleports, I have to say that Endless Endurance is the most inviting. However, there are no ranged shops in the entire Zeah area, making the Abyssal Accumulator relic very useful as well.

Starting Account Unlocks

The upcoming season also comes with some preliminary account unlocks.

Firstly, you get level 3 herblore and 15 Agility. Secondly, you have Druidic ritual, Rune Mysteries and Dragon Slayer already unlocked. Druidic Ritual for Herblore, Rune Mysteries for Runecrafting and Dragon Slayer to wear the Rune Platebody.

Main Game rewards and League Account Rewards

You might be thinking – well, what are the rewards for doing this whole game mode.

It is not exactly an eSports kind of thing, so the rewards are an in-game reward rather than a cash reward like Deadman.

There are main game rewards and in league rewards. With the league points that you get in each season, you can buy a range of cosmetic rewards for your main game account. Although, these are likely to change somewhat, and are currently only being polled.

There will also be a Cosmetic Trophy that you can wear in the shield slot, representing the tier that you are placed in,

which is basically the scoring system of the Twisted League.

There is also some rewards within the Leagues, such as your pets will be carried over, and a lot of different ways to show off your previous rank in the previous league.

Twisted League Strategy

So, that is how the Twisted League works, and that leaves the question – what is available on Zeah? As I mentioned, Zeah has so many features – like the Wintertodt, Farming Guild, and Aerial Fishing.


Quest wise, there are 6 complete-able quests.

Firstly, the Client of Kourend can be done by going all around Zeah, then from that, you unlock 5 more quests – one for each house.

These quests have low varying requirements, and each one gives a page for Kharedst’s memoirs, the teleport book for around Zeah, and that is going to be so useful throughout the league.

The Xeric’s Talisman is going to be essential throughout the game mode because it provides easy teleports all across Zeah,

particularly to the farm patches in the Hosidius region and to the Chambers of Xeric.

There are 3 ways to get a talisman – killing Lizardman, where the drop rate is 1 in 250 for all types of Lizardmen, and thieving from stone chests in the Lizardman temple with a 1 in 300 drop rate.

The fastest way to get them is by getting it while getting your Shayzien favour, and killing the low level Lizardmen.

Favour System

The Favour System throughout Zeah is fully accessible. All 5 houses can be completed from 0 – 100% favour. In doing so, it unlocks a lot of important training methods within the restricted area of Zeah.

With Hosidius Favour, you unlock the Fruit Stall thieving training method, the mess hall cooking method, and you get auto-protection of your allotments in Hosidius. Most importantly though, you can access the Farming Guild, Woodcutting Guild and the Tithe Farm.

With Arceuus Favour, you unlock the Arceuus Spellbook, which has a few teleports around Zeah and reanimation spells for training. You can also create Blood and Soul runes, which is a high level Runecrafting method.

The Shayzien house allows you to obtain a Shayzien Armour 5, which makes killing Lizardman Sharmans a thousand times easier.

With 100% Piscarillius favour, you can catch Angler fish, which makes it probably the least useful house for the Twisted League.

Lastly, getting 65% Lovakengj favour allows you to use the Minecart network for useful travel around Zeah, and at 100%, you can use the Blast Mine, which will be the fastest way to train your mining level.

1 – 99 Skills

That leads me into the next section of this article, the fastest way to train each skill on Zeah. Every single skill is trainable from level 1 – 99, with each being a lot different speed wise to the normal game.


Initially, I thought that Construction would be the slowest skill to train,

because having a Player Owned House in the Hosidius region requires 25 Construction, which leave repairing Wintertodt braziers as the best way to train from level 1 – 25, which is really slow.

I questioned the Mods on twitter about this, and Mod Husky confirms that within the Twisted League, your first house from level 1 will be set at Hosidius. So, with that, you can train Construction normally from level 1 – 99.

Although, as an Ironman, getting planks is the main time consumer. There is a Sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild, which will be the easiest way to get planks.

Although, with 40% Shayzien favour, you can kill gangsters in organised crime for lots of noted planks. I am unsure if this is going to be a good method though, because with everyone being an ironman in that one area, a lot of people will be trying to compete over the gangsters.


The next slowest skill is probably going to be Runecrafting,

and the only way to get from level 1 – 77 is by assisting customers in the Library of the Arceuus House.

The Book of Knowledge you get, you can use the XP reward on Runecrafting.

This poses the question though – will XP lamps and XP rewards be boosted? In Deadman mode, even with the massively boosted XP rates, quest XP rewards and lamps were not boosted, and give the same amount of XP as the regular Runescape game mode.

So, this means that level 1 – 77 Runecrafting could take a solid few weeks of gameplay, or a few days if the XP is accelerated. From 77 – 90, Blood runes are the best way to train, then 90 – 99 with Soul runes.


Another slow skill will be Agility, and, as I mentioned, you automatically have 15 Agility when you make your League account.

So, this means that you can access Barbarian fishing, the only way to train your Agility from 15 – 60.

At 60, you can do the Wintertodt pillars for slightly faster XP per hour compared to Barbarian fishing. Although, the click intensity and focus required makes me think that Barbarian fishing is the better way to 99. This is going to mean that a lot of players will have over 50 million fishing XP, and hopefully the fishing pet.


You would be surprised on how many fishing spots there are on Zeah – around all of the outskirts of the island, there are different fishing spots, ranging from shrimps all the way through to sharks.

To get started with Fishing, you need to get fishing supplies from the fishing shops northeast in the Piscarillius house.

From level 1, you can begin catching shrimp near the Sand crabs either on the southern or eastern shore, or you can catch them at Land’s End, west of the bank.

Once you reach level 20, you can then head over to the tiny pond, south of the centre of the Great Kourend, or south of the Shayzien infirmary. Here, you can catch trout and salmon all the way until level 48, where you unlock Barbarian fishing. Although, I recommend doing trout and salmon until 58 because then, with barbarian fishing, you can catch leaping salmon, which is much better XP.

You can Barbarian fish next to the Chambers of Xeric. The pond with bulrushes and trees south of the bank has multiple Barbarian spots, where you can AFK fish or 3 tick, depending on your play style.

Aerial fishing is another method that you can use to train Fishing and your Hunter level.


In the Kebos Lowlands, Jagex sneaked in a small Hunter spot,

containing a bunch of Crimson Swifts, the level 1 bird for Hunter,

and they are located southwest of the Farming Guild in a safe area, away from Lizardmen and NPCs.

This makes you realise that Jagex has been planning this game mode for a very long time. You can obtain bird snares and other Hunter traps from Land’s End, in the southern region of Kourend, and by doing the drop trick, you can get as many as you want.

Once you reach level 9, you can catch Copper Longtails, which are northeast of Land’s End, and catch these until level 15 until Sandworms.

These are the fastest from level 15 – 35, and although there are butterflies on Zeah and at level 15 Ruby Harvest butterflies are a lot faster than Sandworms. But, I cannot find anywhere on Zeah to get a Butterfly jar. You can get butterfly nets, but you cannot find jars anywhere.

Once you reach 35, the fastest way to train is Aerial fishing.

At level 50 hunter, the XP rates are almost 40k XP per hour, which is a lot better than you would get at the available birds or at Sandworms.

At level 55, you also unlock Grey Chinchompas, which you can catch northwest of Land’s End. Then, Box traps can be found in the crates nearby.

However, I am not entirely sure that Chinchompas are catch-able, because you need Eagle’s peak to place a Box Trap, and you cannot complete this quest in the Zeah area. So, this makes Aerial Fishing probably the best way to 99 Hunter, or alternatively the bats within Raids.


Firemaking is likely to be the fastest skill in the game mode, since the Wintertodt is available.

To use the Wintertodt, you need 50 Firemaking, which can easily be obtained while you are training Woodcutting, and you can light the logs as you go.

The Wintertodt no doubt will be the first choice for many players, similar to very many ironmen, and depending on the XP boost, it should only take about a day for level 99.


On the topic of Woodcutting, you can train virtually anywhere around the Great Kourend.

There is almost every type of tree pretty much anywhere,

and once you are level 60, you can then go to the Woodcutting Guild, and training your Fletching is also done through Woodcutting like your early Firemaking training, and cutting Longbows is your best bet. Or, alternatively, Smithing.


Throughout the Lovakengj area, there are multiple Furnaces and Anvils scattered throughout.

Ores and bars can mostly be obtained through monster drops or mining. Monsters like Sulphur Lizards drop lots of noted ores and bars, and the Chambers of Xeric and Wintertodt also give lots of Smithing supplies.

The closest furnace and anvil to a bank are these ones, near the Lovakengj bank.


Mining can be started at the Piscarillius Mine,

right where you come off the docks from Port Sarim.

Here, there is a lot of tin and copper, as well as 5 iron rocks, some silver, and Mithril.

There is a bank up north if you are interested in banking. Once you reach 15, you can mine at a triple iron rock spot, and there is one on the western face of Mount Karuulm. After that, you have access to the Blast Mine.


A good place to train Thieving is within the Hosidius region,

where you can find men and women to train at level 1, and at level 5, you can steal from the bakery in the town centre.

Once you reach level 25, you can steal from the Fruit stalls for the fastest XP until 38, where you unlock master farmers and one can be found east of the Hosidius town centre.

You can also thieve stone chests with 64 Thieving, and they are in the Lizardman Temple. The XP rates here are almost those of Ardougne Knights. So, they are very fast. At level 49, you can also pick locks in the Piscarillius region. But, that is not very fast.


Farming wise, there is a variety of patches around Zeah.

Although, the only tree patches are in the Farming Guild. This means that the best low level training is allotments and herbs in the Hosidius region. Then, the Tithe Farm until you can enter the Farming Guild. Then, completing Farming Contracts and working your way up the guild will provide the best XP.


Cooking can be started off with low level fishing and then at 20 Cooking, you can cook at the mess hall, making meat Pies, Stews then Pineapple Pizzas, and these Pizzas are the best Cooking XP per hour on Zeah.

The Hosidius kitchen is also available, which has a far lower burn rate, making it the best place to cook your raw food.


In the Arceuus House, the Magic Store sells vials of water packs, and Eye of Newt packs, which is perfect for training your herblore from level 3.

As mentioned before, you will automatically have Druidic Ritual complete. So, Herblore is trainable through to level 99. Although, because you will need to gather the herbs yourself, it will be one of the slowest skills to train. Herbs can be obtained in a multitude of ways – like farming, and monster drops.

The best ways in Zeah are the Chambers of Xeric, which gives hundreds on successful raid, and Hydras and Drakes, which drop lots of noted herbs.


Crafting is another semi slow one, where from level 1 – 10, you will need to sheer sheep at the farms in the northern Hosidius area.

Then, you will need to go to the spinning wheel and make balls of wool.

You can then pick flax in the flax field, which is also in the northern Hosidius area, and at 10 Crafting, you can spin that into Bowstring.

Dense Essence is another low level training method, where during the process of crafting Blood or Soul Runes, you will get some Crafting XP.

As for higher level Crafting, obtaining red Dragonhide from red dragons, then using them at the tanner and crafting them nearby, is the best way to train.


So, that is all of the skills except for Slayer and the Combat skills.

Prayer can be trained very fast at the new-ish Forthos dungeon, which has an altar similar to the Gilded Altar,

and there red dragons right next door, making it perfect for ironmen. Ensouled Heads and the reanimation spells are also available on Zeah.


You can get Slayer tasks from Konar, the only Slayer Master in the entire area, and instead of the standard 75 Combat requirement, Konar instead now has a 5 Combat requirement.

Konar also no longer assigns area specific tasks, which makes Slayer a little easier. Konar’s Brimstone chest will also be available. However, the main thing with Slayer is gear. There is not a lot of armour and weapons that you have access to in Zeah.


There is 0 Ranged shops, making the only way to get ranged weapons through Fletching and Smithing.

You can get a Rune Crossbow by getting Runite Limbs from the Steel Dragons and crafting it yourself, which makes it the best ranged Weapons for the Chambers of Xeric before you unlock the better drops.

Ranged armour can be created through the Crafting skill.


Magic wise, you only have access to the Arceuus and standard Spellbook, which makes the standard Spellbook the best for combat magic, and the Arceuus Spellbook for Prayer.

Some players might choose to splash, which is a cheap and decently fast way to train with boosted XP rates.

Alternatively, players can stock up on runes through training Slayer from monsters like Nechryaels or Dust Devils. You can also train at the Arceuus Library instead of using the experience on Runecrafting.


Melee wise, you have access to some really good weaponry.

There is a Shayzien Armour and weapons store north of the Infirmary, and here, you can buy weapons up to Adamant. You can then get a Rune Scimitar from Fire Giants. From the Rune Scimitar, there is a large gap until you unlock the next weapon, where you unlock Abyssal Demons with 85 Slayer, getting you the Abyssal Whip, the best weapon until you get the rewards from the Chambers of Xeric.

Because of the restrictions, it is in the talks that the Chambers is going to be slightly easier than the normal in game version, because things like the Blowpipe, Trident and Barrows gear are not accessible.

This is what makes the game mode so interesting though. Those restrictions change how you play Runescape as a whole, and even Slayer is going to be a whole new challenge. On a final note, I want to reiterate something that the Jagex Moderators were talking about on their recent Q&A livestream. Not every League task is achievable.

Basically, you will not be able to do every single task on the list. You will not be able to get the max total level, as well as the Chambers of Xeric pet, and the Metamorphic Dust. At the end of the day, the scoring system is based off your League Score, which is how many tasks you do. So, it is best to choose to focus either on PvM or focus on Skilling.

Anyways, that is my Twisted League Guide. I hope you learned something or found something interesting within this article. If you did, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content if you are new around here. I am super excited for the twisted League and I hope you are as well, because it is going to be a completely new Old School challenge. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks so much for reading this article, and I’ll see you next time!



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