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Theoatrix's 1-99 Crafting Guide (OSRS)

Updated: Feb 4

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my level 1 – 99 Crafting Guide.

Crafting is a skill available to both Free to Play and Members in Old School Runescape, and it allows players to create jewellery, armour and a range of other materials and objects used in other skills. It is a skill in which you can spend a lot of money and get it done quickly, or you can do it at a slower pace while spending less or making money.

Reasons for Crafting

As a Free to Play player, you can get your first taste of Crafting by completing the Sheep Shearer Quest.

The skill involves gathering or buying the raw materials needed, then using their activator, whether it be a Thread and Needle, a Chisel, a Spinning Wheels, etc. Then, you get the final product with some experience.

Training your Crafting is important for a number of reasons. The highest Crafting requirement Quest in the game is Monkey Madness 2, which needs 70 Crafting.

Also, it is needed to make Slayer Rings, which are super handy for 99 Slayer, and it requires 75 Crafting.

For Ironmen, Crafting unlocks armour, weapons and most importantly, jewellery. It is worth noting that the most reliable Crafting boost in the game now is Mushroom Pies, which was newly added with Fossil Island. These boost your Crafting by 4 levels, and you can of course use this to boost to things you cannot make. But, you can also boost your level for training if you are 1 or 2 levels off the next unlock.

Training Methods

Fastest Methods

Starting off with the fastest or most efficient way to train your Crafting level in Old School Runescape… If you find any of these too expensive, there will be alternatives later on.

Level 1 – 50: Cutting Gems

To get through from level 1 – 54 Crafting, the best way to level up is by cutting Gems.

Level 1 – 20: Opals

At level 1 – 20, you should cut Opals. Cut Opals are worth almost double a regular uncut Opal. So, even though you will crush quite a few at a low level, you will still make most of your money back. You will need around 500 Opals to get to level 20. But, it depends on how many you crush. So, stay around the Grand Exchange in case you need to buy more. As with all Gem cutting, you need a Chisel, and getting through to level 20 will take about 10 minutes with a cost of 10 000 – 15 000 after you sell the Opals back.

Level 20 – 27: Sapphires

At level 20, you unlock Sapphires, which are a lot more expensive than Opals. But, it will get you through to level 27 very fast, since they have a stable XP rate of over 140 000 per hour. You need 106 Sapphires, and once you sell them back, you will lose around 40 000.

Level 27

At level 27, you unlock Emeralds, which are considerably cheaper than Sapphires, and I recommend doing these all the way though to level 54 Crafting. Overall, you will need 2091 uncut Emeralds, and after cutting and selling them all back, it will cost about 650 000 while getting an XP rate of around 170 000 per hour.

If Sapphires or Emeralds are too expensive, you can continue to cut Opals all the way through to level 54, and you will break-even or if not make a small profit as well. The XP rates are about 1/5 of the speed though.

Level 54 – 58: Water Battlestaves

At level 54, the fastest training method is the Battlestaves, which can be created using a regular Battlestaff with an Elemental Orb. With 54, you can make Water Battlestaves, which are slightly more expensive than Emerald. But, your XP rates can go up to 250 000 per hour.

Level 58 – 63: Earth Battlestaves

From level 58 to 63, a cheaper and faster method is unlocked – Earth Battlestaves. Getting to 63 requires 972 Earth Battlestaves.

Level 63 – 66: Green Dragonhide Bodies

Even past level 63, you could continue doing Battlestaves. But, with the price of Green Dragon Leather being really low, Green Dragonhide Bodies are in fact cheaper than Earth Battlestaves, and give XP rates of over 300 000 per hour. You will need to make 687 Bodies to get to level 66, and that means that you will need 2061 Green Dragon Leathers.

Level 66 – 71: Air Battlestaves

At level 66, you unlock a great method – Air Battlestaves, which are, again, faster and cheaper. Currently, they have a GP / XP of only 4, and the XP rates are over 330 000 per hour.

You will need 2315 Battlestaves to get through to level 71, which unlocks the next fastest method. But, the next methods are a lot more expensive than doing Air Battlestaves.

So, a great alternative to save money is to make Air Battlestaves all the way to 99 Crafting. With 91 000 Staves, it is going to cost you 50 000 000 from 66 – 99.

Level 71 – 77: Blue Dragonhide Bodies

Going back to level 71, you unlock Blue Dragonhide Bodies, which give you about 20 000 more XP per hour than Air Battlestaves. However, they are 2 GP / XP more. It will cost you 4 000 000 to get to level 77.

Level 77 – 84: Red Dragonhide Bodies

Then, from 77 – 84, you can make Red Dragonhide Bodies. You will need almost 19 000 Red Dragon Leather, costing 10 000 000.

Level 84 – 99: Black Dragonhide Bodies

Then, at level 84, you unlock one of the fastest Crafting methods in the game – Black Dragonhide Bodies. You can get up to 430 000 XP per hour doing these, making getting 99 very fast. You will need to make 39 000 Black Dragonhide Bodies, and after selling them all, you will lose 90 000 000 in the process.

Fastest Methods Summary

So, in total for the fastest methods, you can go from 66 – 99 with Air Battlestaves costing 50 000 000 with XP rates of up to 330 000. Or, you can take the more expensive route with Blue, Red and Black Dragonhide Bodies, reaching up to 430 000 XP per hour. But, it costs 104 000 000.

Alternative Methods

So, that is the fastest way to level 99 Crafting. There is a tracker at the end of this article if you want to check the current prices for this method.

But, moving on to the alternative methods

Level 5 – 30: Gold Jewellery

First up is Gold Jewellery. Some people do this for money. But, I strongly recommend doing this only at a low level or decent XP per hour. You should only really do these below level 30 Crafting, because of how slow they are. But, they are a great way to make a little bit of money while levelling up pretty fast.

Level 16+: Silver Jewellery

The next alternative is Silver items. Silver Jewellery is good too. But, I will talk about that in the profit section of this guide. From 16 Crafting, you can start making Silver items, and you get double the XP rate compared to Gold Jewellery, and with unstrung Holy Symbols, you almost break even.

Level 46+: Glassblowing

Another alternative method is Glass Blowing, which has become less and less viable with the price of other methods decreasing. All of the Glass items, before the Unpowered Orb, are not worth doing due to their cost being higher than even the fastest method that I showed. From 87 – 99, you can make Empty Light Orbs, which will cost another 27 000 000, totaling around 37 000 000 from 1 – 99. The thing is though, the XP rates are way, way lower. So, I really do not recommend doing this method on regular accounts anymore.

Level 82: Amethyst

The next one is a method that you can profit from. But, the GP / XP can vary into the positives and negatives. Turning Amethyst Rocks into Amethyst Bolt Tips, Arrow Tips or Javelin Heads, is a decent way to AFK your Crafting. All of them give the same XP. So, in saying that, you should aim for the ones with the best GP / XP. I have linked a calculator for Amethyst at the end of this article. But, at this point in time, you make quite a bit of money from Amethyst Bolt Tips.

Profitable Methods

Now, for the Profitable Methods – and, yes, I have mentioned some profitable methods already. But, these ones that I am about to mention should solely be done for the purpose of making money.

Level 8: Clockworks

The first method, which is incredibly profitable at a lower level, is creating Clockworks at a Crafting Table 2 in a Player Owned House.

You need 1 Steel Bar per Clockwork, and since they play such a huge part in Birdhouses, each one can be resold for a profit of about 800 coins, which is heaps.


The next profitable method is Jewellery both Gold and Silver jewellery. To make the most money at a low level, you should make Opal and Topaz Bracelets. Both of these are used in Slayer, making them in decently high demand on the Grand Exchange. Sapphire Rings are also great at a low level, as well as Sapphire Necklaces.

A lot of the Dragonstone Jewellery is a lot more profitable than any of the other jewellery, and you even get much better XP rates at the same time.

Crush-able Gems

The final profitable method is cutting Crush-able Gems at a high Crafting level – above level 80. This is because you will have a really low crush rate, and all of the cut versions are worth more than the uncut versions.

The XP rates are not all that good, and I do not really recommend doing Opals due to the smaller profit margin. But, Jades and Red Topaz provide good profits, which rise depending on your level.

Ironman Crafting Methods

Now, moving into the Ironman Crafting methods… I am not going to go into considerable depth because I want to make a full Ironman Crafting Guide one day. But, I will give a good overview on how to train.

Your best when starting out is to make the most of the huge range of Quests that give XP rewards. The Elemental Workshop Quest, specifically 1 in 2, give 12 500 Crafting XP combined. From here, there are a range of ways to get your Crafting up.

Charter Ships

A particularly popular method is the Charter Ship method, where at a lower level, you can buy Buckets of Sand and Seaweed form the Charter Ships and turn them into Molten Glass for XP.

From there, you can use a Glassblowing Pipe to get more XP by making objects. After Lunar Diplomacy, and with 77 Magic, you unlock Super Glassmake, which speeds up this whole process by a lot, with XP rates capping out to up to 85 000 – 90 000 per hour.

Other Methods

Battlestaves are another method that are decent for Ironmen, since you can easily get them from Zaff, add an Orb, and then Alch them and repeat them daily.

Also, through Slayer and particular monsters like Gargoyles, you can stock up on a lot of Gold ore and Bars, and make Jewellery.

Also, you get a lot of Gems through Slayer and through things like raids and mining Gem rocks, which will gradually help your Crafting level. So, that is a little nudge in the right direction for Ironmen.

Free to Play Overview

Free to Play Quests for Crafting XP

Now, for a Free to Play overview...

As a low level Free to Play player, there are now 3 Quests which you can complete to give Crafting XP. You can do Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy and Misthalin Mystery for a total of 950 Crafting XP, boosting you from level 1 – 8 Crafting.

Level 1 – 5: Leather Gloves

If you do not want to Quest, you should buy or create regular Leather and make Leather Gloves to reach 5 Crafting. From here, you can move on to Gold Jewellery for some profit.

Level 5 - 20: Jewellery

From level 5 – 20, you can make Rings, Necklaces, and then Unstrung Amulets. You should train at the Edgeville Furnace, which is newly available to Free to Play players, and is very close to a bank.

Level 20+: Cutting Gems

From level 20, if you have loads of money, you can cut Gems for the fastest possible XP in Free to Play. Cutting Sapphires through to Diamonds to 99 will cost 115 000 000.

Alternatively, you can continue to make money through to 99 by making Sapphire Necklaces, which profits about 30 000 000 to 99.

Another way which is fast but costs a bit of money is making Diamond Amulets from 70 – 99 Crafting. It only costs about 5 000 000 – 10 000 000, and it gives XP rates of up to 120 000 XP per hour.

As I mentioned earlier, I put together a tracker for the fastest to 99 portion of this guide so that you can see how much it costs at any time. For any of the other methods I have shown, I have linked some great GP / XP trackers at the end of the articles, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Thanks for reading my 1 – 99 Crafting Guide. Anyways guys, I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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