Theoatrix's 1-99 Combat Training Guide (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am presenting my Complete Melee Combat Training Guide.

Throughout this article, I will show you how the bonuses work, I will talk a bit about gear and weaponry, and what types of items you should focus on getting. Then, I will talk about everything you will need to know about the best training methods in the game. I will also give a summary of bossing and the pets from combat towards the end.

Starting off with the bonuses and levels. Everything revolving around Attack in Old School Runescape correlates to your accuracy. It does not change how much you hit, but it increases how often you will hit. Increasing you Attack level also allows you to wear more weapons, which gives you an increased Attack bonus.

Your strength level solely changes you Max Hit, and there is no change to your accuracy at all. You can also wear some extra weapons by having a higher Strength level, and you Strength bonus mainly comes from you weapon. But, there is a lot of gear that also boosts your Attack and Strength bonuses as well.

Your Defence level lowers the chance of you getting hit. But, it does not change anything to the Max Hit that you will take. Increasing your Defence level also increases the armour that you can wear, which gives you more of a Defence bonus, making you get hit far less often with the higher level gear.


Low Level Weaponry

Now I would like to talk about Weaponry. In almost all cases of training combat in Old School Runescape, a weapon that has a higher Attack speed is usually the best choice.

Slow weapons usually hit a bit higher, but faster weapons attack more consistently, and overall give you a better XP rate and faster damage per second. At low levels, all of the scimitars are the best or training your Melee Combat. In terms of training your Attack, Strength and Defence, your Attack level takes slight priority over Strength at lower levels, since you need to unlock those better weapons.

All the way up to level 40, the Rune Scimitar is the best for you to use. However, members unlock the Brine Sabre, which actually gives a slightly better slash, and Strength bonus in comparison to the Rune Scimitar. It does cost a little bit more. But, for those that have the money, this can speed up your training at a lower level.

Level 50 Weaponry

Once you reach level 50 Attack, and level 50 Strength, you can start wearing Granite items. There are a few new Granite Weapons in the game, and the best one available is the Granite Hammer. It is quite expensive. So, the Granite Longsword is another great option at this level.

If you reach level 55 Slayer, the best in slot item at 50 Attack is actually the Leaf-Bladed Sword. It gives a far better Attack bonus than the Granite Hammer, but not quite a higher Strength bonus. However, it does give a much better Attack bonus, making it better than the Granite Hammer for training, and a lot cheaper as well.

Level 60 Weaponry

Once you reach level 60 Attack, you unlock Dragon Weaponry. The Dragon Scimitar is what you should be aiming for, as it is the best weapon for you to train with at this level, and it is a lot cheaper than a lot of the other weapons. Wearing the Dragon Scimitar needs Monkey Madness. For those that have not completed Monkey Madness, there are a couple of options available that still give decently good bonuses.

Warrior’s Guild

Once your Attack and Strength level equals 130 by adding them both together, you are allowed to access the Warrior’s Guild.

Inside the Warrior’s Guild, you can get Defenders. These Defenders require a Defence level to wear. However, they give very high Attack and Strength bonuses, as well as Defensive bonuses, making them a very important shield slot item for when you are training your Melee Combat. As soon as you can enter the Warrior’s Guild, I would recommend grinding out to the Dragon Defender because overall, that is going to make a huge difference to your XP rates.

Level 70 Weaponry

Once you reach level 70 Attack, you unlock a few more options. For training your Attack and Defence above level 70, I highly recommend using the Abyssal Whip. But, for training your Strength, you have a few different options. The Saradomin Sword is a very cheap Strength training option. The Abyssal Bludgeon is the best two-handed Strength training weapon.

Then once you reach level 75 Attack, you unlock the best Melee training weapon in the game, the Ghrazi Rapier. Also, at level 75, you unlock the Abyssal Tentacle, the Blessed Sara Sword, and the Staff of the Dead, which are all very powerful Melee weapons. However, the Abyssal Tentacle and the Blessed Sara Sword both are degradable. Therefore, it costs quite a lot to Attack with it.


Choosing you Armour

Now I would like to talk about Armour. When you are choosing your armour, you always need to take note of the Attack Style of your opponent. Against monsters or players that use Melee or Ranged, metal armour and shields will give you the highest Defence bonus.

Against Magic, Dragon Hide and other Ranged gear provides the highest magic Defence.

Attack/Strength Boosting Armour

When training, you should try focusing on items that will boost your Attack bonus and your Strength bonus. Of course, your weapon is the most important for these bonuses. But, your armour and everything else you wear really does contribute to your overall Damage and XP rates.

Best in Slot Armour Items

I would like to quickly go over each item slot to give you guys the best in slots plus a few different alternatives. I am not going to go into depth because that would take a lot of time. But, I will very quickly run through them.

Best in Slot Helmets

In terms of Headgear, the best thing you should go out of your way to get is the Helm of Neitiznot. The Serpentine Helm gives the same strength bonus.

However, it gives a higher Defence bonus than the Neitiznot, and you should always know that the Slayer helmet, or the Black Mask will always give the best Damage boost on a Slayer task.

Best in Slot Bodies

In terms of Body Armour, the highest Strength bonus comes from the Fighter Torso and the Bandos Chestplate. However, the Bandos Chestplate has a far better Defence bonus than the Fighter Torso.

Best in Slot Legs

In the leg slot, the only items that give a Strength bonus are the Bandos Tassets, and the Obsidian Platelegs. I highly suggest using the Obsidian Platelegs. Once you can afford it, the Bandos Tassets are your best in slot.

Best in Slot Shields

In the Shield slot, all your Defenders are the best for the highest damage per second. The Dragon Fire Shield gives a high Strength bonus, and at very low levels, when you have not unlocked the Defender, the Zamorak book or the Obsidian Shield both give decent bonuses for training.

Best in Slot Capes

In the Cape slot, the Infernal Cape from the Inferno is now the best in slot Cape in the game. Second is the Fire Cape from the Fight Caves. Also, the Obsidian Cape is pretty good at a low level for the Defence bonuses.

Best in Slot Necklaces

In the next slot, the Amulet of Torture is the best in slot. But, the Amulet of Fury and the Amulet of Glory provide good Attack bonuses and some Strength bonuses as well.

Best in slot Gloves

All of the Gloves from the Recipe for Disaster Quest are the best in your hand slot. However, the Regen Bracelet, Granite Gloves, and the Combat Bracelet are all alternatives if you have not started or completed the Quest.

Best in Slot Boots

In terms of your Boot slot, climbing boots are awesome for very low levels, giving a nice boost in your Strength bonus. The best in slot are the Primordial Boots, with Dragon boots in second.

Best in Slot Rings

In your Ring slot, the best item for training is the Berserker Ring Imbued from the Nightmare Zone.

Obsidian Set Effect

I spoke earlier about obsidian, and with level 60 Defence, you can wear the whole Obsidian Set, and it gives you a 10% damage and Accuracy boost to the Melee Obsidian Weapons. You can also wear the Berserker Necklace to increase that boost. But, those items are also good on their own. Each one of the Obsidian pieces gives a Strength bonus, and the cost in comparison to Bandos is very cheap.

Fastest Low Level XP

Member Quests:

Now I would like to go over how to train your combat XP very quickly at a low level, and that is via Questing. As a member, you can complete the Waterfall Quest, which has absolutely no requirements, and will get you from level 1 – 30 Attack and Strength instantly.

There are a range of other quests available that give huge XP rewards with very low requirements as a member. The most notable ones are the Fight Arena and the Tree Gnome Village Quests.

Free to Play Quests

As a Free to Play Player, you do still have some options for massive XP rewards. The Vampire Slayer Quest can be done at a very low level for a 5000 Attack XP reward, and then the Dragon Slayer Quest gives massive XP rewards after completing it.

Low Level Training Spots

At a low level, there are so many places to train in Runescape. In this segment, I am going to go over about 5 – 10 different methods that are suitable for fast XP and some of these will give you a decent amount of money.

Free to Play

As a Free to Play Player, the best place to start training your combat is at the chickens and cows in Lumbridge.

(Hill Giants)

Once you are over around level 30 Combat, you can head over to the Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon. A recent addition to Old School Runescape brought Obor, the Hill Giant Boss. By killing the Hill Giants, you get a key that gives you access to fighting Obor. This really spices up your training, and Obor can be killed with Melee. But, be very careful because he is quite powerful.

(Moss Giants)

Once you reach a higher combat level, you can attack Moss Giants in the Varrock Sewers. From the Moss Giants, you can get a Mossy Key to fight the Moss Giant Boss, Bryophyta. This boss is surprisingly easier than Obor. Both Obor and Bryophyta have very lucrative drops for low level accounts, and give you a taste of what Bossing is like in Runescape.

(The Stronghold of Security)

Free to Play players can also take advantage of the Stronghold of Security. There are Flesh crawlers on the second level, which are great for low levels. There are Spiders for some more AFK type training and a bit of money.

(Ogress Warriors)

The last Free to Play training spot I would like to mention is the Ogress Warriors, located at Corsair Cove. These guys drop a lot of rune items and high value drops. These are mainly for players above level 80 in Melee Combat.

Pay to Play

(Rock Crabs)

As a low level member, you have access to a much larger variety of options. Rock Crabs just north of Rellekka are an easily accessible training spot for low levels, and Rock Crabs are very weak targets with a lot of Hitpoints.

(Sand Crabs)

An addition unique to Old School Runescape is Sand Crabs, located just south of the Hosidus House. Sand Crabs are very similar to Rock Crabs, with a very low combat level and higher Hitpoints than Rock Crabs.


The Experiments have very low Attack bonuses, and they have 100 Hitpoints. This is an excellent place to train at a low level. But, Experiments have no valuable drops.

(Chaos Druids)

So, if you want something that is a little bit profitable at a low level, you can kill Chaos Druids at Edgeville Dungeon, Taverly Dungeon, or the Chaos Druid Tower. These guys drop a lot of high level herbs, which will really add up at a low level.

Slayer: Efficient Combat XP

The most efficient way to train your combat levels in Runescape in terms of going for the Max Cape, is to train your combat through Slayer. It is recommended to start Slayer when you have at least level 70 Combat in order to use the Fairy Slayer Master and have access to good gear and teleports. The damage and accuracy bonus from the Slayer Helmet and the Black Mask make your Slayer tasks great Melee XP at the same time as training the Slayer skill. A lot of the Slayer monsters have very valuable drops, meaning you will make a lot of money getting to level 99 Slayer. On you journey to 99 Slayer, you are pretty much guaranteed to get 99’s in a lot of the Combat Stats. Some Slayer tasks cannot efficiently be done with Melee only. But, in the long run, if you are going for the fastest overall total level, the best way to train is consistently through Slayer.

Fastest XP Methods

The Nightmare Zone

Now, I would like to go over the methods that give the fastest XP in the game. The first one is the Nightmare Zone. To partake in the Nightmare Zone, you need at least 5 of the Quests completed that have Bosses. I also recommend having at least around level 60 combat before you take part in the Nightmare Zone. Otherwise, the XP rates are not worth your time. The thing about the Nightmare Zone is that you have access to overloads and Absorption potions, which negates the cost of super combat potions, boosts your stats more, and you also don’t need Prayer potions due to the adsorptions. The Herb boxes can be done for profit over time, and the Nightmare Zone is something that can be done very AFK as well. In order to get the fastest Melee Combat XP at the Nightmare Zone, you need to look out for the Power Surge Power-up. Pairing that power-up with special Attack items like the Granite Maul, or the Dragon Claws, it is possible to get well over 100 000 XP per hour. Wearing full Dharok at the Nightmare Zone, and lowering your Hitpoints to 1 using the Locator Orb or the Dwarven Rock Cake, is another very common and fast way to train your combat. On top of all of those benefits, doing some of your training at the Nightmare Zone will allow you to imbue some of your Rings and other items.

Monkey Guards on Ape Atoll

Another training method that uses the Dharok set is killing the Monkey Guards located on Ape Atoll. A very fast way there is using the Ape Atoll teleport on the regular Spellbook, and that takes you literally next to the training spot. There is an altar right next to them as well, which allows you to stay here pretty much endlessly while using stat boosting prayers as well.

AFKable Methods

Ammonite Crabs

Now I would like to go over some AFK training spots, and the first one is Ammonite Crabs, which are unlocked after completing the Bone Voyage Quest. These guys have the same stats as Experiments. There are level 25 and have 100 Hitpoints. They also have a very low Max hit, meaning that you won’t need to bring much food at all. There are a lot of spots you can stand to stay at this spot AFK for 10 minutes at a time. After 10 minutes, the crabs will stop reacting to you standing there, and they won’t attack you, keeping you in combat.


Another very AFK training spot is at Bandits, and by using a Saradomin or Zamorak item, these guys will stay aggressive to you forever. Pairing Guthan’s with a Saradomin or Zamorak item, you can stay AFK here for up to 20 minutes until you will stop attacking, and eventually log out. There is also the tent nearby where you can exchange bank notes for regular items. So, if you bring noted food with you, you can stay here forever.



Now, I have a few money-makers that come out of Melee Combat, and the first one is Revenants. The main disadvantage of Revenants right now is that they are very crowded with PKers. The whole Revenant Cave is Multi-Combat. Within the cave, there are Revenants ranging from very low to very high combat levels. Because of this, Revenants can be done at any level, and can be very profitable for any account. Wearing the Bracelet of Ethereum, Revenants cannot deal any damage to you whatsoever. The profit really depends on how much you get PK’d and how lucky you get on the drop table. But, currently, Revenants are one of the most lucrative methods in the game.

Green Dragons

Another monster that makes quite a bit of money over time is the Green dragons. These are located throughout the Wilderness and are only level 79 combat. For every kill you get, you are guaranteed the drop of the Dragon Bones and the Green Dragon Hides. If you pick those up every kill, you can easily make up to 500 000 coins per hour.


At level 75 Slayer, you unlock the Gargoyles. These are commonly killed on ALT accounts, but can be killed on your account for great profits. You can kill these quite AFK for a consistent amount of profit. Gargoyles do have a fairly high defence level, meaning that you won’t get very high XP rates when you are fighting them. But, a lot of their drops are noted. So, that means you will be able to stay there indefinitely without going to the bank at all.

Melee-able Bosses

The next part of this article is the Bosses you can fight with only Melee.

Free to Play Bosses

The two Free to Play Bosses, Obor and Bryophyta, are both pretty simple and relatively straightforward bosses. Sadly, pets are not available in Free to Play. However, these guys drop other unique items like the Hill Giant Club, or Bryophyta’s Essence, which can be turned into Bryophyta’s Staff.

Members’ Bosses


Moving into the Members’ Bosses, there is a new boss available in Old School Runescape that was not available back in Runescape 2, known as Skotizo.

Giant Mole

The Giant Mole which lives under Falador Park is a great monster to start trying if you would like to start getting into Bossing.

The Chaos Elemental

Flinching the Chaos Elemental is another great option and a lot of the other Wilderness bosses are also Melee-able bosses.

Wilderness Bosses

Each one of these also have a pet variant that drops at a rate of 1 in 2000, which is very common for a pet. The Verac’s set is the most powerful on most of the Wilderness Bosses, and requires level 70 Attack, Strength and Defence in order to wear the full set.

Godwars Bosses

Two of the four Godwars can be killed with a Melee weapon. K’ril Tsutaroth is the first one,

and General Graardor, which is slightly weaker than K’ril Tsutaroth.

Slayer Bosses

There are also a lot of Slayer bosses that you can kill with Melee. First off is the Grotesque Guardians, which are a gargoyle boss, unlocked at level 75 Slayer.

There is the Abyssal Sire, which is the boss version of the Abyssal Demons, and this requires level 85 Slayer.

There is Cerberus, which is a Hellhound boss, requiring 91 Slayer, and is one of the most profitable bosses per hour in the game.

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is another boss killed with only Melee and requires level 93 Slayer to kill.

Finally, the highest level boss out of all of these that I have spoken about, is the Corporeal Beast, and this one requires above level 90 in all of the Melee combat stats in order to be effective in a team. The Corporeal Beast has a drop that is well over 500 000 000 coins right now. Players camp at Corp for weeks and months trying to land that drop.

So, that is my 1 – 99 Melee Combat training guide. A couple of final notes… Firstly, that you can train your Defence using long range on Chinchompas, or using Ancient Magic on Defensive Casting, and this actually gives more XP per hour in Defence than using Melee.

One other quick point is that Strength can be trained at Barbarian Fishing without training your Hitpoints at all.

So, that is the end of my 1 – 99 Melee Combat Guide. If you learned something interesting today, be sure to leave a like on this article. If you are new, be sure to subscribe. If you have any training spots that I haven’t mentioned that you think other people should know about, feel free to type them out in the comments, and I will note the ones that I think are good. As always, thank you so much for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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