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The Kebos Lowlands (Full Overview & Nerf Info)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and on the 11th January 2019, we saw the release of the Kebos Lowlands,

an extension to the Great Kourend, located just north of the Chambers of Xeric.

The update brought a new Achievement Diary, a new Slayer Master, new Slayer Monsters, the new Farming Guild and Aerial Fishing.

Two new quests were also released for the Lovakengj and the Arceuus House. This article will give a brief overview of all of the new updates and the most notable rewards. But, I mostly wanted to compare the new gear and changes to the previous best.

The New Diary

The new Achievement Diary covers the entire region of the Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands.

Completing each tier rewards you with Rada’s Blessing,

an item worn in the ammunition slot.

Most notably, the Elite Blessing offers a +2 Prayer bonus, which is higher than any ammunition slot item in the game.

Additionally, completing the Medium Diary gives a 5% chance to mine 2 Dense Essence blocks instead of 1, slightly speeding up your Zeah Runecrafting.

With the Hard Diary, you can add the Shayzien Helm 5 effect into the Slayer Helmet. So, this allows you to pair the Slayer Helmet with the full Shayzien Armour set while it is still receiving the entire set effect. In addition to the +2 Prayer bonus with the Elite Diary, you get an increase to 20 Slayer Points per task from Konar, who I will talk about soon, as well as Protection in the new Slayer Dungeon without having to wear special boots.

To claim your reward upon completing, you need to speak to Elise, who is found in the courtyard area of the Kourend Castle. Along with the Blessing, you will get the regular XP lamp rewards of up to 50 000 as well.

Mount Karuulm

All the way in the north western corner of the Great Kourend, a Sulphur Volcano has spawned – a new area known as Mount Karuulm.

Here lies a new Slayer Dungeon, along with Konar, a new level 75 Combat Slayer Master.

She assigns tasks restricted to a specific area. So, instead of just getting Black Demons, you would get Black Demons restricted to the Catacombs of Kourend, for example.

Her tasks are similar to Duradel, some in smaller quantities, and some in bigger quantities. She rewards 18 Slayer Points per task, which is surprisingly higher than Duradel, who gives 15, but lower than the Wilderness Master, Krystilia, who gives 25 Slayer Points per task.

On top of that, any monster killed on a Konar task has a chance of rolling the new Global Loot Table, and the chance of hitting the drop table is scaled depending on the Combat level of the monster that you are fighting.

The drop table includes the brand new one handed Dragon Hasta, which has a very unique special attack that uses all of the remaining special attack energy that you have.

So, that can be from 5% to 100%, and the damage and accuracy of that attack scales to how much energy is used.

It has very similar stats to the Dragon Spear, except that the Hasta is one handed, allowing you to use the Dragon Defender. On release, the drop table boasted huge drops, including 2500 Saradomin Brews, and other drops up to and over 2 000 000 in value!

A day after the release, a Nerf took place, lowering the overall value of drops by around 30%, and reducing the high value drops.

Also, included in the cold fix, is the new dusk Mystic Robes with a Mount Karuulm colour scheme. You roll a chance at the Mystic in the same drop table as the Dragon Hasta. Almost all of the drops on the drop table are resource drops, making them amazing for Ironmen.

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

Located just north of Konar, is an elevator,

and going down is a new single combat area known as the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. It contains generic Slayer monsters like Fire Giants, Greater Demons and Hellhounds. But, it also has 5 brand new monsters.

Sulphur Lizards

The lowest level monster is Sulphur Lizards, which can be killed on a Desert Lizard task with the task name renamed to just Lizards.


Wyrms, which require 62 Slayer to kill,

now drop the Dragon Sword and the Dragon Harpoon.

Those were both removed off the raids 1 drop table, and they are also the lowest Slayer requirement monster that drops Dragon Knives and Dragon Thrownaxes, both of which have also been removed from the drop table at Raids 1.


Drakes, which require 84 Slayer,

have a unique drop of their Claws and their Teeth.

You can add the claws to the boots of stone, and that turns them into the Boots of Brimstone.

You can turn Holy Sandals into Devout Boots with the teeth.

The Boots of Brimstone require 70 Defence, Magic and Range to wear. They are decent hybrid or tribrid boots. They also give resistance to the hot ground inside of the Slayer Dungeon, making them the best in slot for many of the monsters inside.

The Devout Boots have the new highest Prayer bonus in the Boot Slot, giving a +5 Prayer bonus with a 60 Prayer requirement. Holy Sandals, the previous best, gave only +3.


Next is Hydras, unlocked at level 95 Slayer.

There is a task only Boss version as well, namely, the Alchemical Hydra. The Boss drops a range of highly valuable ammunition and resource drops, and also has 3 unique drops.

1. The first unique drop is the Hydra’s Claw,

which can be attached to the Zamorakian Hasta to make a Dragon Hunter Lance, the new best in slot Melee weapon when fighting Dragon.

Being a Dragon Hunter weapon, it gives a 20% accuracy and damage boost on any Dragon.

2. The second unique drop is Hydra Leather,

which can be taken to the Lithkren Vault after Dragon Slayer 2 and turned into the Ferocious Gloves.

These Gloves require 80 Attack and Defence to wear, and are now the best in slot Gloves for Melee.

Their downside though, is that they have a negative attack bonus in Ranged and Magic, and no Defensive bonuses either. Their Strength bonus, however, is 2 points higher than Barrows Gloves, and the Attack bonuses for Stab, Slash and Crush, are all 4 higher.

3. The third unique drop from the Alchemical Hydra is the Pet, known as the Ikkle Hydra. It has a drop rate of 1 in 3000, and can be changed into all 4 of the different forms of the Alchemical Hydra.

On top of those 3 unique drops, both regular Hydras and the Boss version have 4 more drops, which are unique to both of them. Firstly, is the Hydra Tail, which is a tradeable drop that can be added to the Dragonbone Necklace and a Bonecrusher at the same time to make the Bonecrusher Necklace.

This removes the need to carry the Bonecrusher in your inventory.

The other 3 drops are untradeable drops – the Hydra’s Fang, Eye and the Heart of the Hydra. Each of these needs to be combined to create the tradeable Brimstone Ring.

The ring has the combined bonuses of all of the unimbued Fremennik and Wilderness rings combined. You cannot imbue this ring though, and it does not give a Prayer bonus.

An additional effect of wearing the ring is that there is a 1 in 4 chance to ignore 10% of the targets total Magic Defence. A bit of an interesting one. All of these monsters that I have spoken about can be killed off task, except for the Alchemical Hydra.

Farming Guild

Newly build and maintained by the Hosidius House, is the Farming Guild.

Using the Skills Necklace, you can teleport right outside, and in order to enter the Guild, you need at least 60% Hosidius House Favour. Within it, there are 3 tiers, each with different Farming requirements.

Tier 1

In the first tier at 45 Farming, you gain access to an additional Cactus Patch and Bush Patch, Allotment and a Flower Patch. Also, inside is the Guild Master, who gives out Farming Contracts, which can be completed within the Farming Guild, and you will be rewarded with Seed packs, which contain seeds for the unique patches within the guild.

With level 64 Farming, you can now plant Potato Cacti at any Cactus Patch, and you can get Cacti Seeds from nests or farming contracts. Or, you can buy them off the Grand Exchange.

Similarly, you can now obtain Snape Grass Seeds as well to grow Snape Grass, and that brought something very notable for Ultimate Ironmen.

You can now ‘note’ your Snape Grass at a Tool Leprechaun, making Prayer Potions so much easier to make.

Tier 2

At level 65 Farming, you can access Tier 2. In here, there is a new Tree Patch, Herb Patch, and the brand new Hespori Patch and the Anima Patch.

Hespori Seeds

Hespori Seeds are obtained randomly when harvesting other plants or by getting the seed packs from contracts. Upon fully growing, the Hespori Patch will turn into a Solo Demi Boss,

and when you kill it, you receive Farming XP, a variety of seeds, and a chance at the Bottomless Compost Bucket, which holds up to 10 000 compost.

The seeds you get can also include the new White Lily and Anima Seeds. White Lily Seeds can be planted in any Flower Patch across Runescape, and will protect any type of Allotment around it.

Anima Seeds

The Anima seeds come in 3 different types, and can be planted in Tier 2 of the Farming Guild in the new Anima Patch. As soon as you plant the seed in this patch, you will get a worldwide benefit for your farming patches for the next 84 hours. Attas Seeds creates a plant which increases the yield of all the patches in the game – excellent for Herb Runs. Iasor Seeds lower the chance of disease for any crop in the outer world. Lastly, the Kronos Seeds give a small chance for any patch to skip a growth stage, basically, increasing the overall speed of plants and trees.

Tier 3

Lastly, in the Farming Guild is Tier 3, which requires 85 Farming to enter. It contains a Fruit Tree Patch, a Spirit Tree Patch, a new Redwood Patch, and a new Celastrus Patch.

The Celastrus Patch, once fully grown, will give Celastrus Wood, which can then be turned into Battlestaves with a Knife and 40 Fletching.

There are now Redwood Seeds in Old School Runescape, which I am guessing will cost more than Magic Seeds, and will give more XP when fully grown. They have a huge 106 hour growth time, which is over 4 days.

With level 81 Farming, you can now grow Dragonfruit Trees in Fruit Tree Patches, giving the most Farming XP out of any Fruit Tree.

You also get the new Dragonfruit, which can be made into Dragonfruit Pies, and they give a +4 boost in Fletching. So, that is all of the new farming content.

Aerial Fishing

Moving into Aerial Fishing…

Right in the centre of Lake Molch is a small island home to a fisherman known as Alry the Angler. To access the area, you can board any of the 3 boats to Molch Island, and these boats can also be used for slightly faster transportation across Zeah and Kebos.

To start fishing at Lake Molch, you need at least 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter. You can right click on Alry to get a bird quickly. But, you will need to have your Glove slot, Weapon and Shield slot empty.

The pools move around every 7 – 12 seconds, and each time you send your bird, you are guaranteed a catch.

To get started, you should first grab the knife in the small house.

Then, grab one King Worm from the pile in the centre.

On each catch, you can use the knife on the fish you get to get stackable fish chunks. Those can be used instead of the King Worms as a reward for the bird. With each catch, you will also have a 1% chance of getting a Molch Pearl. You can then trade with Alry the Angler to exchange them for equip-able Fishing Rods and the Fish Sack.

At this stage, there is no confirmed information about the Fish Sack. There are rumours of it being cosmetic. But, I went through Reddit and found a really old post that talks about introducing the equip-able rods and the sack as a suggestion, and it was suggested to hold 108 Raw Fish that can only be taken out at a bank. In the next few days, someone will unlock it, and I am actually going to go for one on my Ironman. But, as soon as we find out what exactly it does, I will pin a comment.

You also have a chance of getting the Golden Tench while fishing. It is a purely cosmetic Minnow, held in the weapon slot.

The XP rates listed under the news post say that at level 99 Fishing and 99 Hunter, you get approximately 60 000 Fishing XP, 8000 Hunter XP and 15 000 Cooking XP per hour. Converting that into EHP, or efficient hours played, it totals to be 0.89 hours at level 99, making it by no means a new Meta. But, perhaps the Fishing Sack and wearable Rods will come in handy.

So, those are the major updates and everything I wanted to talk about today. What was your favourite update that came with the Kebos Lowlands? My favourite was definitely the new Slayer Master and new Slayer Monsters. There is a lot of money to be made out there. Anyways guys, I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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