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Stats Your Account NEEDS for RAIDS (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be speaking about the stats that you need to properly complete Raids, also known as Chambers of Xeric in Old School Runescape. Currently, Raids are probably the best money maker in the game. I am going to start off by talking about the skilling levels that you will need for raids.

Skilling Requirements

For some parts of Raids, the skills are scaled to your team. So, there is someone in your team that will always be able to do the job. For example, the Thieving room, there will always be at least one person in your Raid that can thieve the chest. Also for things like the Tightrope, there is always one person that has the Agility level to go across it. So, for stats like this, there are no requirements whatsoever. But, there are some stats that you actually need in order to make certain things in Raids.

Food in Raids

In the Chambers, there are a few different types of food. There are Fish, which is obviously from Fishing, and Bats, which are from Hunter, and also Saradomin Brews, which are made from Farming and Herblore.

Believe it or not, the Fish and the Bats are actually Dead Content. Since Saradomin Brews are so much better, and they heal way more per Saradomin Brew per inventory space, the Bats and the Fish are never used in Raids. In saying that, it means that you don’t even need a Fishing or a Hunter level requirement. So, the main requirements for skilling comes from the stats that you need to make Brews, restores and overloads.

Stats to make Brews

In order to be effective in Raids, a player needs to have at least level 55 Farming. Having this lets you grow Noxifers, Golpars, and Buchus. Higher Farming levels than 55 just lets you harvest a lot more herbs from each patch, but you don’t actually unlock anything at all above level 55 Farming. So, it is not necessary to be higher than 55. Although, it does help.

Now, since you have the herbs, you need to have a specific Herblore level to make the good potions. Level 78 Herblore is the recommended bare minimum Herblore level for someone to have in your team. With 78 Herblore, you are able to make Saradomin Brews+, known as Xeric’s Aids+. These are pretty much essential to kill Olm. You can also make revitalisations, or better known as Super Restores+. Lastly, you can also make regular Overloads, which are not actually the best Overloads. But, they are still somewhat good.

If you want to be completely maxed out in Raids, and make Overload+ potions, you need to have at least level 90 Herblore. The Overload+ potions do actually do give a pretty significantly higher boost. So, they are worth it if you can afford to get 90 Herblore.

Storage Units

There are also certain storage units which you can make to store resources and share them with your team. Or, you can even just store stuff personally. You only really need the Small Storage unit, and that only needs level 30 Construction. But, in larger teams, you do need larger storage units. The level 60 Construction storage unit, is pretty much large enough for bigger teams anyway. So, 30 – 60 Construction is required.


Now, on a bit of a side note, I quickly want to talk about Ironmen. Ironmen are able to place items into the storage units that have been created. But, they cannot take anything out, unless of course it is in the private unit. But, that means that Ironmen have to make all of their own resources, they cannot use someone else’s, they can’t pick up Restores or Brews from someone else. They have to make them all on their own. These skilling requirements that I was talking about before are not necessarily required for all the accounts in Raid. But, for Ironmen, they are, because they have to make their own things. Some accounts don’t need things like 78 Herblore, or 55 Farming, because I you are in a pretty big team with someone with the stats that you need, they can just make the potions for you.

Combat Requirements

Now I am going to talk about the Combat stats that you need. I recommend having at least 80 in every single one of the Combat stats, except for Prayer. But, even having just 80 in all of them is pushing it quite a lot. Having 90+ in all of them is a lot more reasonable, and that means 90+ in Attack, Strength, Defence, Range and Magic.

For Prayer, you should have at least level 70 for Piety, and going beyond that is not going to help a lot, but it does help a lot because Revitalisation potions do heal more Prayer Points. You could probably get away with having 85 in all the Combat stats. But, Ranged is by far the most important to have as a high level because ranged is the most used combat style in Raids. So, basically having about 85 in all of the Melee Combat and Magic, and then having 95 Ranged would probably be a lot better than just having base 90’s in all of the Combat stats. The only real time Melee and Magic is used is when you are killing Olm to lower the health of the hands.

Obviously, this is a very vital part of the raid. But, you still don’t use it as much as you use Ranged. Anyways guys, this is a pretty short article, but that is all I needed to talk about for the stats you need for Raids. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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