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Slayer Masters in OSRS

There are 9 Slayer Masters in Old School.

In Burthorpe there's Turael, who assigns short easy Slayer tasks.

There are no requirements to use Turael, although he gives no Slayer points after completing a task.

Spria is the most recently added Slayer Master, and she is Turael's daughter, located in Draenor Village.

To be assigned a task from her, you need to have completed the Poresign of Interest quest.

She assigns the same tasks as Turael, and also gives no points.

Krystillia in Edgeville is the Wilderness Slayer Master.

She has no requirements to use, apart from completing one regular Slayer task.

She gives the most points out of any Master, although you have to complete her tasks in the Wilderness.

On her tasks, monsters drop Laran's Keys, which are worth over 170k on the Grand Exchange.

In Canifis there's a Slayer Master named Mazchna.

He requires level 20 combat to use, and assigns monsters mostly within Morytania.

The tasks are great for low level accounts, although he gives very few Slayer points.

Vannaka is the level 40 combat Slayer Master, and he resides in Edgeville Dungeon.

He assigns some pretty difficult tasks for a level 40 account, including some Dragons tasks.

At 70 combat, you can use Chaeldar in Zanaris.

This means you need to complete the Lost City quest to access her.

She assigns fairly efficient Slayer tasks, and gives a decent amount of points.

A downside is that she assigns Iron Dragon tasks very commonly.

At 75 combat, you can use Konar, who's in Mount Karuulm on Zeah.

Konar assigns location-specific tasks, where you can only kill monsters in certain areas.

On her tasks, you have a chance of getting a Brimstone Key, which you can use to open a chest near Konar for valuable loot.

Nieve in the Treenome Stronghold is the level 85 Slayer Master.

She is replaced with Steve after you complete Monkey Madness 2.

Nieve assigns fast XP tasks, and is the closest Slayer Master to a teleport.

The final Master is Duradel, located in Shiloh Village.

To use his tasks, you need 100 combat and 50 Slayer.

He assigns long, efficient tasks, and is the best Slayer Master to use for the fastest XP.

There's a neat update that Jagex introduced, where with 99 Slayer, you can access any Slayer Master regardless of the requirements.

That means that Pures with low combat can access Duradel, Nieve and Konar at 99 Slayer.



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