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Skilling Pets (chance of getting one to lvl 99)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing you an article about the chance of getting Skilling Pets to 99. For the last couple of days, I have worked out the average chance of getting a Skilling Pet from level 1 – 99 in a Skill. This article took me a pretty long time to calculate, since the math behind it is pretty long with a lot of binomial probabilities. But, regardless, I have calculated every single Skilling Pet. So, hopefully, you guys find this pretty interesting. I have done a video about Skilling Pets in the past. But, this article is a little different, since the old video was sort of just explaining the drop rates and how you can get them. But, this article includes all of the efficient and regular training methods on the way to getting a skill to 99, and I will show you the chance of getting a pet with some money making methods as well.

Rift Guardian (Runecrafting)

Let’s start things off with the Rift Guardian Runecrafting pet.

For the record, getting Double Runes while Runecrafting does not give you a double chance at getting the pet. The pet is rolled per Essence you use. From 44 – 99 with Nature Runes, you have almost a 36% chance of getting the pet,

and the Blood and Soul Runes turn out to be about the same chance of getting a pet in the long term.

So, the Rift Guardian has been pretty well averaged out by Jagex.

Baby Chinchompa (Hunter)

Now, for Hunter… The Hunter Pet is the Baby Chinchompa, and that can only be obtained if you are catching Chinchompas.

Once again, Jagex has done a really, really good job of scaling the Hunter Pet, and all of them give you approximately 30% chance of getting the pet from the starting level to 99.

Doing Grey, Red and then Black gives you a slightly better chance than just sticking to Red or sticking to Grey. But, of course, it is kind of risky getting a pet in the Wilderness.

Beaver (Woodcutting)

The Woodcutting Pet, which is the Beaver, is another pet that is pretty averaged out in terms of drop rate.

If you cut Teak trees from 35 – 99 Woodcutting, you would end up cutting over 150 000 trees. With binomial probability, it turns out to be about a 32.5% chance of getting the pet from 35 – 99. That chance can be considerably bumped if you move onto Redwood trees at level 90 Woodcutting. Magic trees and Redwood trees both give about a 1 in 70 000 chance of dropping the Beaver pet. On the other hand, Teaks have a 1 in 200 000 chance. So, for being almost a quarter of the drop rate, it averages out to about a 35% – 36% chance of getting the Beaver cutting Magic and Redwood Logs.

Giant Squirrel (Agility)

So, the Agility Pet was a bit of a doozy for me.

Since adding binomial probabilities is not as simple as just adding them together, I had to work out the variants, and I ended up reading some university papers on the sum of binomial random values.

Regardless, I finally worked out that on average, if you go from 1 – 99 Agility, there is about a 24.80% chance of getting the pet.

Heron (Fishing)

Now for the Heron, the Fishing Pet.

Monkfish and Infernal Eels actually give you the best chance at getting the Heron. Doing both of these to 99 gives you approximately a 35% chance of getting the Heron. Whereas, if you go Barbarian Fishing from level 58 all the way to 99, you only have about a 30% chance. Recently, Minnows were introduced, and they give approximately a 27% chance for getting a pet from level 82 through to 99. The drop rate is 1 in 977 000 for a pet at Minnows. But, you do catch multiple Minnows at a time.

Rock Golem (Mining)

Now for the Rock Golem, the Mining pet.

If you do the Motherlode Mine from level 30 – 99, there is about a 36% chance of getting the pet. Combining both the Motherlode Mine with 92 and then Amethyst from 92 – 99, your odds of getting a pet are just a little bit higher than if you stick to the Motherlode Mine going to 99.

Blast Mining is also a really fast training method these days, and doing that from level 75 – 99, there is about a 37% chance at getting the pet, which is really high.

Gem rocks also give a decent drop rate of the pet, and if you were to do that to 99, which is pretty unlikely, you would have a 36.8% chance.

Rocky (Thieving)

Next up, we have Thieving, and I have calculated the Ardougne Knights, Blackjacking, and Pyramid Plunder.

Blackjacking actually gives the worst chance at getting the pet, and if you were to Blackjack from 61 – 99 Thieving, there is only a 25% chance of getting the pet. A step up from that is Pyramid Plunder, and if you did Pyramid Plunder from level 50 – 99 Thieving, there is almost a 29% chance at getting the pet. However, the drop rate of getting a pet from Pyramid Plunder is a lot better than Thieving stuff. But, that is because getting the pet from Pyramid Plunder is only rolled when you thieve the middle chests. Ardougne Knights, which are probably the most common Thieving training method, are also the best way to get the Thieving Pet. Once you unlock Ardougne Knights at level 45, if you do them all the way to 99, there is a 33% chance at getting the pet.

Now, the next two pets I am about to show you, the Farming pet and the Firemaking pet, are ridiculously rare.

Tangleroot (Farming)

In terms of farming Trees and Fruit Trees, your odds of getting a pet through to 99 are really low.

Since you don’t have to plant hundreds of thousands of trees to get to 99 Farming, the chances of getting a pet is only 20%. That means 1 in 5 people that get 99 farming will get the pet, which is really, really low. Herbs, on the other hand, give a much better chance at getting the pet, and if you go to level 99 only from Herb runs, you have approximately a 30% - 35% chance of getting the pet, depending on which type of Herb you use. So, if you are really chasing that Farming Pet, definitely do Herb runs, and Tree runs at the same time. Don’t forget to use you Spirit tree seeds, since they give the best chance at getting the Farming pet.

Phoenix (Firemaking)

Now for the Firemaking Phoenix pet. On average, it takes about 600 – 620 Wintertodt games to get to level 99. Judging from that, there is approximately a 10.6% chance of getting the Phoenix pet to 99 Firemaking. That is super rare.

Herbiboar (Hunter)

Last, but not least, we have the Herbiboar. You can start catching Herbiboars at level 80 Hunter as well as level 31 in Herblore. You are actually pretty likely to get the Herbiboar pet on the way to 99 Hunter. You can expect about a 34.4% chance.

Anyways, so that is all of the Skilling Pets. But, I would now like to put them into a table so you can see them all clumped together, and see which pets are easier to get than others. As it turns out, Farming and Firemaking at the Wintertodt both give really low chances at getting the pet, and you would be really lucky to get one on the way to 99.

I hope you guys liked this article, and learned something interesting. Of course, at the end of the day, Skilling Pets are super, super random. Some people get really lucky, others get really unlucky. So, I wish you all the best of luck trying to hit that Skilling Pet drop. But, until next time, thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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