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RuneLite Features (OSRS 3rd Party Client)

These are features that are unique to the RuneLite client…

RuneLite Map

A feature which has gradually developed over time is the RuneLite map. When you go on the map on RuneLite, there is every type of teleport, and what level you unlock them. That way you can go to the map, and find where you need to go, and see exactly which items or teleports will take you there the fastest. This is incredibly useful for newer players, but even for more advanced players, I guarantee you’ll find a few random teleports that you don’t know about.

Arceuus Library

The next one is the Arceuus Library. As soon as you go into the area, the Arceuus Library plug-in will pop up. As soon as you find one single book, it will tell you the locations of where the next books are almost certain to be. Once you find about two books, it tells you exactly where every book is, making the Arceuus favour and getting the Arceuus spell book very easy. This is also an extremely fast Runecrafting training method, and this will really speed up the XP rates.

Low Detail Mode

The next one is low detail mode. When you enable this, it removes a lot of the ground overlays (things like rocks and grass) and it makes the game very basic, and a little less stressful on your computer. There’re a lot more features that you may think are unique to RuneLite, like smooth animations or shift anti-drag, but OSBuddy has those has well, so I’ll go through those in the similar feature comparison. In addition to these features, RuneLite is free. There is a free OSBuddy version, however it has far less features than RuneLite.

Something else about RuneLite is that it's open source, meaning that anyone can see the code that it runs off, and anyone is able to contribute, and help to develop RuneLite. Anybody can make commits to RuneLite, however, only some of the commits and the ones that are secure and high quality will then be pushed for release onto the client. So, in saying that, not everyone can go and change the code base of RuneLite, but anyone can contribute to it. Another thing is that RuneLite is generally known to run a bit smoother on your computer when compared to OSBuddy. OSBuddy at times can be really hard your processor. However, turning off a lot of the features will fix that lag.




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