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OSRS Tips & Tricks - Episode 10

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today welcome to Tips and Tricks Episode 10. This article is going to be a lot longer than any of the other episodes, and if you have enjoyed the last 10 episode and are learning new stuff about Old School, be sure to leave a like on the article, and subscribe with notifications on so you know when one of these is uploaded. Let’s get right into it.

Pest Control Point System

So, last year there was a pretty big update to pest control, and what they changed was how it determines if you have done your part in the Minigame. Back then, you had to get a certain amount of damage done. But, now you have to keep this activity bar above 0%, and if it hots 0, then you cannot get points for that whole game. Your activity bar goes up based on a few things in the Minigame. But, the main thing is that you gain about 2% every time you deal damage to a pest, and you gain a lot of % if you attack the portal. In saying that, the best weapon to take with you to pest control is something that attacks really fast. Your damage does not actually affect the activity bar. All that matters is how often you hit. So, with a faster weapon, your bar will go up a lot quicker.

Digging up Trees

After you check the health of a tree that you have grown, instead of chopping down the tree and using a spade to dig it up, you can go to the nearby gardener of the patch, and you can right click ‘pay’ and he will chop your tree down for 200 coins. That is a lot faster than chopping it yourself, and only costs 200 coins, which is nothing.

Bank Tags

My next tip for you guys is to make the most of Bank Tags. On pretty much any client, whether it is OSBuddy, Konduit, or RuneLite, you can right click items in your bank, and edit the Tags. What the tags do is that they allow you to search for that Tag in the normal bank search, and it will come up with all of those items related to the tag.

You can set up Tags for things like Slayer or skills like Herblore, and you just have to type that in and it will come up with all the items you will need.

Taverley House Portal

Now, there is a Tree patch that exists in Taverley, and it is pretty close to the Taverley House Portal. So, if you are currently tree running and training our Farming, it is really not a bad idea to get some Nightmare Zone Points and buy some Scrolls of Redirection so that you can change the location of your teleport to Taverley. Alternatively, you can just move your house to Taverley, and it basically does the same things. From the home portal, all you have to do is run slightly south east, and you will be straight there.

Runescape Mathematics Round Down

This next one is a little bit complicated, but I will do my best to explain it to you guys. Almost all of the mathematics underlying Runescape always rounds down. For example, I am not level 89 Combat, I am still level 88 Combat. Even though, if that was rounded, I would be 89.

Well, here is something fairly cool about potions. I am going to use the Strength Potion as an example. So, the Strength Potion gives me a 10% Strength level boost +3. So, that 10% is obviously going to come from my Strength level, and you will see that if I have the Strength Potion, it is going to go to level 84 because 10% of 74 is 7.4, and rounded down, that makes 7. But, what we can get out of this is that even if you are level 79 or 89 or something ending with 9 in a combat skill, it is still going to round down with the potion. If one of your combat skills is sitting on something 8 or something 9, then it is really worth going out of your way to get that extra level for that extra level boost from the potions.

Fighting Bosses

My next tip is for when you are fighting a Boss. Throughout the fight, there will be times that you need to heal up. In those situations, it is not a bad idea to actually walk under the Boss, eat, and then attack him again. This is because in that time that you are eating and the time that you have lost, the Boss will have a chance at hitting you. But, if you go under them, they do not attack.

Toggle your Ammo at the Range Tutor

This next one is mainly helpful for PKers. But, I guess that there is some PvM instances where it would be helpful. If you come to Lumbridge and talk to the Range Tutor, you can toggle for your ammo to go straight to your equipment, so into your ammo slot, when you pick it up. I am fairly sure I have shown this one before, but I wanted to build on it, and show you guys that even if I have a full inventory, I am still able to pick up my Arrows, and it goes straight into my ammo slot. Surprisingly, the same actually works with Knives, and I am assuming darts as well. When I go to pick up the knife, it will go straight into my weapon slot.

Ghorrock Teleport

Nowadays, the Burning Amulet Teleport to the Lava Maze is camped with a lot of PKers. If you are trying to kill the King Black Dragon or maybe get to the Chaos Temple, using the Ghorrock Teleport can avoid all of those PKers.

You do need to have started Desert Treasure to be able to use it, and it takes you straight to the edge of the Ice plateau, and it is also super close to a Wilderness Obelisk, it is literally about 5 steps away from the teleport. I think it is slightly closer to the Chaos Temple than using the Burning Amulet teleport. But, as I said, PKers.

Defensive Mode Attack Style

While we are in the Wilderness, you guys need to know this as well. If you are ever running from PKers or simply just in the Wilderness for a Clue Scroll or Bossing or something like that, switch your Attack style to defensive if you see a PK. The reason for that is because you have defensive on, you have an invisible +3 Defence level boost. On a 1 Defence Pure, you can be running through the Wilderness, turn off Auto-retaliate, and turn on Defensive mode, and you will have level 4 Defence instead of level 1 Defence. Make sure you do not attack anyone though, because you will get Defence XP.

Watson’s Master Clue Scroll Reward

If you come to the Hosidius House in the Zeah area, and come to the house slightly south west of the bank, there is a guy in here with a Blood Hound, and his name is Watson.

What this guy does is you can exchange Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite Clues into Master Clues. If you get a Hard or Elite Clue that you cannot actually do, or you do not have the stats to do, you can come to Watson, hand them over to him, and you will have a chance at getting another Clue in the game that you might be able to do. Over time, you will slowly be handing Clue Scrolls to this guy. Eventually, he will reward you with a Master Clue.

Ahrim’s Staff

Surprisingly, the Ahrim’s Staff is now a very good Magic Staff in Old School Runescape. It used to be pretty horrible because it was two handed and it did not give any significant Magic boosts. Now, the staff gives a 5% Magic damage increase and it is one handed. This makes it awesome for PKing, and it only costs about 150 000.

The Ancient Staff does not give any magic damage boost. But, it allows you to auto-cast Ancient Magic, which is why it is favoured sometimes. But, this 5% boost for basically the same price, is pretty powerful.

Amulet of Glory and Uncut Gems

This is a pretty good tip for people that are power mining. When you are regularly mining a rock, you have a 1 in 256 chance of finding an uncut gem up to Dragonstone.

But, if you put on a Charged Amulet of Glory, it has to have at least 1 charge, it increases that chance to 1 in 86 of getting an uncut gem. So, if you want to make a little bit of extra money while you are power mining, you can bring an Amulet of Glory to get more gems.

Dark Bow Special Attack

So, this relates to the Dark Bow and its Special Attack. When you are wearing Dragon Arrows and you use the special attack, it is actually different to how it would function with regular arrows. With Dragon Arrows, you get a 50% damage boost per hit, and it has a minimum hit of 2 8’s.

On the other hand, any other arrow that you use will only increase the damage by 30%. So, if you are PKing with a Dark Bow, always use Dragon.

Extended Antifire

While I am here, before you go into the Wilderness or into any PK area, it is always a good idea to have a drink of Extended Antifire because that protects you from Enchanted Dragonstone Bolts.

Item Swapping in your Inventory

Excuse my half-done PK set up here. But, what I want to show you guys is how swapping items affects your inventory. Whenever you are doing some kind of hybrid PKing, or you have to swap combat style mid-fight, it is a super good idea to put your switched in the top squares. When you are swapping armour or something that you are already wearing, it will swap it into the same inventory slot. But, when I am swapping to a two-handed weapon, you will see that if I put it down here, it puts one of the items at the start of your inventory. So, that means that if I swapped here, they would both pop up next to each other. If you are PKing and you have some gaps up here, and all of your switches down at the bottom, it can get really messy really fast, and you will probably lose the fight.

The Holy Wrench

If you are doing something in game that requires a lot of Prayer and a lot of Prayer Potions, it is a very good idea to bring a Holy Wrench with you. You get the Holy Wrench after you do the Rum Deal Quest. What it does is that it boosts your Prayer by an extra 2% per dose of Prayer Potions. At lower levels, there is a chance that it will not really help at all. Bu, as soon as you hit above about level 50 – 60 Prayer, it starts off giving an extra Prayer Point per dose, and then at even higher levels, there are chances of giving 2 extra Prayer Points per Prayer Potion dose. This works for Super Restores as well.

JAD and the Inferno Tip

If you are really, really struggling to complete JAD or the Inferno, Onyx Bolts (e) or Onyx Dragon Bolts (e) are extremely handy.

While they are really, really expensive, it has a special effect where it deals 20% more damage and heals you by 25% of what you hit. In PvP, there is a 10% chance of that special hit happening, and against monsters, there is an 11% chance. Also, it is worth noting that this does not work on Undead Monsters.

Free Wilderness Capes and Swords

The final tip for this article is that you should come to Two-Pints in Ardougne, and ask her for another Cloak a lot of times. Stocking up on a lot of Ardougne Cloaks is a very good idea. This is because down the track, you will want to go deep in the Wilderness, and you cannot take a Fire Cape. So, the Ardougne Cloak is next best. The reason why I am telling you to come to Two-Pints is because you can buy the Ardougne Cloak off Perdu on a PK World. But, you have to pay him to get them off him. So, you can just come here and get them for free.

The same thing goes for the Wilderness Sword from the Wilderness Achievement Diary. You can just talk to him if you want to get a free one. The Wilderness Sword 4 has unlimited teleports to the Fountain of Rune. If you have it unlocked, and you have been using that teleport, it is not a bad idea to stock up on some free Wilderness Swords.

That concludes this article of Tips and Tricks. I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. I tried to include as many useful tips as possible. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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