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OSRS Tempoross - Complete Guide (Maxmimum XP/Points)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my complete Tempoross Guide for OSRS.

Guide Contents

In this guide, I'll review the basic and advanced strategies for battling Tempoross. I'll show you everything there is to know about this mini-game style boss and the unique and valuable rewards that come along with it.

Overall Tempoross is a fun and rewarding way to level up your fishing level and it does not involve any combat at all, so you are never in danger of taking damage so you will not need any food or defensive gear. It is safe for Hardcore Ironmen and can be defeated even by level 3's!

This boss does not involve any complicated clicking or movement, so it's easy to play on mobile and there are a range of strategies you can explore!


The only requirement to fight Tempoross is level-35 Fishing! However, having a higher fishing level does give you better XP and more rewards.

It's useful to ensure that your account has its own Player-Owned House which you can buy from any estate agent across Runescape.

 Having a house allows you to repair ship masts and totem poles in the mini-game. This also gives you decent construction XP and added points in the mini-game.

This mini-game boss also has a cooking aspect, although having a higher cooking level does not affect anything within the battle. However, you get 10 XP extra for each cooked harpoon fish and you will never burn them even with level 1 Cooking.

This mini-game has very few requirements and very rewarding when it comes to XP and money.


You can take along a range of equipment to improve your rewards and XP rate. The Tempoross battle involves using a harpoon, so you can bring along your own upgraded harpoon to replace the one provided for you.

If your goal is to get the most reward points, the Infernal Harpoon is your best option.

However, if you want more experience, the best choice is the Crystal Harpoon.

From those top harpoons, the best alternative is the dragon harpoon which can be purchased from the Grand Exchange or other monster drops.

If you can't access any of those harpoons, you can take along a regular harpoon, a barb-tailed harpoon, or catch fish barehanded with barbarian training. The barb-tailed harpoon and barehanded fishing both save an inventory space. Barehanded fishing will even give you strength XP while catching fish at the same rate as regular and barb-tailed harpoon fishing.

Along with the harpoon of your choice, it is recommended that you take the full anglers outfit with you because it offers extra fishing XP.

You can also take along fishing potions or admiral pies to temporarily boost your fishing level which will speed up your overall catch rate.

The benefit of a dragon, infernal and crystal harpoon is that you can activate their special attack which will temporarily boost your fishing level and it saves you bringing along potions or pies.

Also consider brining along a Graceful cape or Graceful gloves for the negative weight bonus. The Angler outfit does not have cape and gloves so they would pair perfectly. If you do not have an anglers outfit, wear full Graceful.

In terms of other equipment you may need, everything else is provided in the starting area of the boss fight. You will find buckets, hammers, ropes, and harpoons provided for you.

Of course, to maximize your gains it is encouraged that you bring your own upgraded equipment though it is not required.

Getting There

From the South-Western corner of Al-Kharid to the South of the bank, you can take a new boat straight to the Ruins of Unkah. This is the best way to access Tempoross.

In Unkah, there is a large ship that leads you off to battle.

Near the jetty there is a pool that your rewards are stored in after defeating the boss.

There is a fishing shop, a bank and poll booth, as well as a Shantay Pass shop that will help you navigate the desert.

Up to the North there is a mine where some low level ore rocks can be found.

Exploring the area will net you some new interactions. Like searching the crates in the building containing a ruined altar will reward you with an untradable item, a damp egg.

Fight Overview

To start a battle with Tempoross you board the ship at the end of the dock and wait for the next game to begin. The next round can start with as little as one person.

Jagex created some Tempoross dedicated worlds where you can find large teams working together to bring down the boss.

Tempoross can be Solo'ed, Duo'ed, or fought in a team. Overall it is better for XP and rewards to have a smaller team; however, it is best for beginners to try it out in one of the dedicated Tempoross worlds first.

Upon starting a battle with Tempoross, you will notice that it has three key indicator bars in the top left corner. The first is its energy level which is a bit like a shield. The next is the essence which is its Health bar. The last is the storm intensity and if this reaches 100% that means you are forced to retreat as the storm has grown too dangerous.

General Strategy

Tempoross takes damage in two phases.

The first phase involves lowering the energy level down to 0 which moves it into phase 2.

Phase 2 involves attacking the Essence or overall health of Tempoross.

To lower the energy percentage the team must fire harpoon fish. These are caught on the small island on either side of Tempoross.

While you are fishing it is important to look out for the spot where the harpoon-fish are leaping out of the water. This spot allows you to catch two fish at once which will significantly speed up your XP and rewards.

Once you have caught your fish you are given the option to cook them at the cooking shrine in the center of the small islands. This increases the amount of damage your fish can deal to Tempoross.

Essentially you will get more reward points for a cooked Harpoon-fish but no extra fishing XP. You can load both raw and cooked fish into the canons.

Throughout Phase 1 and the lowering of the boss's energy, you must keep an eye out for the three different attacks he uses.

The first is the wave attack which occurs when you see a message in your chat box saying "A colossal wave closes in.." To avoid this attack tether yourself to the totem pole of the ship's mast.

You must have a rope on you or the full Spirit Angler's outfit. If you fail to tether yourself in time, you will lose some of the fish and tools in your inventory.

Next is the lightning attack which sets fire to important areas. You can see this about to happen when dark spots and clouds hover over an area.

There is also a warning in the chat which reads "A strong wind blows.." to warn players. Using a bucket of water to put out the fires will gain you extra points and save you from destruction.

The last attack is the torrent which aims for the cannons on the ships. This is a temporary disabling of the weapons, just switch to another cannon when this happens.

Phase 1 ends when the energy bar reaches 0. After enough fish have been fired, it transitions to Phase 2.

Damaging the essence can be accomplished by fishing in the spirit pools.

These pools are right next to the boss on the small piers and give a lot more XP and points per catch as well as being AFK. There are no attacks to look out for in this phase. It usually lasts for 20-30 seconds.

When Tempoross has full energy again, it reverts back to Phase 1, so the energy shield is back. The game ends when Tempoross's Essence reaches 0. With a big team it only requires two phase cycles but smaller teams can take more cycles.

XP Rates

The main factor that affects experience and rewards is whether you cook the fish before you fire it out of the cannons. Cooking gives more points but lowers your fishing XP per hour since the raw fish give the same XP.

If you skip the cooking, Tempoross will provide excellent XP rates. Faster than regular Barbarian Fishing Training but not as fast as 3-tick Barbarian fishing which is the most common way of getting 99 fishing.

Tempoross requires more focus and attention than regular Barbarian Fishing but 3-Tick is more intense so the XP rate for this minigame sits somewhere in the middle. If you do cook your harpoon fish, the XP rates are similar to regular barb fishing, so it is great way to switch up your fishing training on the way to 99.

Throughout the fight you earn points for certain actions similar to the fire making boss.

You are rewarded for a wide range of tasks and they are all organized below. For example, Cooked Fish give more points than the Raw fish. It is also worthwhile to repair poles and masts and put out fires for extra points.

After defeating Tempoross you will receive one reward permit if you get at least 2000 points in the game. After that every 700 points you get another permit.

Next to the bank in the Ruins of Unkah, you can ask the Spirit Angler for a small fishing net. For each reward permit you get one roll on the Tempoross Drop Table.

Now we will cover how to maximize points and rewards as well as how to get the best XP per hour.

These strategies will take a little bit of learning, but hang in there to get the most out of this minigame.

Maximizing your reward points involves cooking as well as maneuvering around the area in the most efficient way.

Maximum Points

It is best to play solo or in a small team because this method involves stalling Tempoross.

What this means is that you stop firing fish at Tempoross under 10 percent energy, this way the energy is stalled and Tempoross can no longer use any of its attacks. This is only possible between 0-10% energy.

Stalling Tempoross gives you time to stock up on supplies. An infernal harpoon is the best to use for reward points as it automatically cooks the fish as you use it. You can also use the Humidify Spell to fill up buckets faster.

Now we will walk through a full solo game to maximize points and rewards. This strategy was pioneered by the creators down below who have some gameplay videos listed online for the public to enjoy!

For a solo you will need 4 buckets, a hammer, and a rope. The rope is unnecessary if you have the Full Spirit outfit.

When the round begins, gather your items, fill up the your buckets and head to the fishing spots closest to the cooking shrine.

The first goal is to fire 17 cooked harpoon fish at Tempoross. In a solo game, 17 fish will damage Tempoross below 10 percent but not fully deplete it.

While cooking, keep an eye out for any new fish jumping spots and prioritize fishing over cooking should one appear. These spots are very useful to maximizing points.

If you finish cooking and there are no fish jumping out of the water, you should head to the nearby fishing spot nearest to the shrine.

Around this time, Tempoross will use its wave attack, so be ready to run to the nearest totem pole or mast.

After fishing at another double fish spot, you should hopefully have 17 fish so head over to the cooking shrine and cook every fish you have then head to the ship.

AS you head to the ship keep a look out for the lightning attack and messages of a strong wind blowing in. Make sure to avoid the fires as they lower the points and XP you get.

After firing out your fish, put out any fires you come across along the way.

Now Tempoross's energy should be under 10% but not at 0%, which means he will not be using any attacks. The next goal is to get 20 cooked fish. 3 fish will be used to push his energy to 0% and the rest will lower his energy below 10% in the next phase.

Head back to the fishing spots, cook your fish, and keep an eye out for double fish spots. Once you collect 20 head over to the cannons.

Your character will automatically fire 3 fish and the remaining 17 fish will be stored into the crates to be used when Tempoross goes back to phase 1.

Once you load your fish head to the spirit pools and get your remaining points and XP until Tempoross goes back to 100% energy. When its back, return to fishing and once again the goal is 20 cooked harpoon fish.

You continue with this strategy all the way until Tempoross is defeated. Doing this should get you 6000 points per game with each game lasting around ten minutes. The infernal harpoon makes this method a lot easier. If you have a low fishing level, you may need to try this in a duo or a small team since you may not be able to keep up with Tempoross's storm intensity.

Key Things to Remember for a Solo: The numbers 17 and 20. The first run is 17 cooked fish then 20 cooked fish thereafter. This is how you get max points per game, this strategy can be tricky for new players so now we will go over the best points in a Tempoross world game.

In these games there are a lot of players on your team so you can't stall Tempoross. The strategy for obtaining fish remains the same but you don't need a specific number of fish. The goal is to get as many as possible.