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OSRS Slayer Helmet - Overview & Guide

The slayer helmet combines common slayer equipment with the black mask. It provides protection from slayer monsters while giving the damage and accuracy bonuses of the mask. The helmet requires 10 defence to equip.


Slayer Helmet

+16.67% Melee Damage/Accuracy

Slayer Helmet (imbued)

+16.67% Melee Damage/Accuracy

+15% Ranged Damage/Accuracy

+15% Magic Damage/Accuracy

Making The Slayer Helmet

Creating the slayer helmet requires level 55 crafting and 400 slayer points.

In the slayer rewards shop, players must purchase the "Malevolent Masquerade" unlock to learn how to craft the helmet.

To create the helmet, players need:

- Black mask

- Earmuffs

- Facemask

- Nose peg

- Spiny helmet

- Enchanted gem

- Reinforced goggles

Use any of the components on each other in your inventory and your player will craft the slayer helmet.

Imbuing The Helmet

The helmet can be imbued in 3 ways:

1250000 Nightmare Zone Points

500 Soul Wars Zeal Tokens

200 PvP Arena Points

The easiest way to imbue your slayer helmet is at the Nightmare Zone, AFKing with absorption potions.

The fastest way to imbue your slayer helmet is by boosting in Soul Wars.

Fastest Slayer Points

There is 2 ways to get fast slayer points in OSRS.

1. Konar Boosting: Complete 9 slayer tasks at Turael, then 1 task at Konar to get the boosted amount of points for your 10th task milestone.

2. Wilderness Slayer: Krystilia (the wilderness master) awards 25 points per task and huge amounts of points per 10th task.



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