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OSRS Forestry Guide 🪓 All Forestry Events & Training Locations

Welcome to my complete Forestry guide for OSRS.

Forestry is a group woodcutting activity where you get a woodcutting boost when chopping with other players.


Getting Started

Partaking in Forestry requires 15 woodcutting to chop oak trees. It is also available to free-to-play players.

Make your way to the friendly forester in either Draynor, Seers' Village or Prifddinas, and from them, you should grab the free forestry kit.

This stores items you'll find while doing forestry. To actually start forestry you just start cutting a tree (oak+) with multiple people chopping.



Forestry Worlds

When you're training, you should hop to one of the official forestry worlds. The most popular one at all times is world 444. As a free to play player, you should go to world 301.

Training Locations

On the forestry world, there are certain locations that players go to, to train together.

The oak and willow trees in Draynor are populated on a free to play world, and the highest xp rate with Forestry is obtained with teak trees. Forestry does not work in the Woodcutting Guild, nor with Blisterwood trees.



RuneLite Plugins

There's a number of RuneLite plugins you can install to make chopping easier.

Woodcutting Plugin

In the default woodcutting plugin, you should turn on the notifications and highlights for all of the events.

Tree Despawn Timer

The tree despawn timer plugin can estimate how long a tree will stay up for.

Tree Count

The "tree count" plugin shows how many players are chopping a tree, which is useful for getting the maximum woodcutting level boost. You can get up to a +10 woodcutting boost with 10 or more people.

Entity Hider

Lastly, entity hider is useful for being able to see and maneuver the forestry events.


Forestry Events

So while you're chopping, forestry events spawn nearby. There are 9 different forestry events, with some events giving rare rewards. By completing a forestry event, you're rewarded with extra woodcutting xp, further boosting your xp per hour.


Rising Roots

The rising roots event is where roots appear on the ground nearby. In this event, you should chop the root with green veins for the best xp and rewards.

Flowering Bush

The flowering bush event is where 8 bushes spawn, and only 2 of those bushes can trade pollen with eachother. You have to find the two bushes then repeatedly pollinate them. The bushes will change every so often, so you need to relocate the correct bushes.



There is an event where you build a beehive, and for this, you click on the unfinished beehive and add logs to it for woodcutting and construction experience.


Struggling Sapling

For the struggling sapling event you need to collect 3 materials and feed it to the sapling. It takes a certain combination of materials, so for this, you should start by taking three from one pile to see if there are any matches. Then 3 from another pile, until you figure it out. You can also turn public chat on because people usually announce when they've found the right combination.



Sometimes, poachers can spawn, and for this event, you have to disarm the fox traps that they place down. For this you get woodcutting and hunter experience.


Enchantment Ritual

There is also the enchantment ritual event, which is visible by the colored shapes on the ground. For this, you have to stand on the odd one out. So one of them will not share a color or shape with any other marking.


Friendly Ents

Sometimes, Friendly Ents can appear, and for this event you have to read what they are saying, and trim them accordingly. There are four different dialogues that the Ents can say, and on the screen are how you should trim them.


Pheasant Control

When nests and pheasants appear, you must take the egg from the unguarded nest (where no pheasant is on top of it) and take it to the Freaky Forester.


The last forestry event is the leprechaun, who you can talk to to deposit your logs to the bank.



Forestry Tips

For the best experience, you should be cutting with a 2 handed felling axe along with woodcutting rations.

This gives 10% more xp per log, plus a 20% chance to not give you a log, making it more afk.






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