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Most Useful Things for Your POH (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be talking about everything that is useful that you can put into your Player Owned House. So, no rambling, let’s get right into it.

Move your House to Rellekka

At level 30 Construction, you can actually move your house to Rellekka for 10 000 coins, and that is a very close teleport to Rellekka, especially in the early game since teleports there are either really far away from Rellekka, or they need a lot of Quests, or Achievement Diaries.

Armour Stand

At level 55 Construction, you can make an Armour Stand, and that is literally the only repair stand that can actually fix your broken Barrow’s Gear. But, that is the only one in your house. You can go to a PvP world and go to a bank, and there are usually repair stands there as well.

Pluming Stand

Now, from level 16 all the way through to level 66 Construction, you can make Heraldic Stands. Basically, after Family Crest, you can join certain teams and with that, you can create Heraldic Gear, which has some very different colour schemes to regular armour. You can change Helmets, Shields and Banners and you can only use items that are either Steel or Rune. But, since you can use Rune it is actually alright.


Moving along, you can use a Wardrobe in your house, and that allows you to upgrade your clothing. So, basically, it goes from a Shoebox, all the way through to a Gilded Wardrobe. With each upgrade that you get for the wardrobe slot, you can change more clothing. So, with a Shoebox, obviously you can only change the style of your shoes. But, if you have a Gilded Wardrobe, you can change your top, your leggings, your shoes, and the colour of everything. But, believe it or not, the clothing shop in Varrock actually has more options than a Gilded Wardrobe. But, I guess it is still nice to have one in your house.


Now, on the same note of wardrobes, you can also make Dressers, which are used for changing your Hair and Beard style. The best one here is the Gilded Mahogany Dresser, and that needs level 74 Construction, but it lets you change your hair to pretty much anything. But, the Falador Haircut shop does the same thing.

Combat Room

Now I am going to talk a bit about the Combat Room, and with level 48 Construction, you can create a Combat Dummy. That just looks like the regular dummies that you see in various places in the game – mainly in the Varrock dummy area. Basically, whatever you hit on the dummy will always be your Max Hit wearing that Gear. You can also use an Undead Dummy that requires 53 Construction, and it actually acts as a Slayer Task. Because of the fact that it is Undead so it means a Slayer Helmet or a Black Mask and a Salve Amulet would increase your Max Hit by a lot.

Mounted Glory

Now, in the Quest Hall, you can mount a Glory at level 47 Construction. What this does is it gives you unlimited Amulet of Glory teleports, it simply just sticks to the wall, and when you go into your house, you are able to right click and teleport wherever you want on a Glory. That really does save quite a bit of money and it is also a lot easier because Glories run out of charges very fast.


Now, at level 37 Construction you can make the Menagerie. Basically, what this does is you can store your Pets in there, and depending on what house you have inside of the Menagerie Pet House, you can store up to 40 Pets, which is insane! But, I am sure that there are some people out there that do have 40 pets, so, good on you if you do.


In the study, you can create Lecterns, and depending on which type of Lectern you create, you can make Teleport Tablets and also different Enchantment Tablets and things like Bones to Peaches. Now, in most cases, making these tablets is profitable and even for things like Ironmen, they are really useful so this is an awesome thing to have in your house.

Costume Room

In the Costume Room, which is unlocked at level 42 Construction, you can create various wardrobes like Armour Cases, Cape Racks, and basically it lets you store any items that fall under those categories such as Armour sets, Cape Racks, Holiday rewards, costumes, and even Clue Scroll rewards. So, basically, if your bank is really full, this is a great option for taking some stuff out that you would not really use that much, and throwing it into this storage space in your house.

Gilded Altar

At level 75 Construction, you can make a Gilded Altar. If you have 2 Burners lit which are separate from the Gilded Altar, you make them on the edges, and if you light both Burners and use any bones you want on the Altar, it increases the XP by 350%, which is 3.5 times more XP. Without the Gilded Altar, bones would not be the most viable option for Prayer. But, since it is so easy to train Prayer at a Gilded Altar and so fast, this is an awesome thing to have in your house.

Portal Chamber

At level 50 Construction, you can make a Portal Chamber. You can make as many Portal Chambers as you want in your house, and it basically lets you put teleports to pretty much most of the Teleport Spell locations. So, there are a few cool ones like some Lunar teleports and there are also some Ancient teleports which are really handy for so many things. Having all of these teleports in your house means you can just buy House Tablets, teleport there, and choose where you want to go, rather than having a ton of teleport tablets in your bank.

Superior Garden

The Superior Garden is actually really handy because you can put Spirit Trees and Fairy Rings in the Superior Garden, which makes your house pretty much complete in terms of teleports that you need. For Fairy Rings, you only need level 85 Construction. For the Spirit Tree, you only need 75 Construction, but you also need 83 Farming. If you want both in the same spot – so a Fairy Ring around a Spirit Tree in the same spot – you need level 95 Construction, which is a bit of a hassle, and 83 Farming.

Restoration Pools

Restoration Pools can also be made in the Superior Garden, and with the Ornate Pool at level 90 Construction, you can restore your Special Attack, Run Energy, Prayer Stats, and Health just from drinking out of it. It actually has no Cooldown at all. You can simply just keep drinking out of it whenever you need it. Also, the downgrades from the Ornate Pool have slightly less features as you go down. But, they are still really useful.

The final room that remains is the Achievement Gallery, and this one is really, really good for finishing off your house.

Spellbook Altars

At level 90 Construction, you can make something called an Occult Altar, and with the right materials, it makes an Altar that you can pray at to change to any Spellbook in the game. This is so useful. Of course you can make regular altars with each Spellbook, but you can only have one of them at a time. So, it is either one of it is all of them in one. Having just one Altar there only needs 80 Construction, so it is a little bit of a lower requirement.

Adventure Log

Now, if you are a little bit of a show-off, you can make an Adventures Log in your house. This shows off your Boss kills, your Slayer logs, things like the Duel Arena stats, Fight Cave times, Zulrah times, and some pretty interesting stuff. Anyone that comes into your house can read that and see your stats. Even if you don’t want to show it off, it is pretty cool to have in there and just check every now and then to see how your account is doing.

Jewellery Box

Also, in the Achievement Gallery, you can make a Jewellery Box. The Ornate one, unlocked at level 91 Construction, holds all of the teleports from the Duel Ring, the Games Necklace, the Combat Bracelet, the Skills Necklace, the Amulet of Glory and even the Ring of Wealth. So, there are so many useful teleports in there, and it saves a lot of money in the long run.

Boss Lair Display

In the Achievement Gallery, you can also make a Boss Lair at level 87 Construction. Also, with certain jars, which are Troll drops from Bosses. You can actually get a little display of certain Bosses that you have killed. It is not that useful, but it still looks so awesome to have in your house so I had to add it into this article. My favourite looking one here has to be the Zulrah one.

Cape Hanger

With 80 Construction, you can make a Cape Hanger, which actually lets you put certain Capes on it – mainly Skill Capes. Depending on what you put on it, it actually gives you an extra teleport option by right clicking it. Those teleports come from the Skill Cape perk. So, not all Skill Capes have this. For example, you can put the Crafting Skill Cape there, and then you can use it to teleport straight to the Crafting Guild with the perk.

Mounted Coins

The last item that you can put in your Player Owned House is actually in the same place that you can put the Cape Hanger that I was just talking about. The item I am talking about is Mounted Coins. Basically, for this you need level 80 Construction, and to make it, you need to use 1 Marble Block, a Gold Leaf, and 100 000 000 Coins. I could think of maybe 5000 better ways to spend 100 000 000 rather than having a little stack of coins in your house. But, for those ballers out there in the Runescape community, nice work if you have a got a stack of coins! But, they are pretty much useless.

Anyways guys, this is all of the items that I wanted to talk about for the Player Owned House. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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