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How to catch Orange Salamanders (OSRS Hunter Guide) - 70k xp/hr

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and in this guide I'll explain everything you need to know about training your hunter level at Orange Salamanders. Hunting Red Salamanders is the fastest way to train your hunter from level 47 to level 59, where Red Salamanders become faster at level 59.


• 47 Hunter

• Waterskins

• Knife to refill Waterskins


Graceful Outfit

• Desert Clothing

Items Required

4+ Ropes

4+ Small Fishing Nets

Getting There (location)

Located East of the Shantay Pass entry

Necklace of Passage to Eagle Station

Desert Amulet to Kalphite Hive (Desert Achievement Diary)

Dueling Ring to Clan Wars and run West then South

Training Method

1) Navigate to the Orange Salamander hunting area using the transportation methods shown above.

2) Set up 3-4 traps in the location shown below. This is the best area since all of the traps are close-by to each-other. If you don't have 60 hunter yet, you can only set up 3 traps, and you should use the 3 traps on the left side of the image.

3) Reset your traps as you harvest them. This is faster XP/HR and saves you running back and forth.

Training Tips & Tricks

• It's a good idea to bring 5+ Ropes & Nets so that if you log out and forget to pick up your traps, you don't need to re-visit the Grand Exchange



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